Mission 10 achievement in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

Mission 10

Capture the Ragno Fortress.

Mission 100
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How to unlock the Mission 10 achievement

  • SGT ImpalerSGT Impaler321,927
    13 Feb 2011 15 Feb 2011
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    I want to offer some advice without giving away too much content or spoilers.

    1) Assuming this is your initial playthrough, and not your machine gun run or other specialty run, choose a nice stable ground-attack aircraft. I went with the A-10A for its tremendous durability, stability, air-to-ground capability, and excellent complement of weaponry. The A-10A also enjoys the best combination of air-to-ground special weapons for this mission, so if you havent purchased them yet, you may wish to.

    1b) Since you'll be employing a ground-attack aircraft, equip your wingman with the best Air Superiority setup that you can. I chose the F-15E with the XAM6 package. I know the F-15E isnt as highly rated a fighter as some other aircraft in the hangar, but I am biased. Choose whatever you feel most comfortable with.

    2) Dont forget that the Pass Line is to the West. I am guilty of playing the first six or seven missions before I even realized the Pass Line existed and it makes life much easier. You dont have to conserve ammo or risk pressing the attack while battle-damaged. Return to base to rearm/repair/refuel and return to the fight. However,

    3) There is a time-limit to this mission. Concentrate on the mission-specific targets first. While this advice applies to almost every mission, this mission tends to be much more limited and dependent on the timely success of the Operations. Pay particular care to protecting Eagle Eye and dont be afraid to send your wingman off hunting air threats.

    4) There are three mission-critical targets that only you will be able to attack, and it will require some rather unorthodox flying. You must destroy the two "Shutters" covering the entrances and exits of three separate tunnel complexes, then enter those tunnels to engage two to three underground targets.

    Your first step should be to engage the six shutters with conventional missiles. You can do this from any attitude, but it helps to be down in the canyons at close to the same altitude as the shutter doors.

    While you are still up and about, engage as many ground-based anti-air systems as you can while sending your wingman after airborne threats. Again, mission targets should take priority when you can.

    Now comes the fun part.. entering the tunnels to attack your targets. By this time, if not before, you should have reached a checkpoint. Enter the area near the first of the three targets of your choosing. For me, it was the tunnel complex furthest northwest. Control your speed and try to stay just under 300 knots for the best control and effect.

    Toggle targets using the Y-button until you lock onto one of the red-icons closest to the entrance of a tunnel. It helps to select a ground-based missile or to have your nose pointed at the entrance. Try to point your nose so that you are lined up in a straight line from the entrance to the first target, second target, and exit.

    Press Back to return to Weapon 1 missiles while still locked on the first red icon. Enter the tunnel. While inside, keep as low as you can. Watch out for low-hanging supports and cranes. The A-10A has a nice flat low-mounted wing flush with the bottom of the fuselage, so you can get surprisingly low. However, the bubble canopy, twin vertical stabilizers and pylon-mounted engines can easily catch overhead hazards.

    5) Rinse and repeat for the other tunnels in the area and continue to keep the pressure on enemy air assets with your wingman orders.

    If I can give any one piece of advice for beating this mission, it would be to suggest that you closely monitor your battle damage and to not be stingy with special weapons. If you run low on ammo or if you take a strong hit or two, dont be afraid to engage the throttles and head west to the return line and get refitted.

    Good luck.
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    SGT ImpalerOne additional point that I wanted to add about low-flight inside the tunnels. There are miscellaneous ground targets inside these tunnels as well... trucks and the like. If you run into one of those, its game over just as much as it would be hitting the overhead beams. To this end, it helps to fire your cannon while inside the tunnels, particularly at the start and middle sections.

    You dont want to have too much cannon fire because you dont want to obscure your vision or run out during a run (yes, I've done that and it illicits quite a few dirty words!). But with the Pass Line just a few minutes flying to the West, you shouldn't be too conservative either.
    Posted by SGT Impaler on 16 Feb 11 at 12:58
    netstrykerIs better start this mission near of the Operation A and do just A and B operations.
    Posted by netstryker on 03 Apr 19 at 05:03
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