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Night Rider

Master every location at night

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Achievement Guide for Night Rider

  • DeaconFrost2kDeaconFrost2k413,566
    25 Apr 2011 31 Mar 2011 29 Jan 2012
  • HAMbidextrous1HAMbidextrous1277,645
    02 May 2011 02 May 2011 02 May 2011
    13 3 4
    First of all, kudos to DeaconFrost for the PDF. It's totally accurate and very easy to use. His info for the achievement is also 98% correct. Thus, the reason for this posting as a solution rather than a comment.

    Having just picked up the cheevo, there needs to be some clarification of the day vs. dusk vs. night issue.

    As Deacon says above, "the description of the day achievement is wrong".

    Allow me to elucidate. Using Deacon's sheet, I played thru all of the "night" tracks on the dusk setting. But no pop at the end. WTF? So, I went back thru the badges section to find that even tho' the track said I had mastered the tracks on dusk and picked up the badges for night completion, 2 Tokyo tracks did not have badges, Tokyo CLUB and CIRCUIT. While most tracks can be done on dusk to count for night, these 2 tracks MUST be played on the NIGHT setting for the achievement to pop.

    I hope this helps.
  • Sket SlayerSket Slayer266,254
    02 Mar 2012 29 Feb 2012
    2 1 1
    I also posted this solution on the "Day Walker" achievement guide page, just thought I'd add it here as it applies just as much to this achievement as it does to the other.

    I thought I'd add this information, as it's written as a comment on DeaconFrost2k's guide. All credit goes to adiash73, as he was the gamer to originally comment on this beautiful time saver.

    If you are finding it hard to master a certain corner, you can drive the opposite way along the grass/mud/sand/gravel, so you can try it over and over until you get it. This is easier on courses with more space at either side of the track, as if you're too close to the track, you will still get the "wrong way" countdown. If there isn't enough space at either side of the track, try edging forward in 1st gear and then coming to a complete standstill before the timer gets to 1. Keep doing this until you can either get far enough away from the track that you can drive the opposite way without getting the countdown or until you can simply try the corner again.

    Obviously this isn't massively helpful for the first couple of corners of a track, but for the later corners, it works a treat.

    Thanks for reading and good luck! :D
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