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Complete chapter 6 in the Single Player Campaign

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How to unlock the Overwatch achievement

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    This is the penultimate level of Homefront and has you in command of the helicopter that you have just stolen. Your objective is to hijack three tankers for the resistance. You have Missiles and Guns at your disposal using your LT and RT respectively.

    The level plays out in a series of stages

    The first has you simply steering the chopper and taking out targets which are firing missiles at you. Simply veer left and right to avoid the missiles while firing back and shouldn't be a problem until you reach a tunnel

    BEWARE your steering in the tunnel as there is some debris which you can snag onto and use your LB and RB to change your height (i found this was not explained during gameplay too well)

    When you come out of the other side you will be tasked with destroying the support vehicles next to the tankers as they travel up a hillside. Again simply keep moving and fire your missiles and you can't really go wrong as at this point i do not believe you can damage the tankers (please correct me if i am wrong on that).

    After that you will be asked to get alongside the tankers in order to hijack them. Move down to the left of the rear most tanker and press X to get your squad member to hijack, repeat for the next two tankers. Note that there are still a few RPG targets firing on you so its best to deal with them quickly.

    Once you have the tankers you have to protect them from RPG men and roadblocks. First you encounter guys on each side and two roadblocks ahead, the second one you need to take out is the highway and once done, the tankers will need to find an alternate route. Protect them as they slowly make their way through the neighborhood using the same tactics as previous. You will also encounter a Gunship but a few missiles will destroy this no problem.

    Once the tankers are on the highway and moving they will make their way across the bridge but come under heavy fire. BEWARE there are SAM Sites around this area that you will need to deal with. You will need to stay just behind the tankers and watch the road as armored vehicles will continually try to get close. Protect the tankers until Hopper takes out the bridge behind them with charges so they can not follow. Once this is done that is mission complete.

    NOTE: You are also able to pick up the Safer Skies 10pt Achievement for destroying all SAM Trucks in this level.

    Please see below for a link to the YouTube video for a walkthrough. Credit for the video goes to AshyyyHD, not me.

    Hope this is of some help :-)

    If you think this solution could do with some improvement please do not hesitate to let me know before voting negative, thanks chaps.
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    Overwatch is probably the easiest mission you'll come across in this game. You're flying in this one while the rest of your team is going to hijack the fuel trucks. The controls are fairly simple as well it won't take you an hour to try and figure out how to pilot anything like Battlefield.

    Anyway, you start off having a few APC units on the road, take them out right away before they cause any significant damage to your chopper. You will be told now to fly low to the ground and go thru the tunnel. Once you come out you'll see a few escorts for the fuel trucks.

    Achievement: Speed Demon
    Hijack the fuel trucks in less than 8 minutes.

    This is very very easy. Remove all the escorts first of all. Then come up right beside the trucks from left. You'll have Hopper jump out on the 3rd one first. Rianna 2nd followed by Connor on the 1st.
    Be warned as well there is a APC or a Tank can't remember infront of you. So try and do it very quickly.

    Now you'll finally be coming across a few SAM in your general area as you go around the bend. There is a total of three plus a checkpoint at the end. Press A for flares if you have a SAM locked onto you. At the checkpoint there is a few enemies and a tank, just be sure to take them out before your convoy arrives.

    Farther on there are some tanks on an overpass. Go ahead of your convoy a bit and destroy the bridge and everything around it as soon as possible. Moving on a few further, you can turn on a manuel thermal goggles and see enemies on the roofs with RPG's. You just have to be careful not to go off to far ahead of the convoy. Stay with them at all times.

    Soon enough you'll come across some more tanks and a Cobra. Just keep your thermal goggles on and it's a cake walk.

    Achievement: Safe Skies
    Take out all SAM's in this mission.

    This is still an easy achievement keep your thermal on and you'll see them around the city. They are usually close by together near the docks area. Wait a few minutes while the convoy goes down the bridge and thanks to Connors carelessness he broke down the truck while there is some reinforcements inbound back towards the off-ramp. Just stay close by to the convoy and light up everything with missles and the minigun. They are considered much of a threat until they get really close.

    Hope this helps :D
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