Fire-Arm Freedom Award achievement in Condemned: Criminal Origins

Fire-Arm Freedom Award

You found every available fire-arm

Fire-Arm Freedom Award0
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How to unlock the Fire-Arm Freedom Award achievement

  • TheIcemanComethTheIcemanCometh595,646
    25 Oct 2009 25 Oct 2009
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    This is an easy achievement to get, but there are a few things you need to know to make sure you get it with the least amount of effort possible.

    The first is that you ONLY need to complete Chapters 7 and 8 to get the achievement. These two chapters contain all of the firearms needed. You should go after this achievement AFTER your initial run through the game for getting your melee achievements.

    The other thing to remember is that when you pick up a gun off an enemy, you will only be able to fire it with the amount of ammunition that's already in it. If it's empty, you can only melee with it - there is no way for you to reload it. You want to make sure the enemy has reloaded it for you first before you take them down. Simply tazer them after they've reloaded it, or take it away from them. Then shoot them. If you tazer them, they should stay on the ground for a few seconds, since you'll have the upgraded tazer by this time (you get that at the start of Chapter 7, BTW).

    The achievement should unlock when you complete Chapter 8.

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    travalanche1985awesome guide man, this should be in the #1 spot!
    Posted by travalanche1985 on 12 Mar 10 at 01:07
    kael7Actually, if you are going for the Gold Melee Master Award achievement, you will get it at the end of Chapter 9. In which case, you can use the rifle and sub-machine gun in Chapter 10 and just replay/complete Chapter 7.
    Posted by kael7 on 04 Jan 11 at 01:45
    ChaosXAbsoluteSweet man your guide REALLY helped. I looked all over the web and stumbled apon this site. thank god. You sir....are a gentlemen and a scholar.
    Posted by ChaosXAbsolute on 14 Jan 12 at 06:10
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  • PlayerTwo811PlayerTwo811143,651
    16 Feb 2011 16 Feb 2011
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    Just to make things easier for everyone and combine information from different solutions...if you went through your first playthrough doing melee only, the Gold Melee Award achievement will pop at the end of chapter 9, and you can use guns in chapter 10 (specifically, the Rifle and Sub-Machine Gun).

    So, you then only have to play through Chapter 7 to get the Fire-Arm Freedom Award achievement.

    For the remaining weapons, here are the locations:

    .45 Caliber: After Rosa gets abducted and the guy breaks through the door with the fire ax, there will be an addict with a .45 caliber in the next room AFTER the room with the fire ax, with the desk and the health packs.

    Shotgun (pump): Just in the next area after the .45 caliber with all the empty bookshelves. You'll hear him shooting it.

    Shotgun (sawed off): Same area as Shotgun (pump), just taser them, grab the gun, shoot them while they're down.

    Revolver: As you make your way back into the first room after the fire ax door I mentioned earlier, a guy will shoot at you with the Revolver.

    Now you just complete the level without worrying about the Sub-Machine Gun and it will pop up.

    If you haven't gotten the Sub-Machine Gun in Chapter 10, an addict has it in the main lobby of the library after you come back up the elevator.

    If you haven't gotten the Rifle in Chapter 10, there's one in Chapter 8, outside in the playground. There's a room you can go into past the basketball court that has the Rifle sitting on a shelf.
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    C64 MatPerfect, thank you! :-)
    Posted by C64 Mat on 03 Feb 14 at 13:37
  • chOSen1337chOSen1337271,761
    08 Feb 2009 23 Feb 2009
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    For this achievement you need to hit an enemy with every firearm:

    .45 Cal
    Shotgun (pump)
    Shotgun (Sawed-Off)
    Sub-Machine Gun

    The achievement will unlock at the end of the chapter.
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    BuckswanaJust to clarify, you must shoot someone with these weapons, not melee. There is another achievement for melee with every weapon in the game, and these are included in that as well.
    Posted by Buckswana on 05 Sep 09 at 20:15
  • InugamiTheHoundInugamiTheHound186,634
    14 Dec 2009 04 Apr 2011
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    .45 Cal pistol
    Shotgun (pump)
    Shotgun (Sawed-Off)
    Sub-Machine Gun(Mac 11)
    M14 Rifle

    The .45 cal pistol is what you start off with its the most common fire arm in the game.

    The Revolver is not very common weapon you can get much later missions like the library or school or mall. It has 5-6 shots but its very powerful.

    The pump action is the second most common weapon you'll encounter you just have to kill the guy with it and then use it on the next person.

    The sawed off shotgun is strong but you only get two shots with so much sure you don't miss it. You can pick up off a dead hobo

    The sub-machine gun you'll encounter in the library on the secretary's table. It has rapid fire rate but its bullets are not very strong so make sure you hit your target.

    The last gun is the m14 rifle you can pick them on the last mission from convicts you kill at the apple orchard farm. Its a semi automatic weapon but its very strong so you kill your enemy very easily with it.

    (before you give me a "thumbs down" on this or any other solution. Tell what I can do to fix it)
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