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How to unlock the Superstar achievement

  • ponypo2001ponypo2001885,469
    10 Mar 2011 10 Mar 2011 10 Mar 2011
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    You should be around level 19-20 fame simply by playing through the story mission and the side quests offered throughout your journey. After killing the final boss, a bonus dungeon will open along with another 3 quests.

    This dungeon is full of tougher enemies and great loot. Each floor has at least 2 champion monsters on it, so couple this with the 3 quests you'll get on each floor, and that's thousands of fame per floor. I got the achievement on floor 9 so didn't really have to grind much at all. Plus you level up very fast and get some great gear.

    It can be very advantageous to put 10 points into the "Adventurer" skill that increases the amount of XP and fame you get early on to cut down on further grinding time. The achievement unlocks when you reach level 33 fame (though the maximum level of fame is actually level 55).

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    Sipuli91Started with this method but it was disgustingly slow with the floors being so huge, every floor being harder than the previous one and the bosses being so far apart. The quest xp was bad as well. Instead I got the 20-??? scroll and in the last area before the exit I just killed the bosses and went back to the previous area to have the enemies respawn in the last one. Eventually I got 6.2k-18.6k/area reset and it took 2-3mins tops to kill the bosses and reset. So much better that way!
    Posted by Sipuli91 on 22 Nov 20 at 20:32
    Inv1s1blJust wanted to say Sipuli91’s method worked perfectly and combined with haste I was earning about 12k a minute.
    Posted by Inv1s1bl on 14 Dec 20 at 15:15
    Nukes A Lot 2Idk if I'm silly or something but I cannot for the LIFE of me get Sipuli91's strat to work.

    Anyone have any tips?
    Posted by Nukes A Lot 2 on 13 Jan at 04:15
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  • NayenaNayena14,047
    20 Mar 2011 20 Mar 2011 20 Mar 2011
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    Through the main storyline, i ended up having 17 fame, which left me halfway there with Fame, this is with me maxing out "Adventurer" as soon as possible.

    I tried being as fast as possible with skipping the biggest amount of mobs as possible, and focusing the champion mobs; and this put me at 8 hours and 20 minutes ingame when the achievement popped.

    As ponypo2001 mentioned, the achievement will unlock at level 33 fame, and the main storyline should take about half the time of the entire playthrough.

    At first i went with the standard "extra" dungeon, that only has 2 champion mobs in it, and after going through 10 levels i felt like i needed a change. I went with buying the "20-???" portal scrolls, and that was a lot faster. These levels consists of 2 levels, that has 5-9 champions mobs on it, and with Adventurer skill, i got a level up on fame per run, leaving me at buying 11 scrolls in total. I managed to run through the two levels in about 10 minutes, and id recommend anyone doing it this way.

    It is worth mentioning that i did not complete the associated quests with each level of the "extra" dungeon, it might be faster with doing those

    I was level 46 when i popped the achievement
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    DyAssI completed the main storyline, but the girl in town only sells lvl 10-20 scrolls. How do I get access to the 20 - ?? scrolls?
    Posted by DyAss on 28 Jun 12 at 09:20
    OzzysShadyDiscoThis method went very slow for me. I did a number of 20-? scrolls and got very few champions, only 2 or 3 per level. When I went into the extra bonus dungeon after completing the main storyline, I was getting many champions per level (3-6). Plus the 3 quests on each level which give fame as part of the reward. Went tons faster for me! Anyway, I didn't down vote you since it does seem to work for some people.
    Posted by OzzysShadyDisco on 20 Jul 12 at 13:18
    XellizAfter completing the game, I started on the bonus dungeon, but since I originally played Torchlight during its initial PC release, I think I'm going to move to the scrolls option, since this sounds like its much faster. Thanks for the heads up.
    Posted by Xelliz on 05 Aug 19 at 14:28
  • Cheese TouchCheese Touch503,285
    03 Jun 2011 03 Jun 2011 03 Jun 2011
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    The other solutions are great. I did the "20-???" portal scrolls and banged it out pretty quickly. Here are some tips for the grind:

    - If you are reading this before starting the game, play on easy. I played on medium and, at that difficulty, the grinding levels will be full of these wizard things that can kill you pretty quickly (see below). You can't switch difficulty after starting the game :(

    - While playing the game, pick a weapon class and stick with it. This allows you to dogpile all your ability points into one ability, maximizing your damage. You might need to put a few points into the other abilities in order to use some armor or weapons, but it won't be much (20-30 points, maybe). As far as I can tell, they are only used for combat with particular weapon types and don't affect anything else (e.g. strength doesn't affect how much you can carry, etc.).

    - As mentioned in the other solutions, you want to have Adventurer maxed. Use a potion of respec if you need to reassign your points. Have a friend gift you one and it'll be free.

    - Whether you are using the special dungeon or 20-??? portal scrolls, ignore as many of the grunts as you can manage and hunt down the larger, fame-giving monsters. You can drastically cut down on the time it takes to grind out the achievement doing this. I also ignored most treasure pickups unless they were close.

    - Make haste one of your spells. You can cover ground much more quickly that way and run past a lot of the mobs when looking for the fame monsters. This is useful for the main game as well.

    - Give your pet a summon spell as one of its spells. The creatures it brings in make nice distractions for the mobs while you hammer on the fame monsters. Your pet will use it fairly often.

    - Try to keep your pet from fleeing by using the "heal all" spell when its health gets low. Pets are pretty much worthless in combat but make convenient distractions. The heal all spell is almost identical to the heal self spell except for a trivial increase in mana cost.

    - Your main weapon should restore health on hits. It's best if this is a natural enchantment of the weapon (either when you bought/acquired it or via the enchanter). You can use a gem in a socket for this but it takes a loooong time to get even a decent gem and it will be nowhere near as much health as an enchantment.

    - Gems are a waste of time. Just sell them. If you get an item with sockets, buy whatever the gem seller has to fill them. You can get much better results from the enchanter (just remember to quit to dash if you get hosed).

    - The better/worse arrows in the inventory are not reliable when you have a lot of enchantments on a piece of equipment. I think they just consider DPS and armor value. Be careful of that when replacing things. Also, you will never complete an equipment set, so don't even bother trying.

    - Be careful of the wizard things that summon little skeleton guys at high levels (I forget the name - "dark" something or other). They summon little fast-moving little skeleton guys and cast powerful spells. One at a time they are not that bad but they can be deadly in groups.

    - The little energy ball things can also be unexpectedly deadly in large groups. Their attacks make the screen really busy so it's hard to tell when you are getting mobbed.

    - Clear out the mobs around a fame monster before tackling it, especially spawners like the gravedigger. If you don't do this, you can get unexpectedly mobbed and it's frustrating to have to run back to where you died.

    - Make sure you keep an eye on your health. The game is crazy easy on medium difficulty except for when you get mobbed by tons of baddies and when this happens, you can die surprisingly quickly. When things get hairy, pop off a push-back spell or haste to a safe spot to heal up. Also, don't be afraid to use health potions when you need them since there a lot of them throughout the game.

    - If you are doing the bonus dungeon, make sure to complete both quests from the guys by the door, or three if you managed to finish the ember guy quests so you can do them in the bonus dungeon. Before going down the staircase at the end of a level, use a town portal to return to town and complete the quests. When you get new ones, they will be for the next level (which you are about to start).

    Happy grinding!
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    LarevesAs Bellatrixz said, use the level 20-?? Scroll, but here's the thing I learned after running about 5 or 6 of them.

    When you finish the downstairs floor, DO NOT exit the scroll through the portal, just go back upstairs and then back down stairs and the enemies reset! I would just do the bottom floor over and over with anywhere from 1 to 4 champion monsters. I got fame level 27-33 in about 30-40 minutes. Where as 22-27 took me like 6 full runs of 10 minutes each.
    Posted by Lareves on 12 Jul 20 at 05:35
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