Gold Gotham Arcader achievement in Project Gotham Racing 4

Gold Gotham Arcader

Earn a Gold medal in every Arcade event.

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How to unlock the Gold Gotham Arcader achievement

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    Project Gotham Racing 4 Silver/Gold/Platinum Solution

    There are three achievements for the arcade mode, when finish it with all silver, all gold and all platinum and of course the easiest one gives you the most gamerscore.
    Getting silver medals is fairly easy, gold medals are more of a challenge but the platinum ones are the most difficult ones.

    I will try to guide through the ten chapters and give you some tips, so here we go.

    General Tips

    Choice of the car or bike: Is very essential, there are some dominating cars and most of the time cars are far better than bikes. You can check the leader board for each specific track and I will also recommend a car for you.

    Of course try to race as fast as you can, so that you are familiar with the tracks and the cars.

    Try to avoid style kudos in any races where they are not necessary, it will only slow you down.

    Always try to get in the first place as soon as possible, it is a big advantage if you are the leading one.

    Take down your opponents whenever you can, use them instead of your own brakes.

    Whenever you can, try to use slipstream.

    Manual transmission is not necessary, if you can handle it well you are a bit faster but it is also possible to do without it.

    When style kudos are necessary always use the handbrake to introduce a drift.

    Be patient and have a bit of luck.

    Game types

    Street races
    Just try to get the first place very soon so that you are able to defend it, if you are not in the first place soon you might just follow the mob but will never come closer. Try to take them out in the very first turn.

    Avoid the last place, use the same technique given in the street races.

    One on One
    Is easier since there is only one enemy that you can take very easily just at the start.

    Get as many kudo stars as possible, try to drift as often as you can but stop when you have five stars. Also keep in mind that you have to finish the race within time.

    Time vs. Kudos
    Kudos will stop the clock so drift as often as can, also on the straights. Just always from the left to right and from the right to the left. Also use burnouts when you are to slow.

    Cone/Super Cone Sprint
    Pass the gates fast, once you know the track this is easy but do not hit a single cone, you may restart then.

    Cone attack
    Hit as many cones as possible, always hit all the straight ones and drift in the corners so that you will hit many of the corner cones.

    Speed challenge
    The radars are mostly just behind a turn, so you have to take that turn as good as you can, you may use the manual transmission here to get a little bit faster.

    Hit as many checkpoints as possible before you run out of time. You have to race very fast here unfortunately there is nothing more to say here.

    Overtake as many cars as possible, you can also use the other cars to take a turn very well.

    Hot lap
    Complete a lap within the demanded time, this will also require you to drive near perfection.


    Chapter One: Catch me if you can
    Cars are suggested: Delta Integrale Evo

    1. Street Race, Palace Square (St Petersburg), Overcast
    2. Street Race, Nevskiy Run (St Petersburg), Clear
    3. Street Race, Pushkin's Places (St Petersburg), Fog
    4. One-on-one, Embankments and Parks (St Petersburg), Overcast
    5. Street Race, Parliament Hill (Quebec), Clear
    6. Eliminator, Twisted Old Port (Quebec), Overcast

    You should not have any problems here with that car, the AWD will give you an excellent start.

    Chapter Two: Drifto 101
    Bikes are suggested: BMW F 800 S

    1. Superstar, Rampart Run (Quebec), Rain
    2. Time Vs Kudos, Spring Mountain Turns (Las Vegas), Overcast
    3. Cone Sprint, MGM Grand-Bellagio Loop (Las Vegas), Rain
    4. Superstar, Buccaneer Loop (Las Vegas), Overcast
    5. Time Vs Kudos, The Grand Theatre (Shanghai), Clear
    6. Cone Attack, South Strip Loop (Las Vegas), Storm

    It is all about the style here, drift often, that is very easy with a bike, make wheelies and endos.

    Chapter Three: Final Countdown
    Cars are suggested: Impreza 22B STI

    1. Speed Challenge, Shanghai Grand Slam (Shanghai), Clear
    2. Breakthrough, Landmark Tour (Shanghai), Rain
    3. Eliminator, Kazanskiy Cathedral (St Petersburg), Overcast
    4. Eliminator, The Hermitage Race (St Petersburg), Fog
    5. Speed Challenge, Half F1 Circuit (Nurburgring), Clear
    6. Breakthrough, Shinjuku Speedway (Tokyo), Storm

    This is a very good car, so show your AWD dominance here, this ones is also easy.

    Chapter Four: Two Wheels only
    Bikes are suggested: Honda CBR600RR

    1. Street Race, Jiu Fu Loop (Shanghai), Clear
    2. Eliminator, Long Strip Straights (Las Vegas), Fog
    3. Overtake, Neon Tour (Shanghai), Clear
    4. Street Race, Half F1 Circuit (Nurburgring), Overcast
    5. One-on-one, B-Circuit (Shanghai), Clear
    6. Street Race, Estrada de S Francisco (Macau), Clear

    This will be the last chapter where you should use bikes.

    Chapter Five: Horses for Courses
    Cars are suggested: Mazda MX-5 and Pontiac Firebird

    1. Cone Sprint, Instituto Politecnico (Macau), Overcast
    2. Super Cone Sprint, Sprint 1 (St Petersburg), Overcast
    3. Cone Attack, Shanghai Old Town (Shanghai), Clear
    4. Cone Sprint, Whitehall Straits (London), Clear
    5. Cone Attack, Jiu Fu Loop (Shanghai), Clear
    6. Super Cone Sprint, Sprint 2 (St Petersburg), Ice

    Use the Pontiac Firebird for the two cone sprint races and the MX-5 for the other races.

    Chapter Six: Rough Riders
    Cars are suggested: RUF RT12

    1. Overtake, Museum Loop (Shanghai), Rain
    2. Eliminator, The Bulldog (London), Storm
    3. Overtake, Tochomae Loop (Tokyo), Rain
    4. Eliminator, Las Vegas Blvd Tour (Las Vegas), Rain
    5. Street Race, Instituto Politecnico (Macau), Fog
    6. Street Race, La Grande Allee (Quebec), Rain

    Now it will get more difficult, you may also choose a different car but the RUF RT12 is quite a nice car here.

    Chapter Seven: Flatout
    Cars are suggested: CLK-GTR and F50

    1. Speed Challenge, Shanghai Grand Slam (Shanghai), Clear
    2. Breakthrough, The Outskirts (New York), Overcast
    3. Street Race, The Admiralty (St Petersburg), Clear
    4. Hot Lap, Ekimae Loop (Tokyo), Fog
    5. Hot Lap, Avenida de Dr Rodrigues (Macau), Clear
    6. Eliminator, Avenida da Amizade (Macau), Overcast

    Now with A-class cars the choice is difficult, but those two cars are greatly balanced, use the CLK-GTR for the tricky tracks and the F50 for the straight tracks, then you should do good after some tries.

    Chapter Eight: Steamroller World Tour
    Cars are suggested: Subaru Imprezza 22B STi

    1. Street Race, Old Port Short (Quebec), Clear
    2. One-on-one, Her Majesty's Pleasure (London), Rain
    3. Street Race, The Hermitage Race (St Petersburg), Overcast
    4. One-on-one, Twisted Straits (New York City), Rain
    5. Eliminator, Moika Turns (St Petersburg), Rain
    6. One-on-one, Parliament Hill (Quebec), Clear

    With that car this chapter seems to be to easy, got all platinum within the very first attempt so I hope you also succeed with that.

    Chapter Nine: Trackdays Specials
    Cars are pretty much suggested: F50, CLK-GTR, RUF Supercar Concept

    1. Eliminator, Full F1 Circuit (Nurburgring), Clear
    2. Eliminator, The Short Test (Michelin Test Track), Clear
    3. Time Vs Kudos, The Medium Test (Michelin Test Track), Clear
    4. Street Race, Nordschliefe (Nurburgring), Rain
    5. Breakthrough, The Ultimate Test (Michelin Test Track), Clear
    6. Street Race, The Behemoth (Nurburgring), Clear

    Ok, this is the most difficult chapter due to the two races on the Behemoth.
    You should use the F50 for the two elimination races and use the CLK-GTR for the other two races. Use the CLK-GTR on the first Nürburgring race, try to get in the first place very soon, use the first turns after the long straight to achieve that and then you try to finish the race clean, if you are familiar with this track you may succeed even with that rainy weather.
    The race on the Behemoth is the most difficult race in the arcade mode, as it is the long version which will take about seven minutes and it is also backwards so that it is a completely new track to you. You have to be very patient here as you will try it several times, but each attempt will make you better. To choose a car here is very hard. After I have tested all possible cars I came to the conclusion that the RUF Supercar Concept is the best for that track. The handling seems to fit most for that track, so try to get right behind the two Ferraris after the first turn and use the slipstream to keep up to them. You should be able to overtake them in the following turns and then try to keep the leading. Easier said then done, but some time you will succeed.

    Chapter Ten: Ultimate Challenge
    Cars are suggested: RUF RGT, Concept M

    1. Breakthrough, Chateau Frontenac (Quebec), Fog
    2. Speed Challenge, La Haute-Ville (Quebec), Overcast
    3. Overtake, The Bulldog (London), Overcast
    4. Time Vs Kudos, Crazy Turns (Tokyo), Rain
    5. Cone Sprint, The Triangle Building (Tokyo), Rain
    6. Eliminator, Hotel Lisboa (Macau), Overcast

    This chapter is also not easy and will require you to drive perfect most of the time. Once again those cars are only a suggestion from me, you may also choose different ones, perhaps the Gallardo. So mind my tips and should also succeed here, use a car with insane difficulty on the time vs. kudos track. By the time you pass chapter nine with platinum you have finished the most difficult races already. So be patient and you will be rewarded with 40G for silver and 10G per gold and platinum.

    So I hope that this solution will help at least a bit, nevertheless you have to do it all by yourself and it is not that easy.

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    rocky1bombNice guide dude
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  • GeneralClaudiusGeneralClaudius159,249
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    - Some good practice is required here because effective cornering will require your knowledge of the track. If you can get the cornering correct, you'll sail through the first six chapters with ease.

    - Persevere on the races as some will be painful, especially Chapter 9 on the Behemoth.

    - Car choice is also an important factor in helping you win a Gold medal - choose one with reasonable performance in the particular class you are in while making sure that you feel comfortable driving it. Avoid picking cars with an Insane difficulty rating because, as the rating implies, those cars are DIFFICULT to control.

    - Try to avoid drifting too much on Cone Sprints, this could be catastrophic if you slow down too much or hit a cone or two. Hitting cones on this mode will add a 3 second penalty - not an option here I'm afraid!

    - Good luck!
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    Chapter Nine Behemoth track

    Zoom your map in so that you can see the next corner
    Switch to external car view so that you can see further ahead
    If you are not in first place early on restart

    No matter how fast you go the AI will catch you at some point. If you get overtaken go a little faster than them into the corner to take them out as it is very difficult to overtake them
    I used the F50 GT after experimenting with every car. The way I did it was by taking my opponent out near the end so that he did not have time to recover.
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