When this Town's a Rockin' achievement in Torchlight

When this Town's a Rockin'

Defeat the Ember Colossus

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How to unlock the When this Town's a Rockin' achievement

  • Reborn InsanityReborn Insanity398,383
    12 Mar 2011 12 Mar 2011
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    This achievement is done by killing The Ember Colossus. This achievement is story line based and hard to miss. (Although it is quite a ways into the game)

    **Possible Spoilers**

    After killing the Root Golem (Corrupted Ancient) in the Estherial Ruins, you will continue through the dungeon to find a stair way that is near a Waypoint Portal. When you enter this stairway you will get a cutscene talking about more of Alric's Journal.

    After wards you will be in Tu'tara Caverns. The caverns are all basically one way paths, with decent level monsters, and loot. There are a few levels of caverns you must go through until you reach where The Colossus is. At the end of the 19th floor there will be a staircase leading to the Vast Chasm that is the boss chamber.

    The Chasm is a small room, mainly guarded by spheres of light, that aren't to hard to kill. Down the path will be a bridge you cross when you do a cutscene occurs and the boss fight begins.

    The Ember Colossus is surrounded by another mass of the light orbs that you encountered when first entering the Chasm. They are not much of a problem, but can really catch you off guard when fighting the Colossus. (Watch your health!)

    The Ember Colossus has an energy beam type of attack, that deals mass amounts of damage in a rapid succession. (He will use it at the beginning of the fight. Health potions are a must!)

    When the Colossus stops using his beam you must attack him with your all. He is not that hard to take down when he is only using melee, but still be careful. Immediately after the Colossus is defeated the achievement will pop. Get your loot and keep progressing to find Syl standing next to another Waypoint Portal.
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  • Thanatos03Thanatos03132,424
    14 Mar 2011 14 Mar 2011 14 Mar 2011
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    -This guide is simply a 'how to' beat the colosuss.

    You will fight the Ember Colosus in Tu'tara Caverns in the Vast Chasm. This is comes after floor 19.

    As always there will be a short cutscene and then the fighting will commence. As stated by Insanity, he has a strong beam attack and then resorts to melee.

    I will tell you now that I was thouroughly dissapointed in this boss battle.

    I play as the Alchemist. I changed my Pet to a dog (though any fish will do) and I also summon a Golem to fight beside me.

    I preferred speed over powerful attacks. As such I have a wand in one hand and a pistol in the other. At the start of the battle I cast Ember Shield (in case he charges me) and Ice Shock to slow down the Colossus and the surrounding enemies. I then cast my Summon Zombies. (these give hp everytime they land a hit, and 3 are summoned). Immediatley after that i simply held down the X button.

    In 30 seconds the fight was over. I never used a single health, or mana potion. I was Level 17 when i fought him (you will most likely be 18 if you did side quests).

    Helpful hints:
    If you are unable to summon creatures, then focus on what your characters strengths are. As always potions are a huge help.Both Vanguisher and Berserker have skills sets of freeze, and heavy hits. I'd suggest using those same variations.
    --Obviously with the Vanguisher keep your distance. Shoot a Frost Pilum to keep him from getting in 3 hits before your first trap goes off. Speaking of...Summon traps OFTEN and don't be ashamed that your not fighting him face to face. Surround him with traps,all the while blasting him with your bow or double pistols and he'll be dead within a minute.
    --If your the Beserker do what you do best. Feel free to charge in there! Cast Frost shield, summon an archer and hack that giant down to pint sized toy soldier. WARNING: If you charge him you will be surrounded by his little minions. I'd stay focused on him. The guys are easy to take out, but are simply a distraction while fighting. Use Titan Stomp to clear some space and keep hacking. You'll have him dead in a faster time than me.
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