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Blast Radius

Single Player: Kill at least 3 enemies with a single grenade

Blast Radius0
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Achievement Guide for Blast Radius

  • AG ZigurousAG Zigurous141,828
    23 Mar 2011 23 Mar 2011
    43 5 5
    Another easy spot to get this achievement is during the Third Mission called 'Sudden Impact'. All you have to do is throw a grenade at this truck near the beginning of the mission and it should create a huge explosion which hopefully will kill at least 3 enemies. Here is the video guide I made to earn this achievement:
  • Maka91Maka91989,712
    22 Mar 2011 23 Mar 2011 03 Mar 2012
    17 2 0
    During Mission 2: Second Chance, after reaching the intersection in video you will need to pick up 2 grenades, under the little sniper's nest, and then run down into the subway. Proceed through the subway, and throw your grenades (double tap Y) at the soldier getting attacked by 3 small silver creatures with red on them. Once the explosions kills all 4 enemies, you should get this achievement.

    Otherwise, proceed through the game, until you find a group of 3 enemies, go stealth, and throw a grenade at their feet.
  • British LegendsBritish Legends704,908
    19 Mar 2011 19 Mar 2011
    12 2 0
    During Mission 1 'Second Chance' you enter the subway and you will see red ant type things crawling around, now after you lift up 2 gates you need to jump up to advance but below that hole is a nest of ants which keep coming through the wall just wait until enough have come through the wall back up against the corner and throw a Grenade (Double Tap Y to select) when they are close together... and hopefully your achievement should unlock. That is how i did it.
  • lyricsoflifelyricsoflife205,977
    08 Feb 2012 08 Feb 2012
    3 0 0
    I did this achievement on the mission 'Dead Man Walking'. After walking towards a balcony in which you are supposed to jump off in armour mode, I shot an enemy, spawning a machine gun vehicle. I just threw a grenade at this whilst the enemies were getting out of it.
  • ADrianSaysDieADrianSaysDie204,657
    26 Jun 2012 25 Jun 2012
    2 0 0
    At the beginning of chapter 7 "Seat of Power" you'll see 8 small alien creatures going around, just trow a granade (press Y bottom twice) and the achievement should be yours.
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