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Supplier in Dragon Age II

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Find every variety of crafting resources.

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Here is a list of all the resources you need to get the achievement, you need to get ALL of each. Below is my in-depth guide, which is finally complete so enjoy.

- Potion Resources
9 Elf Root
6 Spindleweed
6 Embrium
1 Ambrosia

- Rune Resources
9 Lyrium
6 Silverite
6 Orichalcum
1 Dragons Blood

- Poison and Bomb Resources
9 Deep Mushroom
6 Deathroot
6 Glitterdust
1 Felandaris

Act 1 Resources - Do not start the main plot before collecting all up until Deep Roads. Also you MUST recruit Fenris AND Isabela in Act 1 and have earned either Isabela's friendship or rivalry by the by the "Following the Qun" quest to ensure she returns so you have access to the Ambrosia. Also you MUST complete the side quest "The First Sacrifice" in order to access the quest "All That Remains" to get inside the "Killer's Lair" in Act 2.

Lowtown (Day)
- Spindleweed 1/6 - As you look at the map it's on the eastern side on a pathway south from where the long stairs down is.

Diused Passage - Deathroot 1/6 - Go to the docks at NIGHT, when looking at the map head to the south west corner of the map and you will find the entrance to the passage there. Once inside follow the path until you reach a box shape room, the deathroot will be on the right when you enter. (If you reach the room with the flames before finding it you have gone to far).

Darktown - Deathroot 2/6 - When looking at the map it's located to the very south of the map.

The Wounded Coast - Glitterdust 1/6 - Soon as you arrive take the low path and the 1st spilt in the road you come to it is located down there.

Spindleweed 2/6 - After arriving take the high path this time, and take the 1st spilt in the road that branches to the right up it and it will be around the bend to your left.

Elfroot 1/9 - On the high path it will be to the left right after the 1st spilt in the road.

Elfroot 2/9 - Follow the lower path til you reach a dead end and it will be there.

Sundermount Ambush Site - Elfroot 3/9 - Can to get to with the quest "The Way It Should Be", once you encounter your 1st group of slavers continue going straight up around the long loop and it will be on your left toward the end of the loop.

Sundermount - Elfroot 4/9 - Before making it to the Dalish camp there is a small loop section and it is located on the left as you are going around the loop.

Elfroot 5/9 - Up the path to the Sundermount Passage, you will reach a point where and elf tells you he's glad Merril will be gone, after this it's in back of the stone block leaning on another one directly in front of you.

Deep Mushroom 1/9 - Before you reach the alter the mushroom will be located on the left by a statue.

Sundermount Passage - Silverite 1/6 - Once you enter the passage and fight the spiders continue along the path and down the steps, it will be right there in front of you.

Dead Man's Pass - 1/6 Embrium - During a random encounter to the outskirts you will talk to a dwarf beginning the quest "Blackpowder Promise" after you finish talking to him start to go toward the exit that is behind him and before you reach it turn around and it will be by two trees.

Bone Pit and Bone Pit Mine - Elfroot 6/9 - Looking at the map go to the far east of the map and it's located next to one of the Enigma's of Kirkwall.

"Refined" Lyrium 1/9 - After killing all of the dragonlings head north and its in the upper left corner.

Deep Mushroom 2/9 - After passing the room where you fight another "Dragon" in the next room you fight a bunch of "Dragonlings" after you have killed them all head up the 1ST set of stairs and turn right, it should be there in front of you.

Slaver Caverns - Spindleweed 3/6 - The cave is located on the Wounded Coast and can only be entered during the quest "Wayward Son". Upon entering the cave continue forward a bit and it will be on the left hand side between a wall and mine cart.

Deep Mushroom 3/9 - After defeating the slavers in the 1st room, head up the steps to the east onto the platform, there will be a hole in the cave wall up there. Follow it and inside the small room will be the mushroom located in the upper right corner.

Runaway's Cavern - "Raw" Lyrium 2/9 - This can only be obtained during the quest "Act of Mercy". Once inside the cavern go until to talk to a mage about what's going on, after you talk to him, head down the steps and take a right, keep going and you will see the lyrium on your right.

Sanctuary - Deathroot 3/6 - Sanctuary is a entrance in Darktown and can only be entered during the quest "Enemies Among Us". Once you are inside and have fought off the shades in the 1st part there, it will be on your right up past the crate.

Tal-Vashoth Cavern - "Raw" Lyrium 3/9 - The cavern can only be entered during the quest "Blackpowder Promise". Once your inside make your way to an area with large wooden towers in it, once you have killed all the enemies in that area. Stand at the door leading to the plot point, from there turn around and head toward the latern that's on your right and you will see a path in front of you. Follow that path down the stairs to a long hall that leads down. The lyrium will be on your left once you reach the bottom

Silverite 2/6 - Again standing at the same door as for the lyrium above turn around and head up the steps to your right, it will be in front of you as you reach the top.

Vimmark Mountain Pass - Silverite 3/6 - Can only reach during the quest "Shepherding Wolves". Once you get onto the island and kill all the Qunari, turn around to where you came out and it will be sitting up on a sand bank.

Deep Roads - Deep Mushroom 4/9 - Once you encounter your 1st group of darkspawn head down the 1st set of stairs and immeadiately go right, once you do go right again and it will be in front of you.

Silverite 4/6 - Once you come to an area where you see blue lyrium veins for the 1st time head right down the steps into the large pit, it will be on the right against the wall.

Deep Mushroom 5/9 - Once you have collected the silverite and turn the corner you will be attacked by a group of darkspawn, once they have been defeated the mushroom will be in that room by a pile of rocks to the left of where you entered.

"Raw" Lyrium 4/9 - After you speak to Sandal turn left and it will be by a blue lyrium crystal sitting on the ground.

"Raw" Lyrium 5/9 - Once you continue on you will reach a room where bright lyrium light shines down onto the floors and you will once again be attacked by darkspawn. After having killed the darkspawn, stand looking at the lyrium then go left and it will be on the floor by a rock wall.

Primeval Ruins - Orichalcum 1/6 - After the cutscene you will be in the Ruins, continue onward until to get to a point where you fight some shades and a golem. Once they are defeated continue forward and it will be in front of a stone pillar just before you go down the steps.

Act 2 Resources - Do not start the quest "Following the Qun" until you have obtained all the resources up until where it changes to Act 3.

- Deathroot 4/6 - Go to Ander's Clinic, walk outside and down the steps and you will see it straight ahead on the left hand side.

Lowtown (Day) - Spindleweed 4/6 - Go to the armor merchant in lowtown, then take the southeast passage to a dead end, it will be located on the left.

Wounded Coast - Elfroot 7/9 - Upon arriving take the lower path, once you kill the raiders keep going a bit and it will be on your left.

Embrium 2/6 - Continuing on the lower path, go until you reach the path that leads south. Follow it until you reach the blocked mine with a cart, it will be ahead of that partly hidden behind the large stone.

Embrium 3/6 - Go back to where you orginally enter and take the top path this time, continue along it til you see a tree hanging over head, it will be up the slope on the right.

Smuggler's Cut - Silverite 5/6 - Can only get to it during the quest "Blackpowder Courtesy" quest, make your way through the tunnels and once you get to a long stone hallway with a Mercenary Archer at the top, continue through the doorway and it will be there on your right.

Deep Mushroom 6/9 - Before going up the stairs to where the quest marker is shown, continue around to ther other side. Keep going til you head down a flight of stairs, turn right and the mushroom will be in front of a small hole in the wall.

Dank Cave - "Raw" Lyrium 6/9 - Dank Cave is located on the Wounded Coast, toward the upper middle section of the map. This cave can only be accessed by the quest "Forbidden Knowledge" which in turn can only be started by destroying a blood mage tome inside the Chantry somewhere. Once you enter the cave continue forward until you see a large tower statue, the lyrium will be on your right.

Bone Pit - Deathroot 5/6 - Upon arriving at the Bone Pit head forward a bit and it will be on your right by some rocks and a plant.

Glitterdust 2/6 - Head to the Eastern portion of the map and up the slope, it will be in front of the mine up there.

Cave - "Corrupted" Lyrium 7/9 - The "Cave" is located in the Bone Pit on the upper right path on the east side a little below where you found the glitterdust. This cave can only be accessed by the quest "Forbidden Knowledge" which in turn can only be started by destroying a blood mage tome inside the Chantry somewhere. Once inside the cave go until you see a fire, it will be to the left of the fire.

Gallows Dungeon - Spindleweed 5/6 - Can be accessed through Darktown only during the quest "Dissent" Ander's sidequest in Act 2 which only appears have you have completed the quest "Blackpower Courtesy". Once you are in the dungeon go completely straight through the door on the left and then turn left. It will be up a ways to your left. *Credit for this one goes to sc0ttieBB on xbox360achievements.org*

Deep Mushroom 7/9 - Once you arrive in a big area with spiders, look in the upper middle corner of the room and it will be sitting to the left of a corpse.

Holding Caves - Embrium 4/6 - Upon arriving at the holding caves which can only be accessed during Fenris's sidequest "A Bitter Pill", head up the pathway on the right, halfway up you will see it on the left hand side.

Glitterdust 3/6 - After passing the point where the fire camp is located after you take out all the enemies head left down the slope to where the long in-accessable lower path would be, it will be down there on the right.

Sundermount and Sundermount Cavern - Elfroot 8/9 - Make your way past the Dalish camp to where the exit on the other side is, but before you get to the exit take the path the branches right. Continue till you see what looks like the remains of a stone building on the left, the elfroot will be there next to a bush.

Glitterdust 4/6 - From the Dalish camp make your way up toward the top of the mountain this time, once you round the bend it will be on your right

Silverite 6/6 - Once you have climbed Sundermount and gone inside the cavern you will fight a Monsterous Spider, once it is slain the final silverite is located in a hidden alcove on your right, go back into it and you will find it.

Orichalcum 2/6 - Once you fend off the corrupted spiders enter the next room and turn left, keep going until you can turn left again and it will be right in front of you.

Orichalcum 3/6 - In the same room as you found the previous Orichalcum head to the upper right hand corner and up the stairs and fight off the corpses. Go all the way to the back where the sack is and turn left it will be there in front of you.

Embrium 5/6 - Once back outside continue on up the mountain, once you get up to a certain point there will be two trees on your right, the Embrium will be right in front of them.

The Killer's Lair - Orichalcum 4/6 - Upon entering the killers lair and after slaying the shades and rage demon, progress through the lair and head around the 1st corner, it will be up ahead a bit in front of you.

Bone Pit Mines - "Corrupted" Lyrium 8/9 - Can be accesed from the Bone Pit during the quest "Cave Crawling" which can only be obtained after completing the quest "Inside Job". Once you enter the mine and have killed the spiders and Queen spider, go up the step that are directly in front of you when you enter. Once you are up them turn to your right and it will be on your left.

Varterral Hunting Ground - Orichalcum 5/6 - This cave can only be entered during Merril's sidequest "Mirror Image". Once you are inside make your way until you reach the 2nd group of spiders, once they are slain look in the upper left corner in the area they drop down from and it will be there.

Glitterdust 5/6 - After gathering the Orichalcum head through the door to the next area it will be down the steps to your left.

Deep Mushroom 8/9 - After defeating the Varterral, and collecting whatever you need from down there, start heading back toward the exit of the cave. Once you head up the 1st flight of stairs from the area where you fought the Varterral it will be ahead of you and slighty to the left.

Before starting the quest "Following the Qun" now would be a good time to check if you have all the resources up to this point as a recap you should have...
- 8 Elfroot
- 5 Spindleweed
- 5 Emberium
- 8 Lyrium
- 6 Silverite
- 5 Orichalcum
- 8 Deep Mushroom
- 5 Deathroot
- 5 Glitterdust

READ THIS - Once you have completed the quest "Following the Qun" and go to your mansion and experience the argument between Isabela and Aveline. You MUST side with Isabela, and you also can NOT turn her over to the Arishok.

Act 3 Resources - Do not start the quest "The Last Straw" before collecting all the below resources.

- Spindleweed 6/6 - Go to the Foundry District in Lowtown, the Spindleweed will be located on the right side of the stairs to the entrance of the place where your mom died to collect the final Spindleweed.

Darktown - Deathroot 6/6 - Upon arriving at Darktown make your way far south, you will run into a group of slavers and a mage. Once they are defeated, look for the giant wheel leaning against the wall on the right go a bit past that and the final Deathroot will be there on the right waiting for you.

The Bone Pit - Dragon's Blood 1/1 - Once you arrive at the Bone Pit head down the previously blocked path and be ready to fight the High Dragon. Once it's slain loot it's corpse for the Dragon's Blood.

Wounded Coast - Elfroot 9/9 - Upon arriving take the lower path, keep going until you pass a mine cart on your right. Up ahead in front of a tree will be the final Elfroot.

Embrium 6/6 - Head all the way to the exit on the other side of the map, when your almost to the arrow the final Embrium will be on your left, on a tiny slope.

Drakestone Mines - Deep Mushroom 9/9 - The Drakestone Mines are located in the Bone Pit and can only be acessed by Ander's sidequest "Justice". Once you arrive in the mine and have fought off your 1st wave of spiders take the passage on the left down the stairs into a split room. More spiders will attack you, once you have slain them, head toward the north side of the room the final mushroom will be up ahead to the left.

Castillon's Landing - Ambrosia 1/1 - This warehouse can be acessed in the docks only during Isabela's sidequest "No Rest for the Wicked". Once you are inside the warehouse, and have killed the thugs and Isabela says to look around head up the ramp that is close to the dock, and go inside the room. You will see a treasure chest on your right that says Ambrosia, open it to get the resource.

Sundermount Cavern - "Raw" Lyrium 9/9 - Head up Sundermount and into the cavern, keep going until you reach the spot where you killed in giant spider in Act 2. The final Lyrium will be off to the left between some stone spikes.

Orichalcum 6/6 - Once you get to the part just before you go outside again you will be attacked by some spiders and shades. Once they are defeated, when looking at the map head to the north-west corner of the room, the final Orichalcum will be there in front of you.

Sundermount - Glitterdust 6/6 - Once you are outside on the top part of Sundermount head up to the very top of Sundermount fighting Dragonlings and a Dragon on the way. Once you get near the top you will notice a lamp on the right hand side (if you get to the lamp on the left hand side before the large open area you have gone to far). Once you get to the lamp on the right hand side go up just a bit and turn right the final Glitterdust will be on the ledge in front of you.

Alright guys by this point you should have all the resources accounted for except for the Felandaris, so make sure you do.

Pride's End - Felandaris 1/1 - This cave is located on the very top of Sundermount and can only be accessed by Merril's sidequest "A New Path" which you get after completing the "On the Loose" quest for Meredith. Once you are inside the cave head towards the plot point the Felandaris will be to the right of the statue.

Once you have picked up the Felandaris the achievement should unlock, if you have collected everything up to this point, and had all the other resources before entering the cave.
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