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16 Jul 11
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Golden Gate achievement in Homefront

Golden Gate

Complete chapter 7 in the Single Player Campaign

Golden Gate0
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How to unlock the Golden Gate achievement

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    This is the final level of Homefront, tasking you with the daunting mission to assault and regain control of the Golden Gate Bridge. Below are some videos, the first 2 are simply a walkthrough, while the 3rd is a collectible guide. The last are quides on how to earn the level specific achievements. Watching them simultaneously will give you a great idea of how to clear the area and earn all the levels' collectibles easily.

    There are a few level specific achievements:

    The first you will encounter is
    HomefrontSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Homefront worth 21 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Watch the 4th video below for a better understanding of how to do this.

    The second one you can earn is
    HomefrontSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Homefront worth 18 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Watch the 5th video for a better understanding of how to fall of a bridge.

    Lastly, minutes before finishing the level, you will encounter this achievement
    HomefrontSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Homefront worth 13 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Watch the last video to get a better idea.

    This level can be a grind. However, it is quite entertaining considering all the fun things you get to do:

    You start off this level at an FOB preparing to load up onto helis and assault the bridge. Don't forget to grab that first collectible before you hop on the bird. You'll fly towards the bridge, encounter some jets that attack your NPCs, and eventually you will hover around the base of the near side of the bridge, in which you will be able to earn the first achievement of this map, Wilhelm's Nightmare. After you circle the base, you will land into a hot-zone of enemies, and your fight on foot begins.

    As you land, you will be directed to take out some RPG troops. Killing the first one causes another to respawn in it's place after about 15 seconds, so don't kill one and think you're safe. Make your way through this first set of enemies and you will eventually get to a gate. Once through the gate, you will come upon a tank, and Mr. Tank doesn't like you. You will be tasked with heading to the right through 2 enemy-filled buildings, with the last once containing an RPG enemy. Kill him take his RPG and destroy the tank.

    Before you leave this area, make sure you grab the collectible. Once you've done that, follow Conner and climb the ladder. This next sequence can be a grind if you're not well-equipped, so take advantage of the weapons and ammo left at the top of the stairs before you head into the climb. You will encounter many enemies as you climb up the base to get to the top of the bridge, There one collectible to find during your climb that is pretty obvious, but watch the video to orient yourself for success. As you reach the top, you can participate or patiently wait for your teammates to break this line of enemy defense. From where you climbed up, almost directly across the bridge is another collectible. Grab it.

    From this point forward, is a push across the bridge. After you grabbed that collectible, you will be tasked with eliminating 2 RPG enemies. At this point, jumping off the bridge is easily obtainable. Watch the video to full understand.

    You will push forward until you eventually get pushed off the bridge via semi-cut-scene. You will then fight under the bridge while avoiding a insta-kill helicopter. There is another colelctible in these catwalks. During this part, avoid the helicopter by using cover. If he sees you, you're toast. Once you reach the end of this underbelly, you will climb back up and be tasked with destroying 2 sentry towers by grenade.

    Once they are destroyed, you will find a SAM you can use to eliminate the helicopter. It requires 2 solid hits to kill him. Once you have done that, this final push can be a doozy. Push through the enemy forces until you reach an elevated platform. Once you have gained control of the platform, Hopper will hack the enemy's anti-air weapon systems enabling you to control a UAV drone that will be used to earn the level's final specific achievement.

    After this area, you will jump into a Hummer and attempt to escape. Unfortunately, after a few turns and enemy kills, you will face a Goliath as the final boss. This guy is hard, even on easy difficulty. Use the turret in the hummer as much as you can without overheating it, and spam the defense system in order to withstand the Goliaths' attack. You will be riding in a railed path, so focus on the Goliath and eliminate it quickly. Once it is destroyed, you will enjoy a cut-scene and the game is over. Or is it? Duh duh duh!!!

    The credits will roll, and this achievement will pop.
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