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Make the Hall of Fame in My Player Mode.

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    Be warned: This achievement can be a grind and is probably the longest amount of dedicated time to get.

    First off, you have to be in My Player mode, and in the Hall of Fame Progress menu, you'll notice that you have to get 12 of 12 on the progress bar to get this. There are 3 levels:

    1) Season Goals: Need to achieve 5 of these, and they're pretty easy if you boost your power and contact. The goals here include winning a silver slugger, win an mvp, be named an all-star, get 100+ rbi in a season etc., - they make look hard but as long as you increase your batting attributes, you'll get them no problem.

    2) Team Goals: Need to achieve 2 in here. This is the easiest tier because you can basically just trade yourself to the best team to ensure you make the playoffs and get best record...and basically if your team is that good, you can win a playoff round, so again - no problem here.

    3) Career Goals: Need to achieve 5 of these. This is where you grind it out. Basically the easiest thing here is to be named an All-Star 5 times, which ensures you play 5 full seasons. The next two easiest are having an AVG over .290 in 6 seasons, and 6 seasons of an OPS (On Base+Slugging %) over .800. I believe this includes your minor league stats as well for this so keep that in mind.

    After that, the rest can take some time. Winning two MVP awards took me 8 seasons and I consistently averaged .325 AVG, 35 HR, 125 RBI in my best years (only 3 MVPs, shoulda been like 6 lol). The MVPs will likely make up the 4th needed goal here.

    The last and most difficult thing to achieve in this tier are the career goals. They are: 2000 hits, 300 home runs, stealing 300 bases, scoring 1000 runs or 1000 rbi. These will take seasons to accomplish, and these are all required at the MLB level. I was in Year 11 of 15 when I got the 300 HR, and I ended up getting 1000 RBI in the next game. So expect to take time.

    If you wonder why I got it so fast, here are tips: Sim the games as much as possible. You will be forced to play roughly 20 full games, and on top of that, a slew of clutch moments. A full season of that takes roughly 2-3 hours, so yes it's major grind. But trust me, when you win this, you will feel rewarded, just like I am noticing I was the first one here to have it scanned and recorded haha!

    NOTE: If you really don't wanna spend so much time on this, change all the in-game sliders to your advantage. I didn't do this, but this achievement can likely be achieved far more easily if you do this.
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    BiG PaPa ChIlL @Mikario. Try making a new save file and then retiring.
    Posted by BiG PaPa ChIlL on 13 Jul 12 at 22:16
    Mikarlo @Big PaPa ChILL, thank you for the suggestion. That is something I did try on more than one occasion. Who knows, I guess I just got a bum copy. I may try again someday. Been working on 2K12 HoF, but taking much longer this year thanks to Skyrim, Xenoblade Chronicles & Last Story (Wii), and now Borderlands 2...I'm just hoping to make the Hall before the Series and season are over this year! lol
    Posted by Mikarlo on 19 Sep 12 at 23:03
    Blackwing21997 has anybody been playing the 10 seasons? Hall Of Fame Eligibilty Even In Real Life calls for at least a 10 career.
    I Had the same problem. I was eligible after 5 pitching seasons. Havent done it in a while.
    Posted by Blackwing21997 on 15 Nov 12 at 01:54
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