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How to unlock the Best of the Best achievement

  • MarkyshizzleMarkyshizzle1,699,020
    10 Jun 2011 22 May 2011 26 May 2011
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    Ok this is an easy process called rubberbanding.

    Things you need, A dedicated server (extra xbox)
    and 2 or more people who need xp. (up to 14)

    Make the game
    Dedicated Server
    20 Mins
    No Respawns
    15 Seconds Between Games
    5 Second Brief
    Team Kills Off

    Now the players that are in game just put rubberband around both joysticks. So you run circles all night, earning xp each 20 mins when the round ends. Also make sure u have a wired controller or plug n play kit plugged in or your controller will idle out.

    Defending team gets 1600xp per game, assault get 800xp per game. Too Easy

    Thanks to Digitalwar4 for the ranking info:
    Private Second Class - Experience Required: 0 pts. (Default Rank)
    Private First Class - Experience Required: 3,000 pts
    Specialist - Experience Required: 8,400 pts
    Corporal - Experience Required: 14,500 pts.
    Sergeant - Experience Required: 23,500 pts
    Staff Sergeant - Experience Required: 38,500 pts.
    Sergeant First Class - Experience Required: 56,500 pts.
    Master Sergeant - Experience Required: 82,500 pts.
    First Sergeant - Experience Required: 109,500 pts.
    Sergeant Major - Experience Required: 139,000 pts.
    Second Lieutenant - Experience Required: 172,000 pts.
    First Lieutenant - Experience Required: 214,000 pts
    Captain - Experience Required: 264,000 pts
    Major - Experience Required: 333,000 pts.
    Lt. Colonel - Experience Required: 415,000 pts
    Colonel - Experience Required: 535,000 pts.
    Elite - Experience Required: 675,000 pts

    Note: I am reposting this solution after being up for over a year. I had to repost due to issues with my old account, so i am relinking the solution to keep tabs on it. At this time my old solution has 67 thumbs up. I am merely reposting my same solution.

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    LiquidAgI may host some overnight sessions for this. I have an XB1 and a 360, so I can host the dedicated server and get XP on my main account. The only problem is that I'll have to get gold for my dummy account. PM me if anyone is interested.
    Posted by LiquidAg on 29 May at 14:33
    SRJBHas anyone had their rank reset? I played this last in 2013 I think, was looking to finish up and I'm back to private (unlocked the lieutenant achievement already)
    Posted by SRJB on 26 Jun at 19:56
    LiquidAgI played this back in 2007/2008, and when I came back to it this year, my rank was fine. I may have logged in once every 2 or 3 years in between, but that's it.
    Posted by LiquidAg on 26 Jun at 20:36
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    In online multiplayer you need 675,000 xp. The fastest way to achieve this is to play Terrorist Hunt on LVU Campus with the enemy density set at high and realistic difficulty.

    This can be done in player matches and it it faster than ranked matches because nobody playes ranked matches.
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    MochawlCan anyone confirm if you get XP via system link since the servers are down?
    Posted by Mochawl on 27 Apr 18 at 13:53
    MAJIN BOOSHYou have to be good like o DEEVIUS o, if you’re not than don’t bother playing the maps he mentioned
    Posted by MAJIN BOOSH on 09 Jun 18 at 13:32
    The game is a lot easier if you take it in stages - Don't just run in and start shooting because they will overwhelm you and flank you from every angle.

    The idea for completing every map on realistic high alone is 'Provoke & retreat':
    When you first enter a map there are no enemies at all anywhere, you unlock them by moving past 'spawn thresholds' - once they are unlocked they begin to slowly spread out and search, but the idea is to lure them into a bottleneck and kill them like fish in a barrel from behind good cover.

    Enter the map, find the first good piece of cover, go in to the next part of the map to unlock the enemies, shoot your weapon without a silencer and then pull back to the cover. They will all respond to the fire and one by one allow you to gun them down in relative safety. You can learn the best places across the map to do this and have a solid 99% victory rate on any map.
    Posted on 09 Jun 18 at 18:01
  • Kovy88Kovy881,604,539
    31 Jul 2013 31 Jul 2013 31 Jul 2013
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    Idle boosting by yourself

    There is no proper solution on how to boost this by yourself using 2 Xboxes and a turbo controller, so I'm going to write one. Why would you want to do this? Simple reason. You will get 1599 XP-points every round of the match and won't have to go to the Assault-side ever, which grants only 800 XP per match. Plus you can do this anytime you want and not worry about other people. Yes, this is the solution where you do not need a dedicated server.

    It is possible to do this without a turbo controller, but it will be very tedious, since you can't auto-launch the match without rapid firing the A-button on the turbo, so you would have to start every round manually with a normal controller.

    Things you need:

    - 2 Xbox 360 consoles.
    - A wired normal controller (charge cable works too) and a turbo controller.
    - 2 copies of Rainbow Six Vegas.
    - A dummy account with Gold-time for the 2nd console.
    - Rubberbands.
    - Some kind of monitor for both Xboxes.

    Step 1.

    Go to Multiplayer -> Xbox Live. Select Create match and change the settings:

    Game mode: Attack & defend
    Game type: Player match
    Item restrictions: (doesn't matter)
    Map: Dam (I used this, but it doesn't really matter)
    Max players: 2 (one for yourself and one for your dummy)
    Private slots: 1 (for your dummy)
    Dedicated server: No
    Allow Voice: doesn't matter
    Language: doesn't matter
    Respawns: No

    Then press Launch the game.

    Step 2.

    You will now be in the lobby by yourself on the assault side.

    This is what you will always have to do first, so read carefully.

    Go to settings, set Lock teams to No and select Accept.

    Back in the lobby, select Change team and go to the Defender-side.

    Go back to settings and set Lock teams back to Yes and Accept.

    Now you are ready to invite your dummy gamertag. It will now join the Assault-side, which is always the losing side and you will now receive 1599 XP after every round on the Defender-side.

    Go back to Match settings.

    Round duration: 20 minutes
    Rounds per map: 20
    Respawns: No
    Team respawn: No
    Lock teams: Yes
    Friendly fire: No
    Briefing timer: 5 seconds

    So it will be a single match that lasts 20x20 minutes = 6 hours and 40 minutes.
    After every round you will receive 1599 XP. You will have to set the match up again
    after the 20 rounds, because the Launch-button will gray out, but you will get a nice 32,000 XP every time for a full match if everything goes smoothly.

    How to set up the controllers:

    Rubberband your Right stick to up left side, so that your character keeps looking at the ceiling while spinning. Note: you might not get XP if you rubberband it downwards, so always go up left. DO NOT rubberband the Left stick. This will often cause the cursor to move out of the Launch game -button between rounds and it will get stuck in the lobby.

    Rubberbanding the 2nd controller (dummy) is only necessary for preventing the game from kicking the tag out of the match. It might not get any XP, but it won't matter. So rubberband it up left side too.

    Set the A-button on your turbo controller to rapid wire while you press Launch game. Figure out something heavy enough to keep the A-button pressed constantly. I used a external Usb hard drive, I moved extra controller to the right side of the turbo controller and let the hard drive rest on the thumbsticks of the extra controller and the left side keeps pressing down the A-button on the turbo. There are many ways to do it, but that's just my example.

    If everything works out, it should keep the match up for the 6 hours and 40 minutes and you can let it idle while you sleep, go to work or school, or anytime you are away. You'll probably want to shut the TV:s or monitors power off to save electricity while it is idling.

    Extra info:

    - Always when you start a new match, try to babysit it for the first 20 minutes if possible. This way it won't screw up and get stuck in the lobby wasting time and electricity. If the first round goes well, the rest of the match will too, as long as you don't touch it and your controller stays on. The problem is that sometimes it might get stuck in the lobby screen after 1st round.

    - Do not check the scoreboard or lobby while the match is running, this will often result that the next round of the match will not start properly, as the cursor will go to Equipment instead of Launch game button, and it will keep looping in the equipment menu and get stuck until you fix it.

    - Have the respawns always off, because if they are on, you will receive less XP.

    - The XP bar of the game has 5 blocks, but there is usually a hidden 6th block which you will notice, when the 5 blocks are already full and you won't achieve the next rank right away, it still keeps filling XP. This is normal.

    - The turbo controller needs to be wired too so it won't shut down. I was able to get my Datel-turbo controller wired by using the Ps3-controllers charge cable and inserting it to the usb-port. I plugged the other end to the turbo controller data input that is under the battery case. This made it a wired controller.
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    BulgyDragonZordYou would loose a big amount of XP if you turn the re-spawns on, but you will gain some if you get kills. Personally I would say the amount of XP would be just about the same, however I never tried this method.
    Posted by BulgyDragonZord on 08 Jan 14 at 18:22
    Doing it with a partner works aswell :) Great solution!
    Posted on 21 Feb 15 at 00:52
    DadliestGamerGreat solution thanks! Just an FYI for anyone looking for a decent turbo controller. Im using a Mad Catz WWE Turbo Brawl Pad. It works perfectly for boosting this achievement. I have the D-Pad switched to the Right Stick with a rubber band over the right side so my character constantly turns to the right. Once you setup the "A" to turbo mode it's just a matter of finding something heavy to rest on the button.
    Posted by DadliestGamer on 21 Jan 17 at 23:42
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