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Crysis, What Crysis?

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How to unlock the Crysis, What Crysis? achievement

  • General JouryGeneral Joury358,571
    08 Jan 2012 10 Jul 2011 16 Nov 2013
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    EDIT------ MiserlyPluto459 has notified me with this:

    The Capture the Relay method is currently un-patched. Had a few sessions over last couple of days where we have been getting massive xp!

    Just wanted to clarify my above comment: the CTR method I was talking about was the one where you have 2 teams of 6 and one person from each team take turns killing the relay holders. It was pointed out to me that there was once another method where you pick up the relay then drop it over and over again. This method will not work.
    Hope that clears it up.

    So I suppose it's best to boost with that method, if it doesn't work anymore then I suggest using the following method:

    1. This is the 24 Kill Method. The order is based on when you joined the session. You need 12 people in a lobby to make sure no random can join.
    -Host 1st, then join order, after the last person to join finishes, the order rotates back to host and it continues as such. One tip, set the Host's Clan Tag to 1, so you know he is first to get 24 kills, set the second person who joined Clan Tag to 2, and so on. (Credit goes to Mike Huddy)
    2. When it is your turn you get 24 kills (any way you want) and then the next person starts.
    -The only exception is if a random joins. Then whoever has 24 kills or is close to 24 kills ends the game by getting the final kill. Then any kills owed are given to the person whose turn it was. (If I had 12 kills and someone else finished the match then I am owed 12 and collect at start of the next match, so I need 12 more)
    3. When it is not your turn go into Stealth Mode to give the other person extra XP (they will get the Busted Skill Kill since you are invisible, which nets you 150 XP)
    4. Since the session is for a specific amount of time it has to be fair. (If it is time for the session to end but the rotation hasn't finished then everyone has to stay until the last person in the rotation gets their kills. This will avoid trouble in any future sessions.)
    5. The best playlist to do this on is Instant Action. This way, at least 5 guys can get 24 kills before the 10 minute timer runs out.

    ***If you are doing a team objective gametype then NOBODY has to go after the objective. Everyone meets at an agreed location on the map to get it done faster and the game ends in a tie.***

    You need to get 1.471.300 XP to reach LVL 50. If you do it legit, you have to try to earn alot of XP Bonusses for using Weapon Upgrades, such as a Silencer or Red Dot Sight, everything has a challenge and gives you Bonus XP for completing them.

    Any tips as Comment would be appreciated and posted in this Solution, so help the Community!

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    SimmBit of a longshot in 2020 but if anyone is looking to boost this hit me up. I've also created a session to find others. The game is on EA access which is also coming to game pass soon.
    Posted by Simm on 27 Sep 20 at 07:08
    Leone PhelpsNow that it’s on gamepass I’m trying to get people together to casually play multiplayer again for old time’s sake! Would also begrudgingly join a boosting lobby if no one wants to play casually
    Posted by Leone Phelps on 17 Nov 20 at 05:42
    LucasK047Does anyone know if there are still people playing the multiplayer of this game?
    Posted by LucasK047 on 23 Nov 20 at 22:54
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  • Blisle83Blisle83688,502
    22 Jun 2012 22 Jun 2012 23 Aug 2017
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    Update 8-23-17 CTR Is currently unavailable. Please reffer to other solutions for fastest method. Will update if CTR returnes
    Update 2-24-14 CTR is back... Take a break from 24 kill boosting. Also you don't have to clear your systems cache..

    Capture the relay game type is back for some people who have deleted the cache.. i don't know if it has to do with the recent xbox update. but i won't be 24 kill boosting anymore...

    Edit: its just like cod 3 flag tossing, one person from each team goes to the other teams relay and picks it up and drops it while the other team stands around the relay pad to return it. 100xp per person per drop. also 1 thing we found when i did this was that the person with the best connection should be tossing for one team. they seem to be able to go much faster. the host can get up 80,000xp a round for him and the other team returning for him. the non host tosser can make about 60,000 a round for himself and the enemy team that is returning. either way that is way faster then 24 kill boosting...

    This is also a great way to get Modern art, Dressed to kill and Tooled up

    If neg feedback please explain so i can make changes
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    This does not work now. The most efficient method now is to have two teams of at least 3, then the two going for the XP stand by the relay while the others pick it up turn invisible and shoot them.
    Posted on 23 Aug 17 at 08:52
    Blisle83Thanks will update
    Posted by Blisle83 on 23 Aug 17 at 14:17
    fighterx93chippTossing the relay works still and we are averaging 45k-47k a match.
    Posted by fighterx93chipp on 15 May 19 at 05:30
  • Joe CaresJoe Cares98,705
    07 Aug 2011 02 Aug 2011 10 Aug 2011
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    EDIT: Got this today, felt really good :D
    Just want to say you get 5k exp for collecting 1k Dog tags, skill kills 1k cloaked kills and other things, which aren't that hard to get.
    Hope this helps.

    Hey guys, Capture the Relay has been patched you can only get this legit and i just wanted to share a few tips on how to do that..

    I got rank 45 yesterday and im almost rank 46, playing a few hours a day im getting around 50k or so experience a day.. Im not the best of players; or the worst, but i just thought i'd offer some tips and advice for everyone trying to get this achievement..

    Firstly, dont focus too much on the "getting kills with weapons challenges", it gives bad experience for what you have to do (e.g. 1k exp for getting like 350kills), and you will get more experience sticking to guns that you are skilled with, rather than using guns in which aren't too great trying to get the challenge done..
    Example being im not too bad with the Scarab, but im horrible with the Grendel, if i get 15 kills 4 deaths with the scarab thats better than 10 kills 7 deaths with the Grendel even leading to that extra experience..

    Secondly, Attachment challenges: Suppressor & the 3 sights (Reflex, Assault & Laser) will net you 5k exp when you get to 100 kills, with a bit of exp on other milestones e.g. when you get 20 and 50 kills you'll get some experience also..
    Other challenges are skill kills..once you get a certain amount of double kills e.g. 10 double kills will net you a lump sum of 1000xp, most skill kills you wont aim to do, but they will provide you with some extra experience..

    Thirdly, Other Challenges: Every 5 matches or so just go on Operative status and then go on skill assessments, try and go for some of the things listed under "Challenge" as they are one time experience mines, and also under Alternative kills you have Kill 50 enemies whilst crouched which will net you some experience also..

    Next is Modules, There are two "Levels" for each module, i --:_ALWAYS_:-- select modules which are just 'Kill x amount of people with x module equipped', this way you can work on three modules at once. You will get 2500 exp for getting the kills for the first level of it, and 5000exp for the second level, which is normally 350 kills, once you have maxed a module, just select different perks and start again.. One tip i'll give you guys is not to select "Nano Recharge" as whilst it is NOT selected as a perk every time you are damaged and recover health, it'll still go up in number, i have never selected it since i started Crysis 2 and im currently on 438/500 (at 500 i get 2500exp and a module upgrade).

    I know its tempting to keep the best modules as you might play better with them, but its not too hard to adjust with different modules & i had 2 max modules pop in one match meaning i got 16k exp in one match.

    SuddenThunder has suggested using retriever as once at level two it reduces kills needed for kill streaks by one, and the killstreaks themselves give experience, plus having radar up all the time will help you with your kills, thats for sure. Its up to you guys whether you think this will be more experience than getting it to level 3 and selecting another for the 7.5k Lump involved in getting level 3 in another module; Thanks SuddenThunder!

    Finally, i'd just like to suggest some equipment to use..

    I only really use 4 different 'Classes'
    I will list these as A/B/C/D.
    This is only to try help people, if you do not want to read this, then you are at the end of the solution.

    Secondary weapons are of preference, i prefer the AY69 to the Majestic because it has a rapid rate of fire and packs a punch in close encounter situations and there is no pause between shots unlike the Majestic.
    Grenades, i think Frags are a no brainer simply because you can throw randomly or whilst allies are fighting enemies and mostly get a kill, i probably would be awful at the game if not for Frag kills helpin' my K/D :P

    A -
    Primary Weapon: Scarab w/ Reflex Sight/Extended Magz/Suppressor.
    Secondary Weapon: AY69
    Grenade: Frag Grenade.
    Purpose: This is my most used class, the suppressor allows you to sneak behind and pick off enemies without being noticed.

    Primary Weapon: K-volt
    Secondary Weapon: AY69
    Grenade: Frag Grenade.
    Purpose: More for maps which require running without much cover, The K-volt drains nanosuit energy and so fights with other armoured nanosuits you are given the advantage.

    C- Primary Weapon: Scar w/ Assault Scope & Extended Magz
    Secondary Weapon: AY69
    Grenade: Frag Grenades.
    Purpose: More for maps which are larger, the assault scopes gives extra range and once your used to it is quite a good attachment to be fair.

    Primary Weapon: Jackal with Extended Magz.
    Secondary Weapon: Majestic
    Grenade: Frag Grenade.
    Purpose: Only really use this on really small maps like Terminal and also Impact, i use the Majestic as its very powerful and one shot from it normally finished them off if shot at with Shotgun.

    If anyone is using the above, but is struggling with which class to use on each map, then i've wrote what i prefer down:
    Skyline: C Pier 17: C Impact: D/B
    Wall Street: A/C Terminal: D/B
    Parking Deck: A/C Statue: A/C
    Liberty Island: A/C Evac Zone: A/C
    City Hall: A/C Lighthouse: C
    Sanctuary: A/B/C Downed Bird: C

    The reason A/C are used a lot as it depends on playstyle, sometimes i prefer Assault scope and sometimes Reflex/Suppressor, just depends on mood etc..

    I hope this solution helps and please comment with constructive criticism rather than vote negatively and help me make this guide better.

    Thanks! ^^
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    Joe CaresAwesome bro, that sounds good, i'd really try change weapon if you reach 1k kills, though if your 48, 3 weapons at 1k should get you to 50 im sure, K-volt isn't bad too!
    Posted by Joe Cares on 14 Aug 11 at 15:31
    steelwormGreat solution earnt rank 50 yesterday, thanks for the helpful tips saw myself improve over each match.
    Posted by steelworm on 30 May 12 at 08:49
    Joe CaresNo worries, glad i could be of assistance!
    Posted by Joe Cares on 30 May 12 at 20:38
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