The Da Vinci Disappearance

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The Da Vinci Disappearance

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il Principe

Receive 100% synch in ACB and full synch in all missions of the Da Vinci Disappearance.

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How to unlock the il Principe achievement

  • Anno MundiAnno Mundi499,935
    08 Mar 2011 07 Mar 2011 02 Dec 2019
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    This is a list of what is required for 100% Sync in the main retail game complete with youtube videos for every mission I could find.

    If you guys come across any dead links, please let me know asap and I will update!

    Please refer to xThe Amory Wars solution for DLC Sync.

    Please see the bottom of this guide for some additional tips.

    I just finished getting 100% sync in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood and I can confirm that for 100% sync in the main retail game you need to get:

    100% Sync in each of the main story sequences (1-9)

    Sequence 1:

    -Mass Exodus
    ***No Sync

    ***No Sync

    ***No Sync

    -Horsing Around
    ***No Sync

    -Target Practice
    ***No Sync

    ***No Sync

    ***No Sync

    -Emergency Exit
    ***No Sync

    Sequence 2:

    -As good as new...
    ***Do not drop below 1 health square

    -Well Executed
    ***Kill your target with the hidden blade

    -New Man In Town
    ***Throw the Borgia Captain into the scaffold to kill him

    -Easy Come, Easy Go
    ***Dont lose any health

    -Who's Got Mail?
    ***Catch the Borgia Courier in under 1 minute

    -Crepi Il Lupo
    ***Dont lose any health

    -The Halls Of Nero
    ***Complete the memory within 8 minutes

    -Roman Underground
    ***No Sync

    Sequence 3:

    -Double Agent
    ***Do not be detected while reducing Notoriety. Remain undetected until rejoining La Volpe at the Thieves Guild

    -Between A Rock And A Hard Place
    ***Kill only the Borgia Captain

    -High-Stakes Negotiation
    ***Do Not Swim

    -Collective Intelligence
    ***No Sync

    Sequence 4:

    -Castello Crasher
    ***Do Not be detected

    -Femme Fatale
    ***Do not lose more than 10 health squares

    -The Burdens We Carry
    ***Do not be detected

    -Gaurdian Of Forli
    ***Achieve a kill streak of atleast 5 gaurds

    -Man Of The People
    ***Do not lose more than 5 health squares

    -Serial Offender
    ***Kill your target using the assassin recruits

    -Human Cargo
    ***Kill your target using the assassin recruits

    -An Unexpected Visitor
    ***No Sync

    -The Plan
    ***No Sync

    Sequence 5:

    -Escape From Debt
    ***Do not be detected whilst escorting the senator

    -Follow The Money
    ***Do not be detected and do not touch the ground whilst escorting the senator

    -When In Rome...
    ***Arrive at your destination in less than 3 minutes

    -In And Out
    ***Kill the banker from a bench without being detected

    -Paper Trail
    ***No Sync

    Sequence 6:

    ***Do not take any damage

    -French Kiss
    ***Do not be detected

    -Trojan Horse
    ***Do not lose any health squares

    -Au Revoir
    ***Finish the mission in less than 5 minutes

    Sequence 7:

    -Patching The Leak
    ***Do not drop below 5 health squares

    -Calling All Stand-Ins
    ***Use the assassin recruits to kill your targets

    -Exit Stage Right
    ***Do not kill anyone other than the gunmen

    ***Do not swim

    ***No Sync

    Sequence 8

    ***Do not be detected

    -An Apple A Day
    ***Do not kill anyone

    -The Apple Of Eden
    ***Do not lose any health

    ***No Sync

    -Seeing Red
    ***No Sync

    -All Roads Lead To...
    ***No Sync

    Sequence 9

    -Pax Romana
    ***Do not drop below 5 health squares

    -A Seed
    ***No Sync

    100% Sync in each of the secondary memories:

    Secret Locations/Romulus Lairs:

    -Wolves Among The Dead
    ***Complete the memory within 8 minutes

    -Thrown To The Wolves
    ***Do not lose more than 3 blocks of health

    -Leader of The Pack
    ***Do not lose more than 10 health squares

    -The Sixth Day
    ***Do not lose more than a block of health

    -A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
    ***Complete the memory within 8 minutes

    War Machines:

    -War Plans
    *** Send The Mercenaries Into a Fight
    *** Do not kill anybody before destroying the blueprints

    -War Plans
    ***Use the kick against the Overseer
    -Loose Cannon
    ***Open 1 of the first 3 gates

    -War Plans
    ***Use a smoke bomb to stun the Overseer
    -Flying Machine 2.0
    ***Do not get shot whilst using the bomber

    -War Plans
    ***Use the pistol to kill the Overseer
    -Hell On Wheels
    ***Do not take damage while in the tank

    -Templar Agents:

    -Down To Earth
    ***Kill your target with the hidden blade

    ***Kill your target with the hidden blade

    ***Kill Brother Ristoro by air assassination

    -Firing Line
    ***Kill the target using the hidden blade within 45 seconds

    ***Kill your target with the hidden blade

    -The Ringer
    ***Kill only Don Machini

    As of 04/11/11 I could not find suitable video's for the remaining mission types.

    For the following missions use this guide:


    -Two's Company
    ***Kill both targets with your hidden blade

    -Tactical Correction
    ***Finish the memory within 2 minutes

    -...And Three's A Crowd
    ***Kill the 3 targets within 2 minutes

    -Serf's Turf
    ***Assassinate the 3 guards with the hidden blade

    -The Three Amici
    ***Kill the targets with the hidden blade

    -Red Letter Day
    ***Kill both targets in under 60 seconds

    -The Merchant Of Rome
    ***Use the assassin recruits to assist in a diversion

    -Bearers Of Bad News
    ***Do not let your targets call for reinforcements

    -Cardinal Sin
    ***Kill only the cardinal

    -Turning The Tables
    ***Kill atleast 1 brute, 1 seeker, and 1 papal guard with his own weapon

    ***Do not lose any health squares

    -Brutes and Brutality
    ***Kill all targets in under 15 seconds


    -Lost Pup
    ***Save Aldo in under 2 minutes

    -A Clash Of Interests
    ***Survive the fight without any thieves being knocked out

    -Up To Speed
    ***Complete the course in under 60 seconds

    -Class Warfare
    ***Kill all of the bandits with the pistol

    -Pointing Fingers
    ***Remain undetected

    -Eye On The Prize
    ***Remain undetected whilst attempting to steal the contents of the box

    -Young At Heart
    ***Complete the course in under 60 seconds

    ***Kill the traitor with the hidden blade

    -A Blanket Finish
    ***Kill the Cento Occhi leaders with the hidden blade

    -For The Fans
    ***Complete the course without taking any damage


    -Property Dispute
    ***Stop Santino before he beats up the Courtesan

    -Old Habits Die Hard
    ***Assassinate the target from a hiding spot

    -The Morning After
    ***Complete the mission in under 400 seconds - random right?!

    -Running Scared
    ***Kill only the ambassador

    -Live Bait
    ***Kill the target using the ledge grab

    ***Do not kill the doctor

    -Closing In
    ***Kill the target using the hidden blade

    -Bad Politics
    ***Kill all targets in under 60 seconds

    ***Finish the mission with both mercenaries above half health

    ***Complete the mission in under 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

    Thanks to the following users for their YouTube videos:



    -Thanks to Crosby v2 - For all those, who have got some problems with Da Vinci's Tank-Mission:
    Instead of doing it the way you're supposed to, there is also a lot cheaper way to get the full sync in this mission. All you have to do is, right when you crossed the final gate, shoot the "cover" in front of the right tank, then immediately go behind the white Desynhcro wall (it's behind you, the direction you came from) and stop right at your 1st warning. Just stay there and keep firing at them. As they are not able to hit you, it shouldn't be a problem to get the 100%

    -Thanks to Weezleram - If you change your outfit you will revert back to the previous checkpoint. This is VERY useful for some of the memories, if the memory is long and you are about to lose your full sync condition just pause and change your outfit so you won't have to replay the entire memory. This is highly recommended for the Hell on Wheels memory (if you won't be able to get out of the way of a cannon/tank shot you can simply revert to the last checkpoint instead of starting the entire memory over.

    -Another Tip: If you appear to be missing some Sync % still, you need to activate the courtesans and thieves missions by visiting the associated guild. It wont show up at all otherwise. I had this issue with the thieves guild, completely missed them out and was wondering why I was missing 10%

    That's it. Basically every mission in the DNA menu that has a Sync % next to it.

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    zsoltee53Nice solution, but you should separate all the videos into spoiler sections. It's too long and not easy to check the entire guide.
    Posted by zsoltee53 on 18 Sep 18 at 13:24
    Anno MundiI've added spoiler tags onto all of the videos now, thanks.
    Posted by Anno Mundi on 02 Dec 19 at 21:23
    ChexMix UnmixedMine is worth 70G not 100G.
    Posted by ChexMix Unmixed on 07 May at 00:01
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  • AgonysAgonys109,825
    11 Jun 2011 11 Jun 2011 30 Nov 2011
    54 6 4
    Hell on Wheels, 100% synchronization.

    After playing through Brotherhood and the DLC this was the only memory that was hard to get a 100% sync on but then I found this video, a failsafe way if you can make it to the last fight w/o taking damage that is!

    All credit of the video goes to NKA17 for uploading and creating.

    Edit: If your voting thumbs down then leave a comment telling us what to improve.
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    The GlobalizerThanks for the video. FYI to all, skip to 9:30 to see the glitch for the area with the two tanks.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 25 Sep 11 at 15:05
    MR WOLF 12000worked like a freakin charm
    Posted by MR WOLF 12000 on 28 Jul 12 at 19:12
    KKMPThanks. Awesome solution.
    Posted by KKMP on 28 Aug 12 at 23:24
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    Edit: After countless comments and negative votes of wanting a walkthrough I decided to look on youtube for some worthy videos. Hopefully now I will get some positive votes and comments. Credit and Thanks goes to youtube user MahaloVideoGames for the youtube videos.

    Link to playlist:

    Please refer to The Cosmic Duck's solution for the Main Game Sync

    Here is the DLC 100% Synch

    Restored Sequence
    The Da Vinci Disappearance 100% Synch

    Restored Sequence Memory 1
    -A Roll Of The Dice
    -Full Synch: Do not drop below 4 health squares

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Restored Sequence Memory 2
    -The One Who Got Away
    -Full Synch: Do not kill anyone

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Restored Sequence Memory 3
    -Memento Mori
    -Full Synch: Do not use the rooftops during the tail

    Full Video:

    Restored Sequence Memory 4
    -Bon Voyage
    -Full Synch: Do not be detected by the robed disciples

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Restored Sequence Memory 5
    -Last Minute Invite
    -Full Synch: Do not led guards discover any dead bodies inside the restricted area

    Full Video:

    Restored Sequence Memory 6
    -The Ezio Auditore Affair
    -Full Synch: Do not use any type of range weaponry

    Full Video:

    Restored Sequence Memory 7
    -Decoding Da Vinci
    -Full Synch: Discover the location of the catacombs in under 5 minutes

    Full Video:

    Restored Sequence Memory 8
    -The Temple Of Pythagoras
    -Full Synch: Do not lose any health squares

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:
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    Pedle ZelnipThis is a useless solution, it simply states what the requirements are with no tips/suggestions/help as to how to achieve them. I know what's required for full sync -- the game tells me.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 16 Jun 11 at 05:55
    KKMPPerfect solution. Every DLC mission showed perfectly.
    Posted by KKMP on 28 Aug 12 at 23:28
    SupraDriverMy achievement did not unlock now what?
    Posted by SupraDriver on 15 Jan 13 at 07:29
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