Follow me, boys! achievement in LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Follow me, boys!

Complete Duel of the Droids.

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How to unlock the Follow me, boys! achievement

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    Is cheevo is awarded for completion of the level DUEL OF THE DROIDS.
    General Greivous 1/6
    Look no further if you dont want anymore info on this level.
    This level sees you start off with Ahsoka (jedi) Captain Rex (clone) and R3 D3 (astromech)

    This level sees you planting a series of bombs.
    Go forward and build the golden battle droid on the right then move to the circular area and destroy the box on the right just so you can use the force to reassemble it into a grapple point.

    Use Rex to grapple this point and a platform rises. Use Rex on the clone panel to plant the 1st bomb.

    Now use the R3 on the astromech panel near the forcefield. This opens a door with 2 more battle droids and another clone panel for Rex to plant the 2nd bomb. This also lifts the forcefield.

    Move to the next circular room and again to the right, use X on the box the use the left stick to cut a hole using you light saber and reveal another grapple point.
    Again this raises a platfor and another clone panel for Rex to plant bomb 3.

    Use R3 on the astromech panel to open a door and reveal a droideka (yeah i a star wars freak and know the names of even the droids lol). Use the jedi to pull out the plug and plug it into the other socket, now use Rex to plant the 4th bomb.

    Carry on up the path and use R3 on the astromech panel to revel a laser cannon. Use Rex on the grapple point above it to destroy it and the use him on the clone panel to set bom number 5.

    Continue on past the forcefield that was deactivated bith the plantation of bomb 5.
    Move in to the 3rd circular area and you now have to plant 4 bombs.
    Use the jedi to lift the grapple point up on the right and Rex to grapple it and raise the platform up with 2 droideka's and then use the clone panel and plant the 6th bomb.

    Now use R3 on the astromech panel to open a door to reveal some kind of monster and use the force on the box above it to kill it.
    Now use Rex to plant bomb 7.

    Carry on and use R3 in the red circle room and destroy all the droids.
    Use Rex and go down each corridor and plant bombs 8&9

    After the cut scene you will have to fight general Greivious.
    use the force to throw a bucket at him and then run up and hit hhim. Battle with him untill its possible to throw anoth bucket at him and repeat until you take the 3rd heart off him,.

    He will now jump up out of the way. Assemble the golden droid so he destroys the gold block. jump up and onto the jedi panel and press X to create some stairs.
    Apraoch Greivious and he will retrat. Use the force and place the bomb on the purple panel and press and hold Y to use Anakin.

    Run to the end of the corridor and use the jedi panel and carve out the circle.
    Assembele the bomb and place it on the purple panel.
    Assemble R2 D2 and activate the astromech panel which blows lots of stuff up.
    Go through the door.

    After the cut scene use the spider type droid to destroy all the shiney blocks.
    Use R2 on the astromech panel and hover over tothe other side and use that panel too.
    Fight R3 by pressing X as fast as you can and the do it again. eventually R3 will block your path with a wall and pink thing. use the panel here to raise you space craft.

    Fight off the droids and assemble the proton torpedo thing. use the force to pick up the torpedo and lauche it at the pick wall to destroy it.

    Switch back to R2, Fight R3 then activate the astromech panel.

    Now fight off all the droids and use the force on your ship and assemble another ship. the torpedos should be back now too. Jump in your ship and grab some torpedos.

    Fire them at the 3 pink circles on the antenna array then go rescue R2 to end the mission.
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