Fearsome achievement in F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon


Complete the Campaign on Extreme difficulty.

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How to unlock the Fearsome achievement

  • AndiakaVannirAndiakaVannir163,814
    08 Nov 2009 08 Nov 2009 30 Jul 2011
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    I beat it this night and I try to give some tips to focus on:

    Main tips:
    - Be fuckin concentrated and pay attention. Those damn Replicas can drain your health to zero before you can turn around.

    - I recommend you to play the Extreme Run as your third or fourth run. There is nothing more frustrating than dying because some asshole Replica shot you from behind.

    - As a laundryman says: Use cover, SloMo and try to grab every booster you can. Don't rush into a fight with a drained reflex bar. I myself didn't feel like using the leaning ability because I had to get my thumb away from the left stick.

    - It may sound cocky but you'll need to aim very good. It is best if you are able to aim in (less than a) 1 second in SloMo on their chest or head. It makes your life much more comfortable.

    - DO NOT use the shotgun. The shotgun is only effective on close range. Most enemies are middle or far distance so its senseless. If they are close range activate SloMo and give them some headshots.

    - Get used to the xbox -exclusive SM15. You will obtain a whole mountain of ammo for this weapon so you dont have to fear running out.

    - My second weapon was the G2A2 for when things get ugly. I, like a laundryman, recommend you to keep this weapon as long as you can.

    - Take the penetrator as the third weapon till you get the Type7. That one kicks ass.

    - Don't carry the rocket launcher along with you. It may be effective against Mechs or Heavy Armor but only against them. 5 Shots and you're empty. Better take the Type 7 or SM15. You'll be able to kill more with them.

    Replicas and other basic enemies:
    - Most of them are done with a few bullet into the fuckin head. Don't rush it or try to fight more then 2 at the same time. Try to let them come and shoot them seperatly.

    - Before they will rush to you they will most likely throw a grenade, so stay out of range.

    - DO NOT waste your grenades. You are doing better saving them for the Mechs.

    Mech/Heavy Armor:
    - Heavy Armor: Those bitches can really beat the shit out of you. In the first Intervals you'll have the most trouble with them. Try to eliminate all the Replicas arround before bothering the Heavy Armor. He IS an asshole so treat him like one!

    There are 3 Types of Heavy Armor: The Ones with the Penetrator, those with a Rocket Launcher and one with the Type7.

    When dealing with the Penetrator ones you'll need to take the Penetrator yourself and try to shoot them constantly in the head (SloMo please) after you threw a grenade. Repeat this until the asshole is killed.

    There are one or two Heavy Armors with a Rocket Launcher. Try to get as much distance as possible between you and him. That way you'll have a greater chance dodging the missiles. Srsly dodge them, one hit is an instant kill. Use the penetrator or Type 7 (If you obtained it till then). Activate SloMo, step away from the cover, shoot 1 or 2 times and then take cover again. Grenades are too dangerous because you'll need 1-2 seconds to throw them.

    There is (afair) only on HA with a Type 7. He is in the room before you meet Alice Wade. First, kill all the Replicas and I recommend you to have at least 151 HP on your life because one shot of this miserable fuck will cost you 150 HP. You'll need some grenades and luck as well. Throw a grenade and hope it hits its target. Go in SloMo, head around the corner and give him a few shots in the face while hes "sittin" on the ground. As soon as he stands up go back behind the wall and redo this method.

    - Mech: Oh boy, these dudes don't fuck around. There are 4 or 5. I can assure you that you have to kill nearly all of them because running past is no option. One hit is fatal, trust me. Try to get as much distance as possible and treat him with the same tactic as you did with those rocket lanucher Heavy Armor's. It will take longer but trust me, its the only real option.

    There is only one you are doing better running past. Its the one in interval 6 I think in this atrium at the office. (Its also a multiplayermap but I don't remember its name).
    When you drop down on the ground, shoot everybody and equip youself with a strong machinegun. Go ahead till the Mech drops down. Activate SloMo and Run. During that try to shoot the two or three guys on the upper level which will block your way when you make a U- Turn to get out of this location (gawd is this hard to describe. You will know what I mean when you're there).

    The first one (the one who comes down the lift) is fairly easy. Get your hands on the rocket launcher around the corner and put some mines around where he will get down. I was able to kill this motherfucker in less than 10 seconds.

    In the eights Interval there will be (in point of Entry 2 I think) two of these bastards, one after another. Try to get them with your Type 7 from the storehouse behind some cover.

    Sealing turret:
    - If you can bypass them, do so. If not, give them some MP50 or SM15 combined with taking cover and patients. Don't use the penetrator. He's as useless as the balls of the pope.

    Alma's Ghosts:
    - Seriously, I FUCKIN HATE THEM. They are such a pain in the ass and I don't talk about interval 10 or 11. I am talking about the scenes where you are in a dark area with fire sorrounding you and they randomly appear around, killing 40 HP of your health bar. This sucks ass. Try to collect as much MediKits as fuckin possible and run to the edge, giving you a better chance of seeing and shooting them.

    - Interval 10/11. Other than in other difficulties they don't simply die with one shot. They take some bullets so I myself took the MP50 from the three dead Replicas after I kicked Fettel in his balls. You'll have 45 "bullets" which will last till the last scene with Alma. But DON'T use it when they are near you. The explosion will kill you.

    Some difficult spots:
    - End Interval 3/Start Interval 4.
    This is a very cheap spot because you have to fight a whole bunch of Replicas and a Heavy Armor at the End of I-3 and they don't replenish your health when starting on I-4. Try to save at least one mine. Once you are down on the ground in I-4 activate SloMo and throw it in front of the door and then take some cover. After you killed 2 or 3 Replicas activate SloMO again and kill the other 2 and then rush into the building. After you gained some energy get out, make a left turn and shoot the Replicas on the ground (if they appear). Have an eye on the right 'cause they might rush.

    - In the lift with Alice Wade
    I have only one tip: SloMo, shoot 1 or 2, get out and kill the rest. Why? Cause at the first stop there will be a Kevlar and a grenade and at the second stop 2 MediKits. You can skip the third. There is nothing but life draining awaiting you.

    - Interval 8: Point of Entry 2
    There is a hard 3-combo you'll need to break: 2 Mechs, a bunch of ATC's and an assload of ghosts. It's hard because if you get killed by the ghosts (which is not unlikely) you will have to start with the Mechs again.
    Try to shoot the Mechs with a Type 7 from far distance. It is necessarry to save as much health for the ghosts as possible because you will lose about 300 HP there. Now don't rush and only use MediKits when you health falls under 60. Try to save at least 3 or 4 MediKits. If you killed these I think 5-7 ATC's (pay attention, they could rush from the other way cause there are two) get upstairs and grab the health booster. It will completely heal you which saves 2 MediKits. Now you have to face a whole bunch of ghosts. Try to shoot as much as you can and don't get frustrated. I got killed there too and I screamed hard...assholes.

    So I think this is it. If there are difficult parts or something and you need tips, just contact me. You can add me as a friend on XboxLive as well.

    One last tip: Just don't get frustrated. It is hard but not impossible. Just try and give your best. Good luck ;D

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    OnzaAndiakaVannir, your attempt was completely successful. I enjoyed the voice you used for this solution. Another way of looking at it is that your language was no worse than the language in the game (as I recall). I wonder if DrSaw has a problem with that?
    Posted by Onza on 21 Oct 13 at 13:29
    AwooI'm playing through this now, and turning the gamma settings to max in the options makes getting the drop on enemies a lot easier since you can easily see in dark places without the flashlight. Makes the game looks like absolute arse and vomit, but I think it's worth it.
    Posted by Awoo on 17 Feb 14 at 13:12
    spxyu02I *LOVED* this solution. It read amazingly (I gave the author an eastern European accent in my head), and had the right mix of info and humor. In fact, there was so much anger and frustration in the writing, that I was expecting much worse from Extreme. However, it was all very manageable in the end, thanks in no small part to the tips given here.

    On a serious note, for the ghosts in Intervals 10 & 11, using the MP-50 was a revelation. However, I did accidentally use it too close more than once. I actually found that dual-wielding the pistols (I found a second one in the Vault) was very effective against close/fast ghosts; they didn't need as many bullets as the solution made it sound like they would, in fact I thought the pistol single-shot most of them.

    Thanks again for a hilarious and informative solution!

    PS Fuck the ceiling turrets. They were probably the worst thing the entire playthrough!
    Posted by spxyu02 on 07 Aug 14 at 05:49
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  • a laundrymana laundryman161,375
    25 Jul 2008 26 Jul 2008
    17 2 0
    Use cover, slow-mo, and the leaning ability.

    Stay away from fuseboxes.

    Once you have the G2A2, try to keep it as long as you can. I kept it until around interval 9. At that point I had the Type 7 with about 30 shots, the Repeating Cannon with around 35 shots, and the MOD-3 with 12 rockts. That will last you for the rest of the game because you are given the RPL and the pistol once you get to Interval 10

    If you come across a power weapon, save it for Mech/Heavy Armor.

    Shouldn't be that difficult.
  • QuakeTayaQuakeTaya146,623
    01 May 2010 01 May 2010
    14 2 4
    Extreme is Tough, more tougher then say....CoD on Veteran. The fact is, there is no regenerated heatlh, so its like Hardcore time.

    Best bet is if you finish the game enough to know where all Weapons, medkits, enemies, and Boosters are.

    I have to give credit to AndiakaVannir for the detail guide, but listen. There should only be 2 weapons you mainly should use at all times. ALSO keep a shotgun on the third slot through out the game, The little robots at Intreval 7 and 9 I think are killers, knocking your armor and health in just 3 seconds on Extreme, 2 shotguns close up, and there gone.

    the first slot should be one of these weapons. ASP rifle is useful, but ammo is limited. Type7, This weapon should be cared when Intreval 8 is around, you can get a major stock of 70 during the underground levels of Intreval 9. Repeator should only be used at the end for the blowing up the 4 power lines at Intreval 9.

    Mainly keep that Xbox Exclusive machine gun pistols at all times, till you can get ammo on ASP or Type7. Second slot should always be the Assult rifle or G2A2 and third the shotgun.

    Always use the dpad for looking at corners, Aim at heads Right at SLOMO. The mechs you see, Use Proxys and Remotes to get rid of him, and Slomo. But at Intreval 6 or 7, there is a part wtih 2 mechs in a outside area, IGNORE THEM and just RUN. Saves ammo and frustration.

    Also do Trial an Error, and the checkpoint system is horrible at times when it comes to some fights.

    Plus pay attention to your health, Its pretty important. They take about 30 to 40 points a SHOT, Rockets about 150 and Types7, mostly instas.

    Now the shotgun be useless, but trust me, IT CAN clear a room MAJORLY. most games make it like super stupid at medium range, This game, Does not. Close up is a insta and medium range, makes them stumble.

    Advoid the 3 shot rocket, its uber rare to find ammo to reload on. Save Proxy for traps on harder enemies, and same goes with Remote mines. Use grenades when you have the enemy off guard and in groups, Which mostly happens intreval 3.

    By any luck, WAIT FOR THE CREDITS to end, then let you hard work by happy........lets do it agian on Fear Files.
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    QuakeTayaThey are my opinion an all. getting through the game on Extreme just depends on the person's preference. I did really good with the shotgun majority wise, and the xbox exlusive machine gun pistols did a great job for me. But thats just me. It just depends on how people can get through it. But the shotgun against those little machine things, they help. you want to save the bigger weapons for later in the game for like the mechs and such. or just to clear a room without trouble. But thats just me.

    Thanks for the comment an all. Just my opinion on most of the guide.
    Posted by QuakeTaya on 24 Nov 10 at 18:35
    GamerDtK78The xbox exclusive gun IS the SM15. So you're both right. ;)
    Posted by GamerDtK78 on 20 Jan 13 at 01:19
    Diesel FoleyExtreme campaign here is nothing like COD veteran.Dont know where you figured that from but ive beaten cod 2,3,4 and 5 all on veteran and this game on hardest level is not even in the same league.I had no problems in any parts of this game on extreme and found an abundance of medi kits,so many I had to leave some behind. Anyways your guide on weapons helped me out so credit given there
    Posted by Diesel Foley on 13 Mar 14 at 01:56
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