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You can have my ship!

Complete Storm Over Ryloth.

You can have my ship!0
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  • Devious JediDevious Jedi672,457
    27 Mar 2011 27 Mar 2011
    30 1 0
    This cheevo is awarded for completing the mission STORM OVER RYLOTH.
    Asajj Ventress 4/6

    This mission starts you flying in outer space.

    Go to the left and land on the 1st landing pad. (big red +)

    Use the jedi marker infront of your vessel to cut the panel open. Pull the plug out from the right hand side and plug it into the socket you just revealed.

    Go into the open door. Jump on the gun seat and take out 3 weapons platforms on the enemy vessel oposite you.

    Return to your ship and and go and land on the next landing platform which is forward of your current position (towards the nose of the republic vessel).

    Jump out of your ship and pull the lever to activate the proton torpedo's. get back in ur ship and grab some torpedo's.

    Head to a 3rd landing platform which is at the rear of the ship on the left side.

    Jump out of your craft and kill the live spider droid and use it to blow up the damaged droid. jump off and build the blocks into a lever and pull it.
    Now pull the plug out of the left socket and plug it into the right socket. enter the open door.

    Go up the stairs, jump on the gun controls and take out 3 more weapons platforms just like you did before. Jump off and exit the door.


    Return to your ship and take off.

    At the very rear of the ship is a boost unit, use it to get to a 4th landing platform ontop of the ship.

    Jump down the hole and go down the ramp into the control room.

    Pull the lever on the left at the end of the walkway.


    Return to your ship, take off and use the boost unit in front of you.
    Grab some proton torpedo's and head left.
    Eventually you will come across a sepratist ship. Go to the rear and destroy 3 pink targets.

    Use the boost rig again and then use the second one and return to landing platform 3.

    Go back inside and jump on the guns again this time destroy 3 silvery targets.

    Return to your ship and take off.

    Return to the 1st landing platform, Go back inside and again jump on the guns and take out 3 shiny targets.

    Return to your ship and go grab some protons.

    Follow the pink arrow to the right and then down, Take out the 3 pink targets.


    Go to the rear of the republic ship and use the boost rig to return to the 4th landing platform.

    Go inside and pull the lever on the right this time.

    Cutscene and mission end
  • Truly JadedTruly Jaded135,952
    16 Jan 2014 16 Jan 2014
    3 0 0
    Devious Jedi has said it all really.
    I just wanted to add that this is a great level to do to earn coins.
    I had the x2 multiplier on and came away at the end of the level with 5 million studs. Most of that was earnt from sitting in the gun at the first landing pad.
    With the x2 multiplier I got just under 4million in 10 minutes jusy by aiming slightly up of centre and holding down X.
  • mongrominetmongrominet513,569
    04 Jan 2015 04 Jan 2015
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    Complete the mission = STORM OVER RYLOTH = Asajj Ventress - chapter 4 =

    do exactly the same things you see in this YOUTUBE VIDEO - for unlocked ACHIEVEMENT " you can have my ship "
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