Mission 9 achievement in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

Mission 9

Destroy the heavy command cruiser Aigaion.

Mission 90
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How to unlock the Mission 9 achievement

  • ZeroDesolationZeroDesolation400,271
    11 Sep 2009 13 Jan 2010
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    This is for anyone that decided to do their machine gun only run while playing in Normal mode. Nothing changes outside the norm for the mission where you destroy all the other ships. You get 2 planes down as fast as possible to call the anti support guys to kill off all the jets trying to kill you. It's the very end where all that's left is Aigaion cruiser is where the problem occurs..

    When you play on normal, the spot to take it down the Aigaion changes compared to where it is on Hard and up.. While this is really isn't a problem if you're using missiles, it is a very big problem when you're doing your machine gun only run.

    I'm sure you'll die on your 1st attempt of many at this, so at the checkpoint, call your anti-air support to kill the guns on the back of the ship. Then you want to fly up until you can level out on the front top of the plane. Best way to tell how to position yourself is to look for the light gray squares up at the front of the plane where the cockpit is. Get your plane between the left and right light gray squares and you will need to aim in front of the light gray one at the front of the plane to take it down.

    Now here is the fun part. The Aigaion's draft will suck your jet down, so you can't just set still. Plus the missiles keep firing off from the top as well. So here is what you do to avoid those from killing you.

    Once you get into position, high G it by pulling up, then do a slow 360 degree circle while flipping the plane over upside down. Once you're facing almost backwards, the missiles will start to target you, high G the rest of the circle and you should come down right back on top of the plane where the missiles will lose their target on you. Level yourself out as much as you can but angle your gun and shoot the whole time towards the tip of the nose above that light gray square at the front of the plane. Shoot as you're angling down, pull up a little, repeat until you get to close or the missiles are targeting you again. Now you repeat the above circle loop to avoid it all again. The closer you are to the front of the plane with the down angle to where you can see the tip of the nose on the plane is when you'll hit it. Once you hit it, you should hit it enough to take it out. If not, you'll like one "HIT" to show up on the screen and you'll be like, what did I hit.

    By doing the above, you can avoid getting hit and keep trying to find that sweet spot to take the plane down. It took me about 30 minutes to figure this out and make it happen. Hopefully this will help someone out when you hit this mission while doing machine guns only.

    Good Luck!

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    ZeroDesolationOn my current run I haven't used a multirole plane yet so I'm using the only multirole plane that has an emp on it. I haven't fired off an emp in the game yet though.

    The plane you get doesn't matter though if you're machine gun only but you need to make sure you switch to off the missiles to the EMP at the beginning of the match in case you hit B by accident or reflect of playing it so much.
    Posted by ZeroDesolation on 13 Jan 10 at 23:35
    shelbygt5252For the machine gun only run on Mission 9 the easiest way to get it done is change the difficulty to hard right before this mission as the cockpit is in a much more accessible position. After I completed Mission 9 I went back to normal and still received the Sharpshooter medal.

    EMP usage will not void the medal either.
    Posted by shelbygt5252 on 28 Sep 13 at 08:58
    Kbeau73Can you change the difficulty in a campaign prior to the mission? I've tried this on easy and was able to get him down to half health but then would either crash into him or just give up. I thought about restarting on Hard so I wouldn't have to deal with the next to impossible to hit cockpit.
    Posted by Kbeau73 on 31 Mar 17 at 13:52
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  • Venom1983PROVenom1983PRO93,468
    04 Mar 2009 04 Mar 2009
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    Have just completed this after hours of trying

    Use the F22 with multi homing missles
    Have your wingman decked out with homing as well

    Try and stay well bask during the approach this will enable you to hammer a few strigon as they launch of the Aigion!

    Once you have pssed the Aigion focus on the EMP planes, dont bather with the emps take out thier engines quickly and they will go down (as most engineless planes do)

    You should have enough bars to use allied attack to take out the reamaining strigon planes while you worry about the Gyro(what ever the anti air planes are called) once they are down hammer the Aigion using everything you have! When left with just the cockpit I found running at it head on and slighlty higher alows you to get a good lock and fire off a few missles with each run! Think after ther 8th run for me I completed the mission!
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    A Krayt DragonToo bad you don't unlock the F22 until after the 13th mission.
    Posted by A Krayt Dragon on 10 Jul 11 at 14:24
    Venom1983PROI think you will find you can purchase it straight away either that or it came with one of the skins packs I brought. Is that the reason for the negative vote?
    Posted by Venom1983PRO on 26 Jul 11 at 13:51
    KAMIKAZEpuppy1Can I use an aircraft with an ECM pod. Also Does it smilemean machine guns only or say if I feel like it can I empty a few rocket pods into the desert floor just for the hell if it lolsmile
    Posted by KAMIKAZEpuppy1 on 23 May 20 at 01:54
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