Romantic achievement in Dragon Age II


Complete a romance with one of your party members.

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How to unlock the Romantic achievement

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    I would like to add a note that for one reason or another a few players are having problems with this achievement. The only thing I could think of is this guide is post-updates. Not sure why that would matter, and the info came right outta guides, sorry for any frustration for the players That couldn't get this to pop. It may also be glitchy, as some Bioware achievements have been known to be.
    To get the Romantic achievement you need to woo your chosen mate. 50% friendship/rivalry is required by ACT II to trigger their second quest. Flirt with them whenever you get the option and build your relationship by talking to them whenever they are in your estate and at their home. Complete all associated companion quests, give them their gift item, seal the deal at the end of the game before the final battle by telling your chosen teammate that you love them.

    Only Fenris, Merrill, Isabela, Anders are possible romance options for a male/female Hawke, and Sebastian can only be wooed by a female Hawke.
    Note*Sebastian is the only character you are unable to sleep with, because he sleeps with the church, but romance is possible

    -Milestone quests for Romance-
    Anders- (quests) Tranquility, Dissent, and Justice
    Romance- The Tevinter Chantry Amulet is gained during the A Bitter Pill quest. Anders is a mage, so any quest where you side with mages will earn friendship and any where you side with templars will earn rivalry. On the friendship side if you continue to flirt eventually he will say I can't take this teasing anymore, tell him you're not teasing and he'll offer to come by your place later. Go to your estate after dark to start up a little bit of the nasty with him. Soon after you can have the option to give him a key to your home. To romance Anders you not only need to side with the mages, but make another obvious decision about Anders at the end of the game. This guide does say spoilers but this is a spoiler which is too big even for a spoiler alert, you'll get to that point in the game and understand why, and know the decision will take place during The Last Straw quest.

    Fenris- (Quests) A Bitter Pill, Mine Massacre
    Note* If you plan to have a friendship or Rivalry romance with Fenris, be aware he hates anything that has to do with mage sympathizers or Blood Magic.
    Romance- Book of Shartan is in the entrance of the Alienage at nightfall in a sack, tell him you'll help him read it. When you work him up to 50% friendship, travel to some areas outside of Kirkwall. Let him decide what to do with his master's apprentice, then tell him he did the right thing. When you find the slave tell her to go to the estate and let Fenris know you will pay her. Fenris will have "alot" going on and end the relationship. Not to worry, in ACT III you will both meet his sister, the outcome of his sister's life doesn't matter. In ACT III the quest a Dish Best Served Cold search everywhere until you find The Sword of Mercy. Give this to Fenris, and You've done all that you can until your final talk at the end of the game.

    Merrill- (Quests) A New Path, and Mirror Image
    Romance- You can find a Wooden Halla Carving from Ilen's Crafts in the Elven camp, and the Syvanwood ring on a corpse in A Murder of Crows.
    At the end of her Questioning Beliefs quest if she is at 50% either direction, then flirt with her in her home, afterward, return to your estate and talk to her again. Merrill will move in and this will start a Romance (no achievement till end of game). When in the Mirror Image quest, Merrill will gain 15 friendship if you giver her the item, you will gain 35 Rivalry if you decline to her.

    Isabela- (Quests) Ship in a bottle is obtained during Blackpowder Courtesy, and Rivaini Talisman is found during the Disused Passage. Flirt with Isabela during Ongoing Search companion quest, Isabela will visit you at night in ACT II. Flirt with her again and investigate why she has never been in a relationship before. In To Catch a Thief, let Isabela keep the bible and have her friendship high, that is the only way to continue a romance with her. With 100% friendship, start Questioning Beliefs. When Isabela says the line that begins with Now that I have my ship... reply with I'd like that.

    Sebastian- (Quests) The Exiled Prince, Repentance, The Starkhaven Longbow, Faith
    Sebastian is a very jealous sort, you CANNOT flirt with any other character if you want to romance him, I do not know if that means with him in your party of not, so just play it safe. The remaining steps are to achieve 100% friendship and complete Sebastain's quests. Flirt with him before and during the Questioning Beliefs relationship conversation to have him suggest an unconventional partnership.

    At the end of the game, before your final battle you will have the option to talk your teammates, you both talk and confess your love to each other.
    Any Comments to help me better this guide are greatly appreciated.
    Thank You
    Solution for Romantic in Dragon Age II
    This is the other solution posted on this page where the conversation about multiple romance came into play, if it helps any.

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    Ryet69Im sorry people seem to be having problems, i pulled guide info, and apparently 29 others agree. Not sure wassup.
    Posted by Ryet69 on 23 Dec 13 at 03:05
    GoH StickyI completed the game years ago and redoing it with my main account. Does anyone know if it's normal for Isabella to go rogue after being given the relic ?
    Posted by GoH Sticky on 04 Dec 18 at 18:49
    Phoenix C642019. went with Merrill
    chievo didn't pop. loaded a save before last mission and made sure i had all her side stuff. not just "A New Path", but also visiting her after that in her home and talk to her a few more times.
    re-did the last mission and when I talked to her in the Gallows Prison, finally conversation changed and boom!
    Posted by Phoenix C64 on 15 Sep 19 at 20:54
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    Just wanted to add a little something to the guide by Ryet69 above (excellent guide btw)

    I romanced both Merrill AND Isabela, and when you speak to your party members just before the final battle i spoke to both women, kissed them both and told them i loved them both.

    Now i really doubt its any kind of glitch or anything but in Dragon Age:Origins (and Mass Effect) if you tried to romance more than one person at a time you were eventually given a choice near the games climax to choose between your 2 lovers. In Dragon Age 2 you seem to be able to romance more than one person at a time. which is handy incase you screw up trying to romance someone.

    So in actual fact, i played as a male Warrior and romanced 2 of the ladies. While you can also romance Anders and Fenris as a male as well. If somebody could possibly confirm if you can romance more than 2 people at once or this is just my game being lucky, it would be appreciated.
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    XxSpazemxXI fuck everyone in this game IM A PLAYA!
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    XxSpazemxXBtw great solution....
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    NonfaithI fucked everyone in the game TWICE. IM A SEX ADDICT!
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