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King of the Hill in Need for Speed: SHIFT 2: Unleashed

King of the Hill68 (10)

This is a rare achievementWin your first Driver Duel Championship crown

  • Unlocked by 476 tracked gamers (2% - TA Ratio = 6.81) 21,756  

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Achievement won on 23 Jul 11
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Posted on 31 July 11 at 22:44, Edited on 31 July 11 at 22:49
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In order to win your first Driver Duel Championship crown, you must advance through 7 rounds of competition. At each round, you will race with randomly assigned opponents, vehicles, and tracks. The winner of a series of best of 3 single-lap races advances to the next round, while the loser returns to Qualifying. As the rounds progress, you will be driving cars with increasing performance, at more challenging locations.

To boost this achievement, the following method can be used:

- At least 8 gamers are needed in a session to get 2 people to the Championship round, resulting in 1 person winning the achievement. Create a boosting list ahead of time to determine the order of who will be getting the achievement.

- As there could also be others in the Driver Duel Championship, you may choose to race them at your own risk. Keep in mind that time may be wasted if you lose, especially at the later rounds.

- For the first few rounds, one person should quit the race once it has started. This will advance the other to the next round. To keep things moving, the person lower in the boosting order should quit

- A glitch has been occurring at the Semi-Finals and above. If one person quits the race, the other has become stuck at the results screen instead of being returned to the menus. This has stopped the win from being recorded, and all progress lost. To try and avoid this, both players should stay in the race, with one remaining at the start line.

- Once you win the Championship crown, you remain at the Championship round. To save time, you should start the session with someone already at this position with the achievement.

- After the person has passed on the Championship crown, they will move to the bottom of the boosting order, moving the others up a notch.

- The entire process requires a lot of patience and co-ordination. It can take up to an hour to move someone up from the Qualifying round to the Championship. To ensure all receive the achievement, multiple sessions will be required.
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WARNING: Before you attempt to go for this achievement, make sure you do not have any download content installed to your hard-drive before you load up and play this game. Doing so will likely glitch all of the non-DLC achievements, making you have no choice but to redo this achievement all over again a 2nd time. You can however purchase the DLC, cancel the download and store it in your Download History.

A very annoying achievement. Known to be the hardest online achievement to get in the game. You are required to win the Championship Round in the Drivers Duel on XBox Live. The online for this game is dead with little to no randoms participating in the game mode, so your only chance in getting this achievement is to boost it.

Tip: It is recommended you install the game to your Hard-Drive to avoid the possiblity of it freezing on your console when boosting.


Now there are 2 ways in which you can actually go for this achievement to consist the numbers needed to participate in the game mode. Me and my group have kind of been using both options to help around and get this achievement done. Credit goes to SarcasticJoker for most of the discoveries.

Option 1: You will need 8 people including yourself to make up the numbers needed to participate in the rankings and go for the achievement. If you have another console and a spare copy of the game, a dummy account is strongly recommended to ease the congestion.

You will need a trustworthy team and commitment towards this achievement. Not everyone in a session will be able to get this achievement within a set time limit. It can take nearly 1hr 30m - 2 hrs+ just to get one person to the Championship round to get the achievement. And that's without the game glitching around. Choosing this option will take longer to get the achievement per person, but more than one player overall will be walking away with the achievement unlocked as a group.

Option 2: If you own 2 - 3 XBox 360 Consoles and multiple copies of the game, it is possible to do this achievement for yourself or a friend, if you can provide multiple dummy accounts that can help rank you up to the Championship. Each dummy though would need XBox Live Gold to access the game mode, so a possible recommendation is to wait until it's a Free XBox Live Weekend. The dummies can be placed on the same console, but obviously you will need your Profile and some other dummies on a secondary console so that they can pair up easily with each other.

Choosing this method will allow you or your friend/s get the achievement in a short period of time, but you will be required to switch over between dummy accounts to get the winning person towards the Championship Round in the game.

Note: Regardless of whatever method you choose to boost with, every person & dummy account will be required to complete 2 - 3 races to access the Main Menu & XBox Live in the game. This should take approximately 5 - 10 minutes or more, due to the cutscenes.

Making A Decision & Setting Up The Lobbies

To find the game mode that holds this achievement, simply go into XBox Live from the Main Menu and then choose "Driver's Club Championship".

This is assuming you are doing Option 1 and you are with a group, however Option 2 can sort of follow suit, but Option 2 doesn't have to worry about the teams. Firstly as a team of 8+ people you will need to choose 2 people who want to go for the achievement first. One of them has to be priority over the other player. Once that's decided, your objective is to get those 2 people to the Championship Round.

There are 7 Rounds that the winning person must participate in and they must win every race so that they can successfully climb to the top to the Championship Round...

1. Qualifying Round (Everyone Starts Here)
2. Round 2
3. Round 3
4. Quarter Finals
5. Semi Finals
6. Final
7. Championship (The Round you need to win on to get the achievement)

If you win a race, you will be promoted to the next round until you reach the Championship. Once you've reached the Championship Round, you just need to win a race here to get the achievement. If you lose any of the races before the Championship Round you will be eliminated and forced back to the Qualfying Round, meaning you would have to start over.

Now these game modes consist of 1-v-1 racing with a random vehicle (same each) and a random track of the games choice. You cannot have more than 2 people in a lobby at the same time. The game will instead place you in an empty lobby unless you happen to find another member of the team or a random.

Tip: If you both search at the same time, but cannot find each other, simply get one of you to back out to the Main Menu and retry the search.

What you have to do within the team is co-ordinate and decide who takes the wins, with the exception of the person who wants the achievement, since they will always win the races and rank up. The problem with this game is that if you don't have 2 people in the same Round, you will not pair up with each other and race. You must have 2 people who have won the certain amount of races and reached the same Round together, then get one of them to lose the race so that the winning one can rank up and help the player who needs the achievement.

So let's say for example you have the person wanting the achievement, here's how they would need to race...

Qualifying Round - Pretty simple, find someone and win a race.
Round 2 - You need to find someone who has won a race in the Qualifying & beat them.
Round 3 - You need to find someone who has won a race in Qualifying & Round 2 with 2 different people/dummies & beat them.
Quarter Finals - You need to find someone who has won a race in Qualifying, Round 2 & Round 3 with 3 different people/dummies & beat them.
Semi Finals - You need to find someone who has won a race in Qualifying & Round 2, Round 3 & Quarter Finals with 4 different people/dummies & beat them.
Final - You need to find someone who has won a race in Qualifying & Round 2, Round 3, Quarter Finals & Semi Finals with 5 different people/dummies & beat them.
Championship - You need to find someone who has won a race in Qualifying & Round 2, Round 3, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals & Final with 6 different people/dummies & beat them. This will give you the achievement.

Now let's try another example. Let's say you need someone to win a race up to the Quarter Finals...

Qualifying Round - Pretty simple, find someone and win a race.
Round 2 - You need to find someone who has won a race in the Qualifying & beat them.
Round 3 - You need to find someone who has won a race in Qualifying & Round 2 with 2 different people/dummies & beat them.
Quarter Finals - You need to find someone who has won a race in Qualifying, Round 2 & Round 3 with 3 different people/dummies. You will lose in this race against the person you are racing against with. This will eliminate you and return back to the Qualifying Section.

The best way we did this to avoid confusion is put the 6 people with the role of sitting in one particular lobby. That way when we had the person wanting to do for the achievement, they we're guaranteed to find a person or a dummy in one of the 7 lobbies, allowing them to race and lose against the person needing the achievement.


Player 1 Not Going For The Achievement: Aim to sit in Qualifying & Lose Every Race you get wtih the group.
Player 2 Not Going For The Achievement: Aim to sit in Round 2
Player 3 Not Going For The Achievement: Aim to sit in Round 3
Player 4 Not Going For The Achievement: Aim to sit in Quarter Finals
Player 5 Not Going For The Achievement: Aim to sit in Semi Finals
Player 6 Not Going For The Achievement: Aim to sit in Final
Player 7 Not Going For The Achievement: Aim to sit in Championship
Player 8 Going For The Achievement: Race against each member in each of the Rounds and win against them to get to the Championship.

If you run out of time when going for this achievement as a team in a session, make sure you return to the Main Menu to save your progress. Failing to keep the progress safe will likely remove you from your position on the board and put you back into Qualifying.

Tradtionally the game keeps track of what progress you have done in the ladder, so if you we're in the Semi Finals, exit the game via dashboarding/turn off the console and come back and play it another day. The game will likely keep you in the Semi Finals. But beware that sometimes the game can screw you around and toss you back to Qualifying to be careful.

Boosting Method (Actual Race)

The race itself is actually a cakewalk unlike the organisation of the lobbies and of-course the loading times. When the race begins, have the person who is winning just start driving round the track. The loser will get a notification that they must catch up. If they don't and the player that's in the lead is 5 seconds or over in time, they will automatically win. Each Round contains 2 - 3 stages, 2 if you win both times. 3 if you win one and then lose one (highly unlikely).
Overall this means the person who is losing doesn't actually have to race, they can just sit their and see their fate suffer by getting eliminated to Qualifying.

Tip: I recommend you "do not" press any buttons when the Stage is complete or return to the lobby. Doing so I believe could possibly freeze the console and make you lose your rankings, your progress or glitch the game.

WARNING: Sadly this game is known to glitch around a bit when you go for this achievement. It is unknown how it is created but the consequences can be bad. At times when you boost the game, you and your partner may get an endless loading screen into the race. If this was the case for you then leave your game idle for a moment and see if anything loades. If not try and return to the XBox 360 Dashboard. If that doesn't work then switch off your console and reboot the game. The consequences could be that your partner who was racing against you will be returned to Qualifying or you, yourself will be eliminated and go back to Qualifying, wasting everyones time. We never figured out how this happened, but we've witnessed this 3 times during our boosting era which has wasted over an hour each time of our lives as you can imagine.

People Using Option 2

Swapping Accounts: If you are using the alternative method of bringing in dummy accounts to help you or a friend win the races to the Championship Round, then you might want to figure out how it's done. Of-course I'll have to leave this in your hands as to how many accounts you need on each console for it to work.

So let's assume you want the achievement and you have yourself on one console and a dummy on another. Obviously if your in Qualifying you'll want to race against the dummy, win and promote to Round 2. Now here is the trick with all of this. Once you've reached Round 2, return to the Main Menu and then the XBox 360 Dashboard. Sign out your main account and sign in the dummy account that's on the same console as yourself. Reload the game and complete the Training with that dummy Eventually you will be able to get the 2 dummies to meet each other in the Qualifying. Here is where you get one of them to win against each other, then sign out the dummy that's lost and sign in your Main account. Your Main account should still be in Round 2 because of the saved data. Complete this race and as you can imagine rinse and repeat all of the above until you get yourself and a dummy account in the Championship Round. Simply allowing you to win the race and get the achievement.

The downside with this method is the switching over of accounts, but it's a possible method to try if you just want the achievement for yourself and own multiple consoles and copies of the game.


This achievement is known to glitch completely in which you may have won the race in the Championship, but the achievement will not unlock. If this happens, get a friend or a dummy to check the Autolog and the Wall to find out if you have unlocked it in the game, but not on the profile. It should say "XXX has unlocked the King Of The Hill achievement". If this is the case it means you need to do an extra race to get it to unlock. Downside though is you'll likely have eliminated the opponent in the Championship Round, so you must get someone else to meet you in the Championship Round, race against them and lose the match. If it still doesn't unlock, try and lose a race in Qualifying to see if it unlocks. This is how SarcasticJoker managed to get the achievement.

If that was to fail then you can always try to reload the game, reload the console, clear your cache, restore your save data or there's possibly other methods that I can't think of right now that you can have a go at.

Good luck with the achievement if you decide to go for it. Your going to need it!
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