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Beat all the Rivals

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How to unlock the Dominator achievement

  • l 2Bad2Fast ll 2Bad2Fast l202,681
    29 Jun 2011 30 Jun 2011 30 Jun 2011
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    There are 9 rivals in game, all with their own championship to win.

    You must be at least level 16+ to earn this achievment.( depends GT1 opened affter i GOT WORKS & GT3)

    TheRivals and their speciality is :

    Vaughn Gittin Jnr (Drift)

    .You get a 240sx to use, this is all right but i found it much easyer in the *SPEED HUNTER Pagni Huayra* (CLASS A 2150)

    Darren McNamara (Retro)
    . Ok i used a Toyota Supra (CLASS A 1717) UPDATED to WORKS for this Great Grip & Speed, most of the AI use the F1 McLaren
    . This one shodent give you any problems if you use the car i sead.

    Chris Rado (Time Attack)
    . This one is very easy useing the Toyota Supra Updated to WORK SPEC (CLASS A 1717)

    Vaughn Gittin Jnr (Muscle)
    . I Used a the SpeedHunters R.T, very easy to complete

    Jamie Cambell Walter (Modern)
    .This one was very easy too Useing the Nissan Skyline SpecV GTR R35 ( NOTE IT WASNT WORK SPEC BUT FULLY UPGRADED TO CLASS A 2165)

    Tommy Milner (Endurance)
    . OK without a dout this is one of the most anoying and hardest one.

    Pain Number 1 : You have to do 5 laps of the Nurburgring IN DAY AND IN NIGHT TIME grrrrrr!
    Pain Number 2 : Ther is very little place to over take and if you hit a car it put you in to a mad spin!
    Pain Number 3 : Make sure at night you make sure the damage to off not just visable, if you dont you will smash your headlights & cant see ****!!!
    Pain Number 5 : THE CAR -.- well i tryed 7 diffrent types and the best i found was the EVO speedhunters (CLASS A 1910) to do this in.
    Huge Pain Number 4 : CUT CORNERS!!!! on some of the corners if you so much as go over the apex BOOM thats 1 cut Strike
    now you are allowed 5 Stikes but at night time its so EASY to fail at this i did 3 laps no strikes then on 4th lap i got all 5
    this really get anoying i was about to smash my contoler out of rage so BE CAREFULL YOU HAVE BEAN TOLD!!!


    Sterring dead zone: 3%
    Steering sensitivity: 45%
    Throttle deadzone: 5%
    Throttle sensitivity: 46%
    Brake deadzone: 5%
    Brake sensitivity: 45%


    Patrick Soderlund (GT3)
    .Very easy i used the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup R $351.000 to buy (CLASS A 1590)

    Mad Mike Whiddett (Works)
    . This was very easy i used the speedhunters evo (CLASS A1910)

    Jamie Cambell Walter (GT1).
    .This is the 2nd longest race with 10 races at 3 to 4 laps each
    .I Used the Masarati Mc12 or what ever they call it $819k


    got better info? tell me il add it.

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    l 2Bad2Fast lidk bro, some of the achievements on this game are buggy.
    Posted by l 2Bad2Fast l on 11 Feb 12 at 00:21
    l 2Bad2Fast lhaha i know. getin it 100% drove me nuts.
    Posted by l 2Bad2Fast l on 13 Feb 12 at 14:01
    shocellistFor Works I used the GT3 RSR Team Falken, and it was a really easy win.
    Posted by shocellist on 21 Dec 13 at 02:16
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  • sadiokisadioki38,109
    25 Apr 2011 26 Sep 2011
    12 4 10
    to get the chevo you have to Beat all rivals,I will write only about endurance challenge,check other guides for more info,In order to win rival Tommy Milner,you need to beat him at the endurance challenge of champions and better be in podium before him at the end of series,or the first place if you can,this event is so crazy and frustrating to win,the most difficult I found beside drifting,if you use D class car, the most you can get is 2 nd position,and Tommy will smoke you out,If you choose a fast car,you'll be running against fast cars,that will turn up agressive because the track is tight,which result in a lot of accidents and crashes,but if you have the right car,good driving and a good strategy you can win easy,and save yourself a lot of time and frustration.
    I recommend using Nissan GT-R 35 Need for Speed Edition,that is available for buying at the lot around $170,000,performance Index A 1180,it's a strong,stable car,good handling,can drift and break fast in corners,have a good acceleration,i didn't tune it,i did set up gameplay option this way,Difficulty Easy,handling mode: Experienced, break lock to yes, traction control : low ,Stability to yes,you can turn off stability,if you are a talented racer,this will give you more speed,Tommy Milner will be driving BMW M3 GT Alms performance index A 1530,it's a car with a good handling,but your acceleration is better and this is how to beat him.
    -The first race will be in day,and second in night,Play tough from the beginnig,steal positions one by one,hit low handling cars from their behind to get them out of your way, and avoid hitting cars from their side,you will crash for nothing and lose the position,keep focused and you will catch up with Tommy at the half of the first lap,pass him at the straight line,get the lead,and try to keep it until the end of the race,play defensive,keep eye on him from the mirror,(make the view to full,with mirror on) the only way he can pass you is from the clear grass,if you crash or give him a side opening,be careful he will pass you before you know it,be focused,play alone with nobody in the room to distract you, this is a serious race,avoid cutting through the shortcuts,you have 5 warnings,you will be eliminated at the sixth track cut,you need to know all the forbidden zones before you start, there are some tricky zones,that can cost you the race,you can save the shortcuts,and use them to cut him off at the last lap,by the way I did beat him without using shortcuts,but if you have to,just do it,he is ruthless,he is annoying ,If you are lucky,he may spin,or crash, if you are a good agressive driver, smash him from his side to the wall,or throw him to the sand,if you are a casual racer,just play simple and defensive, and patient if he passes you,just be cool, you can catch up with him easy if you know the track very well,pass him at the right moment when he breaks at the corner,or in the long straights,the race will take 5 laps,around 45 minutes,you can be a good driver,but this race is about endurance ,focus,and determination,this event will test your patience,and make your heart beat hard from the pressure,and the fear to lose this long race,if you played good you will be in first position,which will put you in the first start at the second night race..
    The night race is hard and painful,because there is low visibility,but the advantage you have now is that the other cars run a little bit slower in the night compared to day race,and you are in the first position at the start line,Tommy Milner is in your side,after the first corner,smash him to left side of the road,and get back quickly to the race,now he is in 16 position,and you are at 6 or 7,keep going up until you reach 2 position,follow the first leader to guide you and save some energy,at the third lap,Tommy Milner will catch up with you ,and start annoying you again, either play defensive to the end,or smash him to the wall again,if you are lucky he may get his car fully damaged and get rid of him ,from once and a while,click start,and see where is he in the positions,as long as he is behind you you are okay,he shouldn't get the first place,at the last race you can chase the first player and steal the lead and keep it to the finish line,also make to change the settings before you start the race ,make sure to turn off damage,not visibale only,if you smash your headlights you can't see nothing,and better to have a mirror so you can see who is behind,as long as you stay in the circuit and block the openings you are fine,with this strategy i was able to get first at day and night races,but my advise for you is try to play a lot at Nurburgring Nordshleife a lot before you attempt to do endurance, because shift have a glitch the green line disapear when you need it the most,and the night race is hard to do if you are not familiar with the circuit, if Toomy get in the podium before you at the end of the series you win only the podium badge .if you get 1 st and tommy second at day race,and you get second after him in night race,you get the same point,but you win the challenge,and you get first position at the end of series,so there is other alternative read comments for more important tip,don't race with a lot of porches,keep quitting and restarting until you find an easy lineup ,good luck and enjoy the race !
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    DigiGizmogot the chievo yesterday with the Nissan GT-R from the Modern A final (black car, Pi 1660 or something) (got it in 2 runs ;))
    Posted by DigiGizmo on 21 Jul 11 at 13:38
    sadiokiYes Nissan GT-R the prize car from A Final is the best, very fast and stable, if you have it,just use it instead,it's very strong and fast car, Congrats DigiGizmo. Thanks for the comment.
    Posted by sadioki on 26 Sep 11 at 18:06
    Travius1990Not saying the guide is bad at all ( I have thumbed up) but it would have been easier to read if their were spaces between some of the lines.
    Posted by Travius1990 on 06 Aug 13 at 23:14
  • LavindatharLavindathar1,860,575
    13 Apr 2011 05 Apr 2011 13 Apr 2011
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    There are 9 rivals in game, all with their own respective championship.

    You must be at least level 15 to earn this achievment (as the GT1 Rival requires level 15).

    The rivals and their speciality is :

    Vaughn Gittin Jnr (Drift)
    Darren McNamara (Retro)
    Chris Rado (Time Attack)
    Vaughn Gittin Jnr (Muscle)
    Jamie Cambell Walter (Modern)
    Tommy Milner (Endurance)
    Patrick Soderlund (GT3)
    Mad Mike Whiddett (Works)
    Jamie Cambell Walter (GT1).

    Each rival championship can be found going to their speciality. Just look along the tabs for where it says "Retro" or "Works" etc. The rival championship is the bottom option, and will require a certain amount of podiums in that specialty to unlock.

    It has been confirmed by Mystre0 that you have to beat all 9 rivals, so Vaughn Gittin Jrn and Cambell Walter have to be beaten twice each.
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    ACEs 8s 24I just used the Drift Alliance Nissan that they give you and got good with it and restarted alot but once you learn the track it is usually easy to beat the scores posted with a little luck
    Also i totally agree with LostProphet2387 faster is not always better, i found that as long as you have enough speed to carry the car through the turn then you are fine any extra speed just makes it harder to control and adds no points

    Also does anyone have any advice on the GT1 races, like what car or any tips on how to race them im getting my butt kicked
    Posted by ACEs 8s 24 on 23 May 11 at 16:30
    I Anger IFor those who have this achievement. Can you please post which cars you used to beat which rivals (and what upgrades). That would help immensely
    Posted by I Anger I on 28 May 11 at 14:38
    Hirsute DaveEndurance is easily the hardest but I've just managed it using a GT3 car (the Z4 you win for completing the championship). It makes all the AI guys MUCH easier to deal with as they're no longer crashing anywhere near as much.
    Posted by Hirsute Dave on 18 Jul 11 at 09:09
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