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Severed: Complete on Zealot difficulty

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  • Triple G AndyTriple G Andy569,732
    01 Mar 2011 01 Mar 2011 05 May 2011
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    A point to know is that New Game+ cannot be used in this add on so don't try saving up loads of ammo and health packs for this difficulty.

    There are only 2 chapters to this add on, one taking place in the mining facility from Chapter 11 of the main game, and the other chapter being from Chapter 1. Both maps are true to their originals but have extra rooms and variations.

    You'll start off with a slightly upgraded Pulse Rifle and a new Patrol Seeker Rifle. You'll also start with the Patrol Uniform which has 15 inventory and armour (No DLC pack can better it, but have different suit specialisations).

    I would suggest keeping this suit if you use the Pulse Rifle as it gives it a damage bonus. You can also find in the beggining a flamethrower but I tended not to use it as it's comparably weaker than the pulse rifle and has worse range.

    If you have the Hand Cannon from DS2 Hard Core you will only need that weapon for the whole DLC.

    There are about 20 Nodes you can acquire (Buying and Finding) and ammo is more or less in plentiful supply.

    Make sure you upgrade your health as this is a very combat heavy DLC, and if you have the Supernova DLC pack use the Forged Suit and Plasma Cutter.

    Also if you have the EarthGov Pulse Rifle from the DLC Packs you can buy it for free, sell your normal Rifle for some extra cash and keep all the upgrade nodes in the new Rifle.
  • Seraphim17Seraphim17753,308
    02 Mar 2011 04 Mar 2011
  • LukeyBaby93LukeyBaby93494,529
    01 Mar 2011 06 Mar 2011 09 Mar 2011
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    As Andreka0 says you can not do this in new game+, But you don't really need it. When you start the game you get an already Upgraded Pulse Rifle(Damage 2,Capacity 2,Reload 1, Alt fire 2) a new Seeker Rifle and you also get a Flamethrower at the first doorway and 50,000 Credits to spend in the shop. you can also find power nodes in some places(just like the actual game).
    Also when you start your Rig is already upgraded with 2 Hit Points and your Stasis Module is already upgraded(Duration 1, Energy 1). As well as all of this you can still use any DLC that you have Suits and Guns. But everything that you have unlocked in your dead space 2 playthrough is not in Severed.

    One of the best ways to get through Severed is to look for every Power node and use them to upgrade your rig, You will not really need to upgrade your gun as you all ready have a really strong Pulse Rifle.

    I have been looking for a good guide to use to show you the best way to get through Severed.

    This is the best walkthrough in my opinion. I did not make this walkthrough all of the credit goes to TheMediaCows.

    Its is not done on Zealot difficulty but it will give you an idea of where things are and the best places and ways to kill the necromorphs.

    Hope that this Guide help's you.

    Also if you have any hits/tips to make my guide better please let me know.
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