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Covert Action

Rescue Dr. Amanda Kenson without attracting hostile attention

Covert Action0
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Achievement Guide for Covert Action

  • MW2 1995MW2 1995296
    29 Mar 2011 01 Apr 2011
    155 8 10
    When you start the DLC and arrive on the planet, start by sabotaging the door, then make your way towards the bridge. The controls on your level are broken, so you have no choice but to get down using the left stairs and getting noticed by the Varen. Shepard will probably even tell you so, but fear not for your stealth-related achieve, because Varens do not count. You can always try to use the Cloaking perk if you play a sniper to kill the Varen, but honestly it is a waste of time.

    Activate the controls, go back upstairs and cross the bridge. Progress until you have to shoot the gas pipe. Do so (releasing another Varen), and manipulate the valves so you can access the door ON THIS FLOOR, on the right corner. Do not go for the upper door just yet. The valves you need to turn are the one in front of the door and the one at the end of the left hallway. In this "secret" room, you will find your first upgrade (ammo increase for your heavy weapons) and some cash in a box. Manipulate the valves again and go for the upper door. Nothing of interest here.

    When you arrive outside, I would suggest you saved. Walk straight ahead, the 2 guards on the left won't see you. Kill the power lines, then make your way up the truck using it's rear (with the tail lights). DO NOT approach the guards, or you're toast. Go inside the door, take the cash in the little box, then go right. Do not open any door, of course, or you will find the guards. At the fork, go left and explore the back room for some Iridium, then get back on track and jump down (no turning back now !). Go up the stairs, hide right next to the open door with the 2 guards (ammo behind you), and SAVE. If you go for the collectables in the room, you will get burned. So SAVE here so you can reload later, after you get your achieve, if you want to get every item like me

    In the room, you will find cash and an audio log. Now get to cover on the left of the door, and you will see a guard going into a distant door, patrolling. Do not be scared. As a matter of fact, follow him and enter the door when you see an air patrol landing. You can hide behind the railing when the ship lands, but it's not an obligation. Inside, you're alone. Activate the crane, then the elevator. Go down again. Activate the elevator again for a datapad and a health pack. Take the door, the cash on the left and cut the lasers. Now stick to the right wall and the left guard in the small room (which is empty) that is staring right at you won't see you. It's kind of stupid, but it's the case. So continue down the hall, turn left and open the door.

    Achievement unlocked AFTER THE SCENE

    Author: Asturgis
  • vikingbloodlustvikingbloodlust261,316
    30 Mar 2011 31 Mar 2011 31 Mar 2011
    64 8 2
    for you more visual people, sorry the guy doing the walkthrough is a bit annoying.

    Obviously credit goes to

    NOTE: if you intend in getting all the collectibles and cash and all of that good stuff, ignore this guide (for some reason this guide doesn't show you all the extra stuff, to the point i guess) and follow Quickz Alex's guide. good luck
  • osubluejacketosubluejacket179,198
    30 Mar 2011 30 Mar 2011 04 Apr 2011
    26 1 3
    The crux of this achievement is to complete the first portion of the DLC WITHOUT engaging the Batarians. It's not too difficult once you know the way and hopefully my guide will give you a hand.

    When you start the DLC, you arrive on the planet and begin by sabotaging the first door to open it. As you enter you will see "Bridge Controls" which do not work. This will force you to turn around and head right down a short passage which leads you underneath the gap. There you will encounter a Varren. Varren DO NOT COUNT towards this achievement, so you can feel free to kill them with prejudice. After killing the Varren, you'll see another bridge control button which will activate the bridge above.

    NOTE: Some gamers have reported that the Batarians can hear you if you make too much noise while completing the first few tasks. While I did not experience this in my playthrough, it is worth noting. Apparently, a message will come across the radio if they hear you. So, like I always say, save often.

    Head back up to where you started and continue on through the dark hallways until you reach a dead end with a gas pipe. Shoot the pipe to open the passageway and release another Varren. In this next section you will have to turn several gas valves to turn off flames as you progress. As you move through, you will see a door behind some flames. This is skippable but does contain some credits and another upgrade (increase in heavy weapons ammo).

    As you approach the next section you will begin to hear Batarian guards conversing. This is a good point to save if you're nervous about getting through.

    When you get to the outside area, there will be two Batarian guards on your left. Move straight ahead (keeping the Batarians on your left) towards the power switch. Hitting the switch will disarm the power lines and allow you to climb up the structure (you basically need to take cover and climb twice), avoiding the Batarians. Once you've climbed to the top, go inside the small structure, loot the credits from the box, then go right and jump down. Work your way around the corner to the stairs and take them up to the next area.

    As before, if you're nervous, feel free to save at this point. In the next room there are two more Batarian guards. Sneak quickly past the open door.

    After sneaking past the door, look around the corner and you will see another Batarian going on patrol. Give him a second to move on, and then follow his route. You will soon hear an audio alert about a shuttle incoming. Quickly move into the next room where you will see a cargo crane and small truck-like-thing below.

    If you play around with the crane a bit, you can move one of the canisters revealing some resources and credits. After moving the crane around, drop down and activate the lift which lowers the truck-like-thing. Drop down on the truck to enter the area below.

    If you activate the lift again, the truck-like-thing will raise up revealing medigel and a datapad.

    Take the door and you will enter your final area. Inside this area you will see two Batarian guards talking about the interrogation happening in the next room. Pass by them avoiding the room. As you pass by the room you will see a door, DO NOT OPEN IT, as it leads to the room where the two Batarians are chatting. Pass by the door and take the open hallway on the left. At the end of the hallway, on the left, you will find a door. Open this door to activate the cut scene and unlock the achievement (once the scene completes).

    In summation, take your time, save often if you're unsure and bypass the rooms and areas where you see the guards.
  • Tom XLR8Tom XLR8147,076
    11 Apr 2011 12 Apr 2011
    6 2 1
    I did this playing as an infiltrator.
    follow what everyone else has said, but please note, when using tactical cloak, even when UNDETECTED the enimies will say stuff: like "where'd he go?"
    but even though they say stuff like that they do not know where you are. just stay out of plain site and follow the above guides. if playing as an infiltrator, i reccomend hot-keying tact-cloak and using it alot
  • No 1 RichyNo 1 Richy281,348
    11 Aug 2012 11 Aug 2012
    2 1 0
    A bit of extra info - this DLC doesn't trigger until you've completed the Horizon mission. This means you need to recruit the first four 'core' squad members (Grunt, Modin, Garrus and Jack), this causes the Horizon mission to trigger and once that is completed you should get a message on your private terminal.

    I mention this because I did a run-through on Insanity and didn't realise I'd missed this achievement. Starting on the easy setting, skipping through the dialogue and running through everything quickly it took me 2 hours and 36 minutes to arrive at this point - about another 5 after that to trigger the stealth achievement and another 10 or so to survive 5 waves (took me a couple of tries even on easy.. but as others have said on the far left of the room is a L shaped table, just get behind that and pull out your sniper, then your pistol and finally your combat rifle).
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