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You Can't Kill the Messiah

Nod Campaign Finished with Gold medal and Bonus Ribbon

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How to unlock the You Can't Kill the Messiah achievement

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    I won't cover what you can find in other guides but there are a few things that must be said.

    * This achievement does not stack - you will not unlock the silver or bronze medal achievements by getting gold.
    * There is a bug in one of the early missions which says you haven't obtained a ribbon, but actually, you have (2 solid bars on the mission screen).

    As always most the missions are just time consuming and fiddly but there are a couple of missions which can cause a few problems.

    Outback - it isn't that hard, once you've worked out what to do. There are 3 GDI nukes on the screen - you only need one nuke to win the mission. The countdown timer will not start until all the nukes are under your control or have left the playing area. So basically, whatever you do, don't hit up the first bonus objective which obstructs the way out. Hijack one of the nukes which has little protection, and wait for the other two to leave the map. This triggers the countdown - now you can hi the first bonus objective (you probably would have completed the second one whilst waiting for the nukes to leave). Don't bother keeping the nuke at the extraction, hide it away behind the mutant hovel (which I take over with the second engineer and produce as many mutants as possible, forget about tanks and things).

    Operation Stiletto. Us 360 gamers are disadvantaged with a lack of planning mode, so forget about anything clever this level has to be ground out the hard way. Don't even explore the map, send your sabetours the western base - position them behind as many of those buildings as you can (5 buildings) and send in the shadow squads as well and station them by the towers. When you are ready, send each of your sabetours to take over a building, construction yard first, you should manage 3 of the 5 before your guys are gunned down. We don't care about them except the construction yard. Get the shadow squad to take out the towers with their explosive ability and start building a GDI base, dump the buildings in your NOD base if you like, but get some defenses up asap around that construction yard - lose a yard, you fail. After that it's a normal grind out affair, although you need to take care with the scrin base - you need a construction yard intact. To complete the bonus ribbons you need to realise that you don't actually have to capture a real walker and a mammoth - once you have the enemy construction yard build up the tech tree and build one yourself - this counts, after all, it's with captured goodies :) Just make sure you leave one enemy structure intact whilst doing so.

    Kane's Tower. Now this *is* hard, no two ways about it.

    * Forget the bonus objective for now - we can always capture 3 juggernauts by taking over a construction yard later on in the game.
    * Don't forget about the juggernauts - we need to take them down with some bombers ASAP or it is game over.
    * Immediately build a second crane (remember you can click on the crane for another set of build queues or access them through the menu). Build a harvester.
    * Build a shredder for mulching troops and place it east of the tiberium factory. Build a air tower and 4 bombers asap.
    * Build more power stations and build two obelisks and place them east of the refinery, this makes that entrance totally secure.
    * Build another refinery if you can and place it to the north - make the new harvester target the tib field just to the north.
    * Build an emissary with your yard, and have 2 obelisks built and ready in your construction queue.
    * Build a couple of Avatars if you can.

    That's a lot of multi-tasking - and you need to keep an eye on the towers. Ideally wait for GDI to weaken the scrin, but not too much. I found the 50% warning to be ideal - at this point drive in your emissary and the avatars and get your emissary deployed - it doesn't have to be too near the front line (we don't want GDI attacking it), just close enough for the obelisks to take out attackers that want to hit the generators.

    It is as hard as it sounds unfortunately - you need to keep up with generators and obelisks until you have 7 or 8 of them crammed into one area, it's the only way to take out mammoth tanks quickly enough. You will also perpetually need to keep repairing them. Replace a fallen obelisk immediately. Keep the generators in the main base, the tower defense should just be a stack load of obelisks.

    If you are going fast enough there is no danger of GDI building the ion cannon yet, it is trying to match your might by throwing out tanks and vehicles everywhere.

    * When enough obelisks are built start the temple of nod for a nuke.
    * Build up 4 aircraft towers, fully loaded with bombers. you may lose one to a gdi missile strike, and you need 12 for a possible suicide mission.
    * Create some venoms as well for air cover.
    * Build about 10 avatars and beam lasers and upgrade all the avatars. At this point I made a new refinery/factory with an emissary to the eastern purple tib field.
    * Hold back the nuke for as long as possible - when you are ready to go, hit the construction yard in the north east, and follow up with a suicide run with the bombers - at least half should make it back.
    * GDI alas can build dead quickl, the northern base will be repaired double quick. Get your avatars over to the south east base. Take out the troops and the barracks but don't hit up too much yet until the ion cannon control objective is triggered, GDI will build it as a priority now.
    * Hit anything that moves - but *DO NOT DESTROY THE CRANE* and *DO NOT DESTROY THE REFINERY*.
    * Get a saboteur airlifted in to take over the crane - you can now start to pump out GDI tech and get the second object of capturing 3 juggernauts, by building them.
    * The level will end when all construction options are exhausted, which means yards, factories, tib factory.
    * Personally I went on the rampage, and got the 2047 achievement as well - destroyed the lot, and sent in a GDI engineer to take over the refinery at the south east base, then job done.

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    Col Double DStrategy worked perfectly on Kane's Tower once I positioned the emissary early enough. Stupid Scrin Devastators wiped out my Obelisks several times because their harvesters were getting killed in the crossfire so I had to wipe out the Scrin in order to protect them. Only took 10 Venoms to destroy the 3 devastators and a couple bombing runs on the grav stabilizers and they were toast.
    Posted by Col Double D on 23 Dec 14 at 06:29
    Dr Marty@Rey Xboxer:
    just to note even if you get glitchy bonus objectives in missions like washington dc or atlantic coast, just continue you'll get the medals achievements at the end
    I'm trusting you on this one shocksmile. But thanks for at least stating clearly that it should unlock even with glitchy bonus objectives. I can't find a definitive answer anywhere else.

    I did get all the glitches so far:
    - DC: Use GDI's Technology
    - Atlantic Coast: "Missing"
    - Downtown Sydney: Mine 25000 tiberium doesn't unlock even after 50000 mined
    - Downtown Sydney: Help GDI protect the Ion Control Cannon Control
    - Kane's Tower: Destroy the GDI Ion Cannon Control Centres

    Will update once I know if the achievement unlocks despite all this. I hope it does, since the GDI achievement unlocked despite the glitch in the last mission.

    It still popped the Bronze medal achievement for me. Even though I technically didn't get 5 of the objectives!
    Posted by Dr Marty on 04 Apr 19 at 20:50
    Kush An Play“Forget about the juggernauts” After 15 attempts with every thing in my mind I could think of I kept failing. Read that saying and changed how I went about it. Won 2nd attempt because of that. Had the air field and one war factory left. Built the MCV. And built a whole GDI base basically and got it when the 3rd juggy popped out! Lets go! Thank you!
    Posted by Kush An Play on 25 Apr 20 at 06:45
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    As the other solution said:
    "This achievement does not stack - you will not unlock the silver or bronze medal achievements by getting gold"

    UPDATE - Here's the other really hard mission "Outback" summed up:

    I found the mission "Outback" the hardest in the game. "Kane's Tower" was tough, sure, but Outback took what felt like 10 tries to figure out. There's a REALLY easy way to do it though.

    - Blow up the Tiberium Spike FIRST. This ensures the transports cant leave.

    - Use one of your engineers to capture the barracks (near the secondary objective), and the other to capture that objective. Build one engineer to capture the Tiberium Refinery up top.

    - Knock out all power plants, to kill GDI's defense.

    - Once the Power Plants are gone and your refinery is going, SPAM out Missle Soldiers. As many as you can. I had about 20.

    - Once you feel you're ready, take one of the transports. Shortly after, the Scrin will arrive.

    - At this stage, move everyone to the Evac point. This is where things got a little tricky.

    - The timer does NOT start until all three transports are gone from GDI. That means if they blow up or you take them. You only need one to beat the mission.

    - The Mammoth Tanks are more of a threat than the Scrin. Try to take a second nuke transport if you can and steer it to the tanks. It sounds crazy but do it and let the Scrin blow it up. Bye bye tanks!

    - At this stage, the timer begins. You have 2:30 of hell to go through. Here, it's just luck. Use the Missile Soldiers to obliterate their ground units and your Venoms (hopefully you still have both of them) to kill their air units. It's mostly luck here, as I lost all my units (except the nuke) with 5 seconds left. It was a textbook "OH SHIT OH SHIT" moment.

    - Good luck. If you can do this, you're golden for the rest of the campaign.

    And now: the grand event: a solution to unquestionably the hardest mission in the NOD campaign, and probably the hardest in the game as well: "Kane's Tower."

    UPDATE - There's another thing about this mission. If you act fast enough and you DONT see GDI build an Ion Cannon (which seems like a good thing), you'll get a prompt at the end of the mission saying you failed the bonus objective of, well, destroying the Ion Cannon.

    Don't worry. If you don't get a bonus objective prompt, you technically can't fail it. Ergo, if you beat the mission before the Ion Cannon appears and, provided you did the Juggernaut secondary objective, you'll still get the ribbon and the achievement (if this is the last mission for gold) when you go back to the map.

    This is a bastard, no doubt about it. As SOON as the mission begins, build a shredder turret and Crane. Also, build a second harvester from the War Factory. Place the turret right below the refinery. Once the Crane is built, construct an Air Tower and Tech Lab. Upgrade your Power if need be.

    Build 4 Vertigo Bombers ASAP from the Air Tower. You need these to kill the Juggernauts in the center of the map. Two bombers can take down a Juggernaut, and there are 5 total. GDI does NOT build more Juggernauts, so don't worry.

    At the same time, build two Obelisks and put them near the Refinery and Shredder Turret. This is ALL the defense you need for your base. Seriously. Build another Refinery if you can and put it in front of the War Factory, facing the Scrin base. They won't attack it, so don't worry.

    At this point if you feel comfortable, SAVE NOW. It only gets worse.

    At this point, purchase the Laser upgrade from the Tech Lab, build another Air Base, and get a shitload of Venoms. Venoms are brutal in large numbers, and you can avoid those pesky railguns.

    Once GDI rains DEATH on the Scrin base (you'll see a ton of tanks come), build a Emissary and Call for Transport. DONT move it out of your base yet. Build two Obelisks but DONT place them yet.

    Around this point, you may find GDI is using Shockwave Artillery on you (a special ability from the "Space Station Uplink" structure). This won't affect you, PROVIDED you keep an eye on it. Shockwave Artillery temporarily knocks out your power and does a decent amount of damage. It will NOT destroy your power plants with one blast, but if you don't repair them, they'll go down. I noticed that they tend to aim the Artillery strike in the same spot (if nothing blows up), so keep that in mind.

    GDI will prioritize killing the Scrin base BEFORE they attack the generators, use this time to your advantage. Send your bombers after the Mammoth Tanks and the Venoms against the other vehicles (prioritize the Pitbulls, since they hit back HARD, not as hard as the Mammoths though.)

    Airdrop the emissary near the farthest left generator (if you killed the Juggernauts fast enough, it'll still be standing) if it's still there. If not, put it near the next closest one. Deploy the emissary ASAP and make sure any tanks (if they come) don't kill it.

    Once it's built, put down your Obelisks. DONT STOP BUILDING Obelisks, you always want two building. You're going to want 10 or so in the same area; an impregnable "wall of death" that kills anything almost instantly.

    Just remember to build Power Plants and upgrade them if you need to. Your bound to need more power.

    Build a Temple of Nod around now. If you can get one up BEFORE GDI gets the ION Cannon built, you're set. If not, no big deal at this point.

    Once your "Wall of Death" is operational and seemingly unstoppable, SAVE. You beat the hardest part of the mission. Now on to the most boring.

    From here, it becomes a bit of a stalemate. GDI can't hurt the generators with your wall going, but they still have the ION Cannon. Make sure you have enough Air Bases to send in at least 10 bombers to blow it up. You're sadly bound to lose a few bombers, so be ready to re-build them. DONT nuke the ION Cannon if you can help it. Save those nukes for the Northeast base.

    When you have a ton of Venoms, send them to the Southeast base. It has little defense and even less of a threat. Your venoms will probably get shot down by the AA and Mammoth Tanks, but not before you do serious damage. Take out the Crane and Barracks before ANYTHING else. Leave the War Factory, you need this. If you have bombers, send them to take out the powerplants and knock out their defence. As long as only the war factory remains, you're good.

    Build more Venoms and secure what remains of the southeast base. Capture the war factory with a saboteur (transport him if you wish) and build a GDI MCV. Build a base, and tech up until you can build three Juggernauts. There's your secondary objective done. Note that these juggernauts, much like the ones at the beginning of the mission, have embarassingly long range. Use this to your advantage if you wish, particularly if the GDI base still has their defenses powered.

    Now you have a few options. If you made it this far, you've pretty much won the level. Here's how to seal the deal:

    The upper base is EXTREMELY packed in. A nuke will literally level their base. Couple that with the Juggernauts and their embarassingly long range, and you'll do it. Nuke the base, finish off the Construction Yard with the Juggernauts, then just "clean up" whatever is left: Tib factories, war factories, power plants, anything that isn't a defensive weapon.

    I spammed Mammoth Tanks with the Railgun and LEVELED them, since they had no power for their massive defense.

    It WILL take practice and speed. If you don't move FAST, you have no chance. So long as you knock out the Juggernauts at the beginning fast, and expand into the Alien base (and get your Wall of Death going), you should be fine.
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    For outback, all you actually have to do is just move the Nukes and all your units slightly to the left. Scrins forces don't follow you, only a very small amount do.
    Posted on 25 Feb 15 at 01:57
    buzzo9neoVery helpful tips for Kane's tower. My strategy for medium and easy failed me, so I read this strategy and got the wall of death built, then expanded it with a second expansion point, so I could protect two generators, instead of just the damaged one. Thank you very much for the strategy on that very hard level.
    Posted by buzzo9neo on 03 Mar 16 at 03:28
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    This is for everyone who is worried about 100%ing the very glitched NOD campaign.
    I just couldn't find a definitive answer on any blogs/forums. So here is what happens:

    During the NOD campaign you will encounter many glitched objectives. I personally encountered 5 of them on my first 'Easy' run, which are listed here:
    - Washington DC: Use GDI's Technology (not possible to obtain)
    - Atlantic Coast: "Missing" (added at the end of mission, but never obtainable)
    - Downtown Sydney: Mine 25000 tiberium (doesn't unlock even after 50000 mined, story related*)
    - Downtown Sydney: Help GDI protect the Ion Cannon Control (not possible)
    - Kane's Tower: Destroy the GDI Ion Cannon Control Centers (GDI never builds one)

    It still popped the achievement for me. Even though I technically didn't get 5 of the objectives! So don't worry about these 5 in particular (and others if you encounter them) and just finish the NOD campaign. It should unlock for you as well.

    Hints to avoid these glitches: After playing on "Easy" the first time and encountering all the above glitches, I then played on "Hard".
    I went through Washington DC and Atlantic Coast without reloading in the middle of the mission and I did not encounter any glitched objectives. Even Downtown Sydney didn't show unfinished objectives when I finished it without reloading.
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    HolyHalfDeadYeah, there are a couple of glitches, but some objectives only appear if you do the mission in a certain way. And as you have found you still get the achievement. Reloading mid-mission can cause problems.

    The “Mine 25,000 Tiberium” is a deliberate part of the storyline, not a glitch.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 26 Apr 19 at 12:32
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