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The Cleaner achievement in Crysis 2

The Cleaner

Get 1 of each Skill Kill

The Cleaner0
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How to unlock the The Cleaner achievement

  • echoes999echoes999896,227
    25 Mar 2011 25 Mar 2011 25 Mar 2011
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    This is the guide a couple people and I made for 360a. I thought I'd pass it along here to.

    We've confirmed it now by getting the achievement. These are the only ones you need to get The Cleaner.

    If you are looking to see which ones of these you've gotten just go to you service record in the main multiplayer menu. Tab over to the general tab and scroll down to the bottom. It will say skill kills and list all of them as well as show you how many of each one you have gotten.

    First Strike! Be the first person to get a kill when the match starts.

    Blind Fury! You have to kill an enemy while you're blinded by a flashbang. It is possible to do on your own. Just get close to an enemy throw the flashbang so you're both blinded and then kill him and it should unlock.

    Dead Air! Kill someone while they are in the air.

    Specter! Do a silent kill on someone from behind when you are invisible by pushing down on

    Headshot! Just get a headshot. Easy.

    Triple Kill! Kill three people within seconds of each other. I found it easiest to do on free for all as people tend to group when fighting. Hang out and just blast people when they're near each other.

    Psycho! Get five kills in a row within a short time.

    Vengeance! Kill the person who just killed you.

    Puncture! Shoot someone through something like a wall or bench. I got it by shooting someone through a plant. So pretty easy.

    Blinding! Throw a flash grenade at an enemy and then kill them while they're blinded.

    Combined Fire! Shoot someone with your primary gun and then switch to your secondary or pistol and finish them off. Doesn't matter the order of which gun you shoot them with.

    Road Rage! When you are next to a car you have the option to kick it by pushing the down. I did it by hiding in the little area on top of the parking garage that a lot of people go to snipe or shoot down at people on the street. There are two cars up there so just go up to one and kick it at the person and hopefully it kills them.

    Denied! Kill someone who is on a killing streak. Just keep killing anybody you see and you'll eventually get it.

    Busted! Kill someone who is cloaked. Pretty easy.

    Defiant! You have to kill the person shooting you when your health is in the red state on your screen to get this one.

    Smackdown! Hitting an enemy with melee until they die will net you this one.

    Double Kill! These are a lot easier than the triple kills. Just kill two people within seconds of each other.

    Relentless! Kill four people in succession. You only have a few seconds between each kill.

    Resurgence! Just kill someone when you have a death streak going.

    Wingman! Protect a teammate.

    Guardian! Save a wounded teammate. Just kill an enemy who is busy shooting at one of your teammates.

    Flushed! For this one you have to throw a grenade at an enemy to flush them out of hiding. Make sure they don't die from the grenade and immediately shoot them after you throw it.

    Intervention! Kill someone preemptively.

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    Solario32Great guide, just recommend updating Wingman and Intervention.
    Posted by Solario32 on 23 Oct 14 at 12:57
    Syberpr0Here is a checklist if you want to add it to your solution:
    Posted by Syberpr0 on 21 May 16 at 16:35
    PinkyNarf69For Intervention. Have one of your team mates start shooting someone from the other team (I recommend using the handgun) . Before they kill the enemy, kill the enemy FIRST.
    Posted by PinkyNarf69 on 17 Sep 18 at 17:06
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  • HWNDarksideHWNDarkside900,657
    08 May 2011 08 May 2011
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    No guide here - just a warning.

    If you use Nanosuit Reboot at level 51 all your stats etc are reset to 0. This includes your skill kills.

    I had problems with Tooled Up not unlocking, so rebooted at level 51 - I only had 3 skill kills left to get. Tooled Up unlocked but I lost all my skill kill progress and had to start again from scratch.

    Feel free to neg vote, but if this helps someone avoid the pain my job is done.
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    Claptrap NLThis is a good tip. Heard this once before.
    Posted by Claptrap NL on 27 May 11 at 00:57
  • Fuzz MagicFuzz Magic258,744
    27 Apr 2012 05 Jun 2011
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    A lot of people are having trouble with the 'psycho' skill kill. There is an easier way to get it (its still hard though).
    Join a Crash Site game, with the following perks

    1. Proximity Alarm
    2. Stealth Enhance level 3 preferably
    3. Side Pack level 2 (allows for extra explosive i.e. C4)

    With these modules the idea is to run to the site before anyone gets there, plant TWO C4 and hide. With your choice of gun, somewhere safe, scout the area, wait till 3 or 4 enemies are capturing and detonate, whilst charging at another enemy to secure the 5th kill.

    Mostly luck, I am currently working for this achievement and so far so good, ive gotten 4 kills and just missed out on the 5th. Good Luck
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    KILLERTHANnice strategy dude I'll try it, it's the only one i need for the cheevo
    Posted by KILLERTHAN on 26 Sep 11 at 22:09
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