Servant of the Shadow achievement in The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II

Servant of the Shadow

Complete Evil Campaign without a Hero dying Hero: Urulooke

Servant of the Shadow0
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How to unlock the Servant of the Shadow achievement

  • HiEdHiEd103,143
    02 Apr 2009 02 Apr 2009 02 Apr 2009
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    This achievement and the Servant of the Secret Fire achievement are relatively easy for 80 points each. It might take a little longer but you can finish the levels on the easy setting without ever using your heroes. Build up your fortress, build lots of defense towers and resource gathering buildings, and purchase all the unit upgrades. Build as many units as possible and apply all the upgrades to them, then head out and destroy. Make more units as you lose them.

    The best way to keep you heroes out of harms way is to put them in towers or mines. You'll be able to give a command to your entire army and your heroes will stay put.

    If heroes are on a horse or flying creature, they need to dismount before they can enter a tower of mine. There are a few heroes that won't go into towers or mines -- two flying creatures in the last level for example. You'll need to be careful with those and make sure they don't wander into trouble.

    One other key is to save every so often. In addition to the "automatic" save system which prompts you to save at the end of each level, you can also do your own manual saves during a level. If you lose a hero you can just reload the latest save. This saves time compared to restarting the level.

    When working on this achievement, be careful not to save at the end of a level unless none of your heroes died.

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    UlteriorDesertTowers are your friend, built about 50 in the last level, took an extra hour and a half per level though.
    Posted by UlteriorDesert on 18 Dec 10 at 10:58
    Flexzthamandamn I just finished the game, but it didn't pop...
    Every time a hero died i reloaded the previous save.
    I even made sure I did'n summon a dragon or balrog.
    Even the dragons you get by a fully upgraded castle are counted as heroes.

    perhaps even the subterrranian Wyrm counts as a hero, in that case that's probably why I didn't get it.
    Posted by Flexzthaman on 20 Jan 13 at 12:50
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  • turtle730turtle73011,185
    27 Apr 2009 27 Apr 2009
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    Make sure you do not summon any drakes, or balrogs, or dragons (except for the scorch power where the dragon just flies through and burns a spot) If you do happen to summon any of these things - do not let them die. This becomes slightly difficult on the last mission where most of your army is heroes because you've got Sauron, the goblin king, a handful of dragons, and nazgul. In order to combat this I had to build a heck of a lot of towers, and used the arrow volley a lot
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    ROBBERT DHTThe dragon that scorch the battlefield doesn't count. It died when flying and I still got the achievement.
    Posted by ROBBERT DHT on 11 Jan 11 at 15:09
    Sir Stratsavvydude, the balrogs and the flame dragon that u can summon will die whether they are hurt or not. they are timed just like the eagles USUALLY except for that one mission u gain control of them to counter the fellbeasts
    Posted by Sir Stratsavvy on 17 Jun 11 at 07:01
    The GlobalizerMountain giants are very useful on the last level -- they stick around just long enough to take out a tower or two. Spider riders do a good job on the foot soldiers, too.

    Galadriel is one tough bitch. She took out half of my buildings and my entire army (minus heroes) before I could take her out. Had to basically spam soldiers and pound her from a distance with giants.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 18 Jul 11 at 06:01
  • gbusgbus239,051
    10 Dec 2006 17 Feb 2009
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    Play the campaign on easy. Anytime you get a hero build a tower and stick him in it and don't take him out so that you don't have any unfortunate accidents. Surround with a few other towers to help protect and fight your battles with regular units.
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