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Crackin' Skulls achievement in Halo: Reach

Crackin' Skulls

Defiant: Kill 3 players with the Oddball in a matchmade Oddball game.

Crackin' Skulls0
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How to unlock the Crackin' Skulls achievement

  • Maka91Maka911,266,159
    15 Mar 2011 15 Mar 2011 26 Aug 2017
    187 3 61
    Download this gametype, and play with a second controller or a friend in a custom game:

    If you are having trouble with the above link, download the gametype from the following webspage:

    Just have the person getting the achievement pick up the skull, and melee the other player(s), making sure to get the "oddball melee" medal. After 3 kills with it, the achievement will unlock in-game.

    Note: It will only work if you play this gametype, and NOT regular oddball that the game comes with. You must use the gametype in the link!

    Update: As of August 19, 2017, this method still works

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    Lady ChiaThanks Maka91, and also Time Paradox 5 for the updated file path - worked perfectly
    Posted by Lady Chia on 19 Dec 20 at 22:54
    the life of pomPlus one from me. Thanks
    Posted by the life of pom on 14 Jan at 21:28
    SCORCHO4856Worked great.😁
    Posted by SCORCHO4856 on 26 Feb at 04:09
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  • Demonex MachinaDemonex Machina131,338
    22 May 2012 22 May 2012 18 Jun 2012
    78 2 14
    When this DLC released, Bungie created special achievement game types on their website to make this easy to boost. Some people have trouble downloading these from Bungie.net, so I put them on my File Share along with a custom map to make things go quicker.

    From the menu, select File Browser, New Custom Search, File Share Search, then enter my gamertag (Demonex Machina). Download "Oddball" and the map "Defiant DLC Achievements" (For all three Defiant Map Pack achievements, download everything).

    With a second controller or a boosting partner, go to Custom Game, set the game type and map (The map is a Countdown variant) to the ones you downloaded and start the game.

    Grab the skull and melee your dummy or boosting partner to kill them. Repeat two more times for your achievement.
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    EternallyBrokenThanks for the help it worked like a charm! ;)
    Posted by EternallyBroken on 03 Aug 20 at 08:06
    is that HydroStill works Thank You toast
    Posted by is that Hydro on 23 Jan at 07:44
    MustardJoker65Still works!
    Posted by MustardJoker65 on 11 Mar at 17:15
  • coreymawfcoreymawf97,790
    15 Mar 2011 15 Mar 2011 26 Aug 2012
    46 5 11
    You CAN win all of the defiant dlc achievements in CUSTOM GAMES!
    Simply download this gametype to your xbox from bnet and load it up on reach:
    [This gametype will work whereas the in-built oddball gametype will not]
    So grab an extra controller or a mate and have at it =D (Thanks Joda X & Maka91!)
    All credit for this youtube video demo goes to OpTicNiko.


    [!] You must get three kills in a single game with the oddball taking as long as you like,
    the three kills do NOT have to be all in one life [but can be].
    [!] You do NOT need to get a triple kill with the oddball [but you can].
    [!] This does NOT have to be done on a defiant map [but can be].

    This is how you do it legit for if/when they patch the custom games...
    |> Load up rumble pit [preferably] or multi team or team objective and vote for an Oddball game variant
    {All three of the defiant dlc achievements can be won in the team objective playlist}

    - Once in a matchmaking Oddball game, run over to the oddball [marked on the HUD in white, or red if an enemy is in possession of it - if it's the latter kill the ball carrier]
    - Retrieve the oddball by standing over it and holding the (X) button [by default]
    - Now find a nook to hide in [people will be desperately trying to kill you at this point, try to evade them or kill them with the oddball melee instakill]. An example of such a place is the top of the lift on reflection.
    - Wait for enemies to come near enough to you then melee them with the ball by pressing RB [the right bumper (by default)]
    - When you get a kill an oddball kill medal will show up; amass three of these and pop goes the cheevo

    ~ The oddball kill medal appears as a red skull on an eight-pointed silver star [not to be confused with the killed oddball carrier medal which is a bronze skull with a red dot on it inside a gold octagon with a white background].
    ~ The oddball will dish out an instakill on all enemies [unlike a normal empty-handed melee].
    ~ When you take the ball you will be marked as a target on all enemies' HUDs so move from cover to cover, try not to remain exposed.

    Oldschool Halo 3 players will remember an achievement much like this named 'Alas, Poor Yorick':
    Halo 3Alas, Poor YorickThe Alas, Poor Yorick achievement in Halo 3 worth 48 pointsOn a Legendary map, get 3 Oddball melee kills during any ranked or social match.

    If you got this cheevo in the past you will remember that the most difficult thing was finding a game of oddball on the right map, whilst getting the 3 kills was more or less a walk in the park.

    Hope this helps
    Happy gaming


    All credit for this youtube video demo goes to OnyxMovies117.
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    olde fortran 77You have to download the gametype, and then in the list of gametypes you have to select the second copy of "oddball". I think. I tried this a couple times and it didn't work, and then it did work.
    Posted by olde fortran 77 on 20 Feb 12 at 18:18
    Mikhail KrauserIt says on the website that 03/31/2012 was the last update on the Bungie site. I've tried downloading the game varient, and it's clearly in my fileshare on the website, but I can't seem to get in on my console. Is this done? Or does anyone know how to fix this?
    Posted by Mikhail Krauser on 24 Apr 12 at 11:04
    Eva LiIt can't download on the Xbox One!
    Posted by Eva Li on 29 Sep 17 at 15:26
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