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Are all Jedi so reckless?

Complete Jedi Crash.

Are all Jedi so reckless?0
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  • Devious JediDevious Jedi670,377
    27 Mar 2011 27 Mar 2011
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    This cheevo will be awarded for completing the level JEDI CRASH.
    Count Dooku 3/6

    You start this mission off flying a republic gunship and have 3 targets to power up.

    Go right and land on the landing pad (big red cross) Once out of your ship run to the back and climb the chequered wall.
    Pull the lever at the back to open a door and reveal a power source. Move the power source all the way down the path and push it into the sprinkler thingy to power it up. 1st target done.
    Get back in your ship and head to the next 1.

    Head right again and land on the next platform.

    Head towards the camera and go down the platforms and then head left to the jedi marker and cut the hole in the wall.

    This reveals a lever that requires power. Head left and build the lego, Head back and pull the lever to power up the 2nd sprinkler.

    Go get back in your ship and head to the 3rd landing platform which is again to the left near the nose of the larger vessel.

    Land and get out of you ship. Head right and enter a corridor.
    Dont do what i did and run straight into the big hole (not sure how i missed that lol)
    Use the force to create a bridge and jump across and pull the lever to activate the 3rd sprinkler and return to your ship.

    After the cut scene go left to rescue the republic vessel by destroying the tractor beam. there are 3 pink targets for you to destroy with proton torpedo's.

    Land on the landing platform and use the force to build the proton torpedo stand and then walk right and go pull the lever.

    Get back in your ship, grab some protons and destroy all 3 pink targets.


    Now go land in the docking bay and kill the 9 super battle droids.
    Once thats done use commander Bly (clone) on the grapple point on the left of the door and enter.

    Go to the end of the corridor and jump in the republic shiop you rescued earlier.

    Fly left as you need to rescue another ship from a trackto beam. Thats right you guessed it. 3 more pink targets to be destroyed by you proton torpedo's again.

    To get to the targets fly around the rear of the big republic ship and you will come back around for the targets.

    Once thats done fly under the republic ship and land.

    Cutscene and mission end
  • mongrominetmongrominet510,242
    30 May 2013 06 Apr 2013
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    You need to do what you see in this YouTube video link :

    COUNT DOOKU - Chapter 3 - Jedi crash :

    YouTube video link - 18 minutes :
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