Style Racer Badge achievement in Project Gotham Racing 3

Style Racer Badge

25m powerslide, 10x combo, 25K online Kudos, 1K Kudos in a race, Kudos for every maneuver.

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How to unlock the Style Racer Badge achievement

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    25m Powerslide - Fairly simple with the right car. Just find a big wide turn, steer into the turn, and tap on the brake. Use something with a lot of drift and not a lot of grip. Concept car, F1, GTR, Cerberus etc.

    10x combo - Cake. Do a cone challenge.

    25k online Kudos - Just race in the Live Career. Easiest way is to find a friend and do the Dueling. Matchmaking is a huge pain in the neck, so be patient. Just remember to rack up the Kudos as you race. Should take about 7-13 races.

    1K Kudos in a race - If you can't achieve this, just stop playing.

    Kudos for every maneuver - Now for the tricky part. This must be done in a career race, either solo or online. The absolute easiest way to do this is on the Nurburgring in dueling. Just find a friend to let you zip around the track trying to get every trick. If not, the last set of challenges in solo career has some Nurburgring races to do this. Just set the difficulty to novice so that you can easily win the race. Use an F1 or TVR cerberus, or something with high speed and lots of drift that you're comfortable driving AND controlling. Now to the checklist:

    ****write all of these down before your attempt this. Keeping track of what you've pulled off will help. After each maneuver you pull off, pause the game and cross off your trick. This way you know what you have to do still.****

    Drafting - just get behind another car while racing. Be careful not to hit them.

    Overtake - Pass another car.

    Fast Lap - Just set the fastest lap on the track.

    Clean Section/Clean Race - IMPORTANT!!!!! You CAN NOT TOUCH a single thing while attempting this. Even if the touch does not interrupt your Kudos string, it will still cancel your Clean run. PERFECT RACING. The slightest grazing will screw this up. This is why Nurburgring is the best, since there's alot of grass/gravel to get into if you screw up a turn trying to pull the tricks.
    ***EDIT*** Multiple sources have cited that you can bump into cars and still earn this achievement. So if you do tap a car, don't sweat it for now and just try to finish the race with everything else. If the achievement pops, golden. If not, well, try again. Just don't rage/quit if you tap since it could still work for you.


    E-brake slide - just press the E-brake into a turn.

    Feint Drift - on approach to a turn, slap the car in the opposite direction right quick to shift the weight, then cut hard into the turn using the car's weight to drift you through the turn. It's hard, as sometimes you get power drift or power over.

    Braking Drift - just use the regular brakes to drift through a turn

    Power Over - Just gas your way into a slide around the turn

    Power Feint - another tricky one, A combo of Feint Drift and Power over, let up of the gas, shift weight opposite the turn, then quick cut hard into the turn, and lay on the gas.

    Braking Feint - Tricky as it will register as braking drift a lot of the time. Basically use less brake to drift through the turn. quick turn with a quick tap on the brake.

    Braking Power Over - Stay on the gas and enter a turn way to fast, release the gas, THEN apply the brake to drift the car. make sure there's some grass/gravel behind the curve for this one to give yourself that extra cushion.

    2 Wheels - Just clip a rumple strip with either the right or left side at a decent speed to jump two wheels. Easy on the back chicane.

    Air - the very first turn on the ring in Duels is a hard downhill right. just line up in the gravel opposite the curve, and drive right over the rumple strip. You should hit air. If not, the back chicane can get you air if you just jump over the grass. Just be careful of the wall on the right at that turn section.

    360 - Watch the walls, just pull a 360. ***EDIT*** Multiple sources have stated that the 360 is not needed. So don't sweat it if you can't pull this off, unless the achievement doesn't pop. Then be pissed :P

    Hope this helps. Just practice the maneuvers until you're comfortable with how to pull each one off, then take it to a career or online race.
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    FoolsAndKingsThat's correct. I used the McLaren F1 car. Just follow the above list and do any that you can
    Posted by FoolsAndKings on 07 Aug 15 at 18:51
    ReaboThanks for the checklist ! Kudos for every maneuver was a handful to do on solo career, but finally got it :)
    Posted by Reabo on 03 Oct 15 at 23:52
    Beam147Is there anybody willing to spare me some time to get the 25,000 online kudos?? Thank you
    Posted by Beam147 on 14 Jun 16 at 10:20
    BODZ61Beam, I'll help you, if I can.
    Posted by BODZ61 on 14 Jun 16 at 20:41
    StoissCould not get this in play time, and did all manouvers several times, im trying this in duel now, cause no matter if i did it on playtime on my own or online, it never unlocked, and i didden't get the badge in the achievements section.
    Posted by Stoiss on 23 Sep 16 at 20:11
    StoissBut i did just get it on ranked, and the 360 was not needed.
    Posted by Stoiss on 25 Sep 16 at 11:19
    How did you get the 10x combo? That's the only one I cannot do.
    Posted by BODZ61 on 25 Sep 16 at 16:23
    adamrulzYou HAVE to do this in a career or online career race. I just did it in a Nurburgring F1 eliminator event on Steele (novice) and popped it. Hardest for me was the braking power over. Once I got that and a few others in the first corner, it was cake. You’ll know you did it after the race at the leaderboards you will hear an odd noise. Didn’t show my badge unlocked but it was unlocked when I looked through them. Plus one, I have two left but can’t do the platinum cone challenges and no more Gotham tv so oh well, this is close enough. Thanks for the guide! To the comment above... do a 10x easily in a cone challenge. 10 gates in quick secession will met you a 10x combo.
    Posted by adamrulz on 04 Feb 18 at 21:26
    Jezza69Just to add to the above. I did this achievement following the guide Foolsandkings wrote. After several attempts of it not popping I realised a big part to point out though, going backwards I interpreted as driving the wrong way won the track which stops you getting the clean lap. Soon as I did this over 3 laps with no reversing it popped. Hope that helps someone else. You know it works because you get about 3-4 skills pop up on the screen as you cross the line. If it helps I would get breaking power over, air and two wheels at the first corner by jumping the inside. Getting those three out of the way makes things a lot easier I found and quick to restart if you don't get them.
    Posted by Jezza69 on 01 Apr 21 at 08:13
    l BlackBrian7 lWhile doing all the moves in one race badge, I couldnt get the overtake move register but it popped at the end without it. Ever other move registered so overtake might not be needed.
    Posted by l BlackBrian7 l on 25 Sep 21 at 16:28
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