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Zillo Tolerance

Complete Zillo Beast.

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  • Devious JediDevious Jedi670,669
    28 Mar 2011 28 Mar 2011 28 Mar 2011
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    This will be awarded for comleting the level ZIILLO BEAST

    Ok ground battle time again.

    You need to capture all of the enemy bases. Do this by destroying all building in that base.

    Some bases will need shields to be removed 1st so simply walk through the shield and pull the lever on the shield generator to lower them.

    Some bases will have silver structures so you will need rocket infantry or taks to destroy them.

    Some bases have gold structures, They simply need alot of sustained fire to make them overload, Use infantry and command them to fire upon the gold structure till it overloads.

    Go to your top base and enter the cannon and detroy the structure on the bridge.

    Destroy enemy units to get coinage to build more units.

    Your main objective on this level is to cupture the center base and to do that you must capture the center right and bottom center bases as these supply power and shields the the center bases.

    The lower center bases is rather annoying as you need a good 3/4 garrissons of troops attacking to destroy the gold power tower but it is achievable.

    In the 2nd part of the mission you must subdue the zillo beast and for that you need an RX-200 tank.

    Keep building on each of the 4 bases and eventually you will be allowed to build air support to get your rx 200. When you get the options build as many as you can (dont worry bout coinage as you get coins from all the rubble the zillo beast throws)

    No take control of 1 of the tanks and keep fire on the zillo beasts collar untill he becomes subdued.

    Cutscene and mission end.

    The comment below is a great tactic. thanks to MysticWeirdo
    I prefer using cannons at nearby bases to take out the silver structures. Either take over a partially damaged enemy cannon or build your own at a cleared base.

    For the gold structures i build a torpedo launcher and take a speeder over it. One shot to the central core will take out a gold building in the same base, you'll need to take a shot for each gold building.
  • mongrominetmongrominet510,478
    31 Jul 2016 27 Jul 2015 27 Jul 2015
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    unlocked at -- 18 MINUTES AND 57 SECONDS -- in this - YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK =

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