Online Professional achievement in Project Gotham Racing 3

Online Professional

50 Online races, start last/finish 1st, 3-event win streak, clean race, win each scenario.

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How to unlock the Online Professional achievement

  • Corby20Corby20232,338
    24 Feb 2009 25 Feb 2009
    51 0 18
    There are 5 different elements to this achievement and each element is represented by a PGR3 in game badge.

    To check what badges you have already unlocked, from the PGR3 main menu go to the achievements section and select badges and then use the right trigger to go across to the online badges section.

    All of these badges can only be unlocked in the online career mode for the achievement to work.

    You will need to unlock the following badges:

    50 Online races: You will need to race in 50 online races in the online career mode, you do not have to win 50, or even finish in 50 races, if you fail to finish it is fine, but do not drop out as it may not count. For each of the race modes it has a list of the number of times you have attempted and won each race. Once the total of the attempted races is 50, the badge will unlock. The quickest and easiest race is Gotham Duelling, it is 1 on 1 racing so the easiest to find an opponent and the races are only a few minutes long.

    Start Last/Finish First: From the starting grid if you are the back car just win the race to unlock the badge, this is very easy to achieve.

    3-event win streak: Win 3 online career races in a row. Once you have won all the other online career races, just keep searching for Gotham duelling and try to win 3 in a row. If you have some friends playing with you, you can help each other out with this.

    Clean Race: Finish a race without hitting any walls or any other cars, you dont need to finish the race, if you fail it the badge will still unlock.

    Win Each Scenario: There are 8 different races you need to win Breakneck Racing, Nurburgring F1 Challenge, Speedway Skirmish, Knockout World Tour, Nordschleife Drivers Club, Urban Rally, Gotham Duelling, and Dusk Til Dawn Racing. It will display the number of times you have won the event so make sure you have at least 1 win for each scenario.

    Most of these scenarios require 4 players to start and there is virtually no online community any more so if you are going to try to win each scenario you should try to find at least 4 friends to help you. All go into an xbox live party and search for the same game type. The matchmaking is pretty poor in this game so just sit there until the game moves you from your lobby, eventually you will all be put into the same room. This can take a lot of time so if you want the achievement be patient.

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    SeaborneAdamThanks for the reply, thumbs up coming your way.
    Posted by SeaborneAdam on 04 Dec 13 at 05:53
    PrimeBigTimeI didn't post the solution but thanks. smile
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 04 Dec 13 at 06:24
    the life of pomI only recently obtained this chievo after many, many frustrating and fruitless attempts with boosting groups (and having first purchased the game on 2007!) One thing we only discovered in the final playthrough is that if one person selects a dlc car that another person has not downloaded, you will NEVER match up, regardless of any other settings. My advice - always pick the same car as you buddies, just to be sure.
    Posted by the life of pom on 27 Apr 21 at 17:44
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  • Chris8875Chris8875654,631
    10 Jan 2010 28 Dec 2009
    26 0 3
    To add to the great solution above, there are a couple of very practical ways you can overcome one of th main obstacles to getting/boosting this achievement - that is, the awful matchmaking the game has.

    Trial and error (and a bit of boosting) uncovered a few factors that can maximise the chances of boosting sessions working and boosters finding each other or being matched with each other in the lobby.

    1 - Ensure you are on the friends list of those you are boosting with.

    2 - Ensure you are around the same TrueSkill rank as them - ranks are divided it seems so that those ranked 0-9 are more likely to be placed in the same lobby, 10-30 in the same lobby, and so on. A recent session found 5 of us all ranked around level 20 easily able to matchmake consistently.

    3- Once you've run a race, put your fellow boosters on your preferred player list via a positive player review.

    4 - CHOOSE THE SAME CAR TO RACE WITH. I can't emphasise this enough. Again, in a recent boosting session, we found that we were many times more likely to find each other in the lobbies if we all chose the same car to race with. This means all booster must have a microphone and work together to ensure all of them choose the same car - to that end, ensure you have some money in the bank to allow you to buy a car if you need to.

    These seem to be the keys. Best of luck!
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    beastman rulesGreat solution!
    Posted by beastman rules on 10 Jan 12 at 23:00
    xCHRONIC KAOSxDid not work
    Posted by xCHRONIC KAOSx on 27 Sep 12 at 17:28
    The Ol n Dehaving the same car or not did not make a bit of difference for us.
    Posted by The Ol n De on 26 Aug 17 at 17:52
  • DreamerUSADreamerUSA841,120
    18 Jul 2011 11 Jul 2011
    20 2 10
    Ok after 10 hours of matchmaking and yet one more session to go for the achievement, here is how matchmaking works.

    Tru Skill is basicly all that matters. You can prefer a player ,freind, use the same cars or whatever if you choose but it wont make a dime's worth of difference.

    The matchmaking is simple. It has a +/- 5 difference in order for people to matchup, example. A Tru Skill of 26 can match up with a 31 or a 21 but, lets say a 31 and 26 get a lobby together a 32 and 25 will not be able to join the lobby. There is no dragging up or down once the +/- 5 Tru Skill difference is met. This also holds true if a 25 and a 26 hold a lobby, a 31 or 20 will not be able to join that lobby.

    The only exception to the rule above is when a new account enters the equation ie a Rank 0 or even a 9 or so who only has a few races in and can match up with anyone. And this is where so much of the confusion comes in with this games matchmaking imo. There is a grace period of X(exact number is unclear) amount of races where the game is trying to figure out where you truly belong. So lets say you come in at rank 0, win your first race and jump up to rank 9. In essence your Tru Skill rank is still a work in progress and for all intents and purposes that 9 ranking is meaningless. You will still be able to match up with pretty much anyone until the grace period ends. A little trick can be used for this as well to ensure easier matchmaking. Lets say the Rank 9 in the example above is boosting with 3 people, one with a 22 ranking and 2 with a 26 ranking. Make sure the 3 higher ranks search and get a lobby together before the rank 9 search's as the matchmaking has a tendency to match the rank 9 with the lowest rank available within its search and as such has a habit of creating two lobbies. One with the 2 rank 26's and one with the 22 and 9. This is useful information to have for obvious reasons when matchmaking but it also allows for people with extra/dummy accounts to help others boost/downrank their Tru Skill if you have someone falling outside the matchmaking magic +/- 5.

    Also of note a fresh account with a 0 rank can get into the low 20's with 4 or 5 race wins against mid 20's. So leveling off your boosting parties ranks should'nt be that big of a deal unless you have someone at an established 17 rank and one at a 30, then that might take some work.(My boosting party actually had this problem but it was solved with another boosters dummy account)

    So the best advice I can give is use the system to get all of your fellow boosters within a +/- 5 by just paying attention to who is winning what races. Dont just let someone win 9 scenario's in a row because they are the only one that needs actual wins. You got to spread the love to keep everyone close. Hope this helps.
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    PHT999Just curious, anyone know if it's possible to reset your trueskill rank?
    Posted by PHT999 on 13 Aug 17 at 18:03
    DreamerUSANot that I'm aware of.
    Posted by DreamerUSA on 13 Aug 17 at 20:46
    The Ol n Dethis has verified itself fairly well with our group yesterday.
    Posted by The Ol n De on 26 Aug 17 at 17:54
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