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That's no moon

Complete Battle of Geonosis.

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  • StarlinXStarlinX159,512
    26 Mar 2011 26 Mar 2011
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    Count Dooku - Chapter 1 - Battle of Geonosis

    All you need to do to complete this stage is destroy the enemies five bases. Some of them start with their shields down. The others you can easily lower. Take a speeder bike and race to the bases with the shields. Stop before them, jump off the bike and walk through the shield. Flip the glowing red switches to disable the shields.

    With the shields down you can either grab a larger vehicle to blast away the buildings, hack at the central towers with your lightsaber (which will take a long time), or use the speeder bikes to race between your base picking up proton torpedos and returning to use them on the bases.

    Once all five bases are destroyed and the mission is complete you will receive this achievement.
  • Devious JediDevious Jedi670,120
    27 Mar 2011 27 Mar 2011
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    This cheevo is for completing the level BATTLE OF GEONOSIS.
    Count Dooku 1/6

    Thismission is a large scale battle and you have to destroy 5 enemy bases.

    You as the republic get 6 bases (blue) and the sepratists get 5 (red).

    When you start of jump on the speeder bike infront of you and shoot over to a enemy shilded base. There are 2. I went to the 1 in front of me.

    Jump off the speeder bike and run through the shield.
    Pull the lever on the shield generator to lower the sheilds.

    I now started to destroy the laser cannon until i could hijack it. When possible jump on it to control it and use the laser cannon to destroy the base (structure that looks like a rocket)

    Go to the next enemy base and either jump in a friendly vehicle or hijack an enemy vehicle and destroy the base.

    Repeat untill all 5 enemy bases are gone and the mission will end.
  • mongrominetmongrominet510,245
    02 May 2013 04 Aug 2013 19 Feb 2014
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    This achievement is unlocked after doing this story mission =

    Just do the same thing in this Youtube Video Link =
    (( 2 ACHIEVEMENTS unlocked " that s no moon " + " the force is with you " ))
    (( this gamer have also unlocked another (2) achievement without dying " the force is with you " ))
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