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Multiplayer: Get 30 Spot Assists

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  • ClaytThaGreatClaytThaGreat476,310
    23 Mar 2011 23 Mar 2011
    38 2 9
    G3N3TIC FoX is correct in the method. On a side note, the easiest map to do this on, IMO, is Lighthouse. Go off the island, swim along the coast until you get to the lighthouse, go to top, cloak and spend the match "tagging" your enemies and your friendlies will naturally kill them. Also after you press up on the d-pad, you can pull the LT to zoom in even more and make tagging easier. I got about 10 of these in one match on this map. Other maps that work well are Terminal, Skyline, Pier and other small/medium size maps with good high points that offer excellent visibility on the opposing players.
  • StevannoStevanno787,226
    31 Mar 2011 31 Mar 2011 31 Mar 2011
    29 5 2
    Reading these other solutions, we know that to do this is Control Pad Up, press "X" to tag them (they should turn red), and the maps they suggest are good. However, you can track your progress towards this by going into the Skill Assessments, under Power Modules and scroll all the way down to the bottom where it will say "Spot Assists". The first tier for the assists goes up to 25, but that just means 5 more after that to get this achievement.
  • 25 3 0
    Use the Control Pad "up", you will have a square that you can lock the enemy, it is necessary that one of your teammates kill a enemy as you locked, if it worked, you get 20 points, this 30 times to obtain this achievement.
  • lX CaptHowdy XllX CaptHowdy Xl293,218
    25 Mar 2011 25 Mar 2011 26 Apr 2011
    24 6 3
    The easiest and fastest way to get this achievement is in the MP game mode Crash Site. Just sit back from the pod and press UP on your d-pad. Once the enemies start swarming around the pod to capture it start to put the reticle on them to highlight them. They will glow red once you highlight them. Once a team mate kills them you will get credit for the spot assist. I was able to avg about 8-10 spot assists in one match on crash site.

    ALTERNATE METHOD (boosting method)
    With a group of 12 go into a match of something like Free for All. Making sure everyone is the appropriate level making sure all 12 people can get into the match. Once in the match have everyone meet up at a central location. Have one person (the person going for spot assists) start tagging everyone. Then have another player kill them all. Once they respawn rinse and repeat. You should get it within 3 attempts. Should take only 2 minutes or so with a full lobby of 12 people. Once one person has it switch off to the other person, so on and so on and so on
  • Exalted EntityExalted Entity492,604
    26 May 2014 25 May 2014
    6 2 0
    To do this, you need to hit Up on the D-pad. Then press X to tag an enemy. You can press LT to zoom in if you need too before you hit X. Once a tagged enemy is killed by a team mate, you should get the assist.

    You can check your progress in Skill Assessments > Power Modules > Spot Assists.

    I 100% boosted this game, so how I went about doing this is, when I was on a team based game mode (not FFA), and it was not my turn to kill, but it was my team mates turn to kill, I would spot enemies. I did it while they were working on the Air Jump kills for the module achievement

    Crysis 2Maximum ModuleThe Maximum Module achievement in Crysis 2 worth 68 pointsMultiplayer: Fully level a Suit Module
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