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To earn this achievement you must collect all five clues in the "To Find A Wizard" quest line. While "To Find a Wizard" is a main story quest, you do not have to collect all five clues in order to finish the game. This quest must be completed before finishing the Antediluvean Vault section of the game (found in the basement of the Champions Academy. Do not enter the Academy until you have this achievement. Don't worry if you enter by mistake, it does not cancel the quest.). The clues may be collected in any order, however several of them have prerequisites, all of which will be covered in this solution.

The Bullet Points Version:

- You must complete the side quest "Seahorse Salad" to obtain the five clue quests.
- One clue is collected through the main Flames of Vengeance story quest.
- Two clues are collected by completing each of the side quests "The Murders in Rue Lanilor" and "Fat Chance".
- One clue is collected after entering the temple uncovered by completing the side quest "Rune Handles"
- One clue is collected by using the spell found in the Forbidden Archives on the door on the second floor of The Circle of Trust Inn. Mind read the guards to remove them.

The Way too much Detail Version:

To begin this series of quests, you must first complete the sidequest "Seahorse Salad". This quest can be obtained by Speaking with one of the three NPC's in the game who have been trans-mutated into vegetables, and agree to help them. They are:

-Gardner the Carrot: Found in the Circle of Trust Inn to the right of the fireplace. The Inn is located next to the shrine at Mardaneus Plaza.
-Thomas the Tomato: Found in Hansel's room in Tom & Hansels House on Lanilor Lane.
-Ashraf the Pumpkin: In the back of Alzbeta's shop on Lanilor Lane.

I recommend NOT eating any of the NPC's, as you get better quest rewards, and it makes this quest slightly easier to carry out. Once you have agreed to help one of the poor sods, proceed to locate the other two and agree to help them as well. Now enter the Prancing Seahorse on Lanilor Lane and use the keys given by each vegetable to enter their respective rooms. One room is on the main floor, and two are on the second floor to the left and right of the magic barrier. Each room contains a switch; pull the switches to deactivate the barrier.

Enter the now open Forbidden Archives and you will meet the lovely Ursula. You can choose to fight her or let her go. Fighting her gets you better quest rewards, but letting her go gives you Ursula's Bow, a unique item. If you fight her, you must defeat her minions, and then jump down to a ledge below the wooden platform where you started. Pull the switch, then jump back to the top and kill Ursula. Be sure to loot the chest here as there is no return. Make your choice, and afterwards you are approached by a scholar who gives you the five "To Find a Wizard" sub-quests, Clue I-V.

Now that you have obtained the sub-quests, you may begin searching for each clue in whatever order you would like. Details on all five clues can be found below, along with any quests you must complete in order to access the required locations.


- Still in the Forbidden Archives, look for a glittering piece of paper on a desk called the "Anti Demon's Grip Spell".
- Take this paper to the Circle of Trust Inn and head upstairs.
- Mind read one of the guard in order to make them leave.
- Use the "Anti Demon's Grip Spell" on the door and enter the room.
- Walk around until Halliwell appears, then proceed to kill him.
- Loot the chest that appears, inside you will find Halliwell's Pendant, your first clue!
- Upon exiting the Inn, you will be transported to Bellegars battle arena. Kill the monsters that appear within the time limit (very easy). This will happen every time you obtain a clue.


The required item for clue II will be obtained during the "Murders in Rue Lanilor" side quest. Head to Madam Eve's Brothel on Lanilor Lane to begin.

Parts 1 & 2
-After receiving the quest, enter Room 101 within the brothel and mind-read Kevin the Pig.
-Look for a shiny object near the bed to obtain the Enigmatic Blade.
- Enter Room 102 and pick up the glittering object between the two beds (Weird Piece of Flesh)
- Head to the Grand Market and speak with Gofannon (He will have a symbol above his head). Show him the Enigmatic blade to complete this portion of the quest.
- Now head to the Circle of Trust Inn and show the Piece of Flesh to Doctor West in the basement.

Part 3
- Return to the Brothel and speak with Madam Eve.
- Proceed to the end of the hall and talk to the two soldiers guarding the last door.
- Tell them you have evidence of murder and they will allow you to enter Room 103.
- Collect the Pixie Dust off the floor in this room.
- Head to Chez Chanelle in Lanilor Lane and ask Chanell about the Dust. Receive the Anti-Pixie Dust.
- Head back to the brothel and use the dust in Room 103, a button will be revealed by the left side of the bed. Hit the button to reveal a trapdoor... enter it.

Part 4
- Now in the dungeon, head to the NW room and kill Rotha to loot a crystal.
- Go to the eastern area and jump up to a chest to get the second crystal. The platforms disappear, but if you can survive the poison, just walk on the floor and jump up at the end.
- Place the two crystals on the pedestals to the sides of the southern gate.
- Now enter the large battle area and square off against Jake. Before you can hurt him you must extinguish the blue flames by killing four foes:
- On the NW wall, examine the purple plate near a gravestone. Fight and kill Derk & Dana, putting out two flames.
- To the SE is Micheal's Grave, examine it and kill the zombie.
- On the south wall, examine the group of tombstones to spawn the final zombie.
- Now you can return to the center and kill Jake. Loot the box that appears on the grave to receive Zombie Jakes Ring, your second clue!!
- You will be beamed up and attacked as you leave, deal with the enemies as you see fit.


In order to obtain this clue you must complete the side quest "Fat Chance", but in order to gain access to Gula's house you must have completed "An Appetite for Murder", which in turn requires you to have access to the Crow's Nest area of Aleroth. To do this you must complete the quest "Bark up the Right Tree".

Bark up the Right Tree

- In the Forbidden Archives, you will find an Elvish Alphabet book.
- Read this book and speak to Nericon the tree near the town entrance. You should gain access to the Crow's Nest.

An Appetite for Murder

- Speak to Bernard on the top floor of the Healer's House and ask about the theft of food.
- Go to Mardaneus Plaza and speak to Darvesh and ask about the healers.
- Enter the sewers in the Crow's Nest, the entrance is straight ahead as you enter.
- Proceed to the end and kill Dwayne
- Leave the sewers via the nearby ladder and confront Alzbeta.
- You may choose to kill, arrest, or extort Alzbeta, all three of which allow you to obtain the key to Gula's House.

Fat Chance

- Enter Gula's House and head to the top floor. Gula's house is near the Lanilor Lane Shrine. LV 1 Blue Slime says he had to start the quest herbal medicine and obtain a key from Heleon in order to enter Gula's house. Heleon is north of the aforementioned shrine.
- Offer to assist the monstrous Gula.
- Take the plate Gula gives you to Gula's Archeological Dig, right beside the shrine in Mardaneus Plaza.
- If you have not yet completed "A Fraud A Day" or it's counterpart "Herbal Medicine", the doors will be locked. Smash pots near the entrance to find the key.
- Go into the last room and place the plate on one of the pedestals.
- Return to Gula and loot the chest he gives you access to. Inside is Gula's Book, the clue!


This clue is story-related, as you must defeat the Engineer in order to progress with Flames of Vengeance. Speak with Nericon the tree to start the quest "Nericon's Wrath", and let's get started.

Forgotten Crypt

- Head to the Forgotten Crypt in the Crow's Nest. This is located near the end of the area, to the right of the burning house.
- Mind read the troll each time you see him, this will make the upcoming battle much easier
- In each area, find and pull the lever in order to progress until you meet the Abbott.
- When you go into the next area, if you mind read Skulk each time, you can tell the Abbott the spell so he doesn't have to sacrifice himself.

The Engineer

- You will now face off with the Engineer. The cut-scene will show four switches around the area, proceed to turn off each one
- The Abbott, if alive, will disarm all the traps, making this battle simple.
- Once all the switches are deactivated, jump up and kill the Engineer, loot his body to obtain the Engineer's Sword.


Last one! You need access to the Crow's Nest in order to obtain this, as you must complete the "Rune Handles" side quest as a prerequisite.

Rune Handles

To start this quest, pull any one of the rune handles throughout Aleroth:

- Remember where you first appeared in Aleroth during Flames of Vengeance? In the bushes to the right of the Ministry, you will find a handle.
- Go out the left side of the Grand Market towards Lanilor Lane. You should see this handle on your left near the top of the path.
- Head down into Lanilor Lane, and stop at the Luxurious Mansion. To the SW of the entrance is a small cranny where this handle can be found.
- Enter the Crow's Nest and follow the wall which has the sewer entrance on it, you should find this handle very quickly.
- Head to the Forgotten Crypt, and from here go to the most southern wall. The handle is beside a well/fountain thing near where you ran into Tom (if this hasn't happened yet, it will now, telling you you're close!)

Now go back to Lanilor Lane and look at the runes that are all alight. They form the patttern: Kitten, Totem, Totem, Maxos, Kitten. At the end of the path, you will see a dragon statue. Repeat this pattern to the statue, and the entrance to the Maxos Dungeon will appear.

- Go into the dungeon and continue until you reach a split.
- Each direction has a button on the wall at the end of it, with a rune on top.
- There is also a button right before the split. If you are coming from the entrance, it'll be on the left. If you are coming from the split, you'll see it straight ahead before the path turns left.
- Press any one of the buttons; a timer appears and you have 2 minutes to press the other two buttons. This is easily done as the enemies are not overly difficult.
- Upon pressing the third button, you will now have 5 minutes to kill a swarm of skeletons with extremely high defense. This should take a minute or so, and is really no challenge. Just use your abilities, and you'll be fine.
- The door in the center will open, enter it and interact with the pedestal.
- Choose either left or right, both contain the required item so don't worry too much. I got a Malachite Gem from the left chest, don't know if this always happens.

That's it! the achievement will pop and you're all done with this long solution. Thanks for sticking with it, hope it helps!

Thanks to LV 1 Blue Slime his contributions to this solution!
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