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Grind House

Severed: In the grinder room, cause an enemy to die in the grinders

Grind House0
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Achievement Guide for Grind House

  • x Biohazard x1x Biohazard x1148,615
    01 Mar 2011 01 Mar 2011 01 Mar 2011
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    This guide is for without a weapon and is in fact easy:

    The grinder room you will see spinning blades going fast what to do you may ask? well what i did was use one of those stasis canisters and lured the necromorph near the blades and quickly hit him with the canister to stasis him after all i did was move him to the spinning blades and bam Achievment Unlocked!

    Another way thanks to buttoon for telling me:

    another way without weapons that i used is to lure them around the enclosed are and when you have the small enemies try and melee them with RT they will jump back. Just line up so they jump back into the grinder... SPLING
    Posted by buttoon on 01 Mar 11 23:05:31
  • General JouryGeneral Joury300,458
    03 Mar 2011 03 Mar 2011 05 Feb 2012
    32 2 11
    I've tried the solutions others mentioned, but simply couldn't do it their way. I figured a much easier way to do it, without any special weapon or anything.

    (This is a little while after the beginning of Chapter 1)
    When you enter the area, kill the 2 Necromorphs at the start, and go towards the grind moles, a Exploding Necromorph should spawn (With the big orange hand) in the vent in front of you, kill it as fast as possible.
    Then numerous Pack (Small children with long nails) should spawn, just run back to the beginning of the Grind mole, and use your Stasis to slow them down, then walk to the side, and simply PUSH them inside the Grind Mole. (Just walk against them) Just make sure you use Stasis numerous times to keep them sustained.

    Then you should unlock the Achievement.
    If you have questions, ask and I will respond.
  • Triple G AndyTriple G Andy569,739
    01 Mar 2011 01 Mar 2011 02 Mar 2011
    31 1 1
    The grinder room is the first room after being in the mines. It has 2 slashers, 2 explosive necromorphs and the pack.

    I found three ways to do this, first you can buy a DLC force gun and force ONLY the explosive type into the grinder (the pack and slahers don't have enough health).

    You can kill all enemies but one of the pack, stand infront of the grinder and let him jump into the grinder.

    You can also try using stasis on a slasher or explosive necromorph next to the grinder and use the splash damage of a DLC Contact beam to push him in

    Or you can TK impale a necromorph into the Grinder.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    The grinder room is the first room after being in the mines. It has 2 slashers, 2 explosive necromorphs and the pack.
    Another strategy this video - Credit to FSparacino4.
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