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There goes my promotion

Complete Defenders of Peace.

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  • Devious JediDevious Jedi672,366
    27 Mar 2011 27 Mar 2011
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    This cheeky cheevo will be awarded upon completing the level DEFENDERS OF THE PEACE.
    Count Dooku 4/6

    The mission starts of with you as anakin and your ship is damaged. Move right and force build the lego to free commander Bly and create a vehicle.

    Use commander Bly and grapple the point half way down the ship, Tag to Wag Too (the dobby house elf looking creature) and grapple the other point.

    Force build another vehicle and use the force to turn each of the 3 screws. This reveal the power core.

    Use the force on the power core to create a home base in the middle of the field.

    Go to the new base and press A on one of the circles to create a cannon. Use this to destroy the shiney wall.

    Go up the hill and hijack a vehicle and destroy the first enemy base and eventually the computer will tell you that you are out numbered.

    Go to the base you destroyed and stand on a circle and build a vehicle generator to call for back up. Call in an AT-RT


    You now need to take control of the other bases.
    Start with the one at center left. Hijack the cannon and destroy the 2 buildings and the base is yours.

    The more bases you have the more you can build.
    In your newest base build some barracks and call in some troops.

    Now go take over the other bases by dropping the shields if needed and destroying the buildings.

    Your main goal in this battle is to destroy the defoliator.
    As said before you need to take over all the bases.

    2 of the bases have antennea dish that protect the defoliator so once you take out them 2 bases you are free to destroy the defoliator up in the top right hand corner.

    Once the defoliator is destroyed the mission ends.
  • mongrominetmongrominet513,572
    04 Dec 2013 04 Aug 2013
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    This achievement is unlocked after doing this story mission =

    Just do the same thing in this Youtube Video Link =
    (( achievement " there goes my promotion " ))
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