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Medieval Madness™ Wizard Goals. in Williams Pinball Classics

Medieval Madness™ Wizard Goals.275 (50)

Complete all Wizard Goals for Medieval Madness™.

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Achievement Guide for Medieval Madness™ Wizard Goals.

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Posted on 26 September 11 at 15:00, Edited on 29 September 11 at 12:15
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Here we go, hardest achievement in the game!
The Wizard Goals are as they follow:

Wizard Goals
1. Activate Barnyard Multi-ball
2. Activate Royal Madness
3. Activate 4-ball Multi-ball Madness
4. Win Video Mode
5. Win the Battle for the Kingdom

1. Barnyard Multi-ball:
For Barnyard Multi-ball you need a minimum of 5 Catapult Slams. Each time you hit a Slam (1st hit: Wham - 2nd hit: Bam) you may select one of 5 (Bowling ball, Cow, Chicken, Cat, Skull) things to throw at the castle.
You have to choose every item at least once and then hit the Catapult one more time for the Barnyard Multi-ball to start.

2. Activate Royal Madness:
To activate Royal Madness you have to lite every single Madness (Joust, Catapult, Peasant, Damsel and Trolls) and after you collected your Multi-ball Madness from those, all Madnesses will flash towards Merlins Saucer.
Hit the Saucer and Royal Madness will be started.

3. Activate 4-ball Multi-ball Madness:
This can be done in two ways:
a) Lite Troll Madness first with no other Madness lit yet.
Hit the yellow Troll-targets left and right from the castle gate 8 times to light "Trolls" at Merlins Saucer and start them by hitting Merlin. Then you have to hit each Troll 3 times to lite Troll Madness.
Activate all other 4 Madnesses afterwards and activate Mutli-ball Madness, when all 5 Madnesses are lit.

Contra: You have to complete "Trolls" with one ball. If you lose that ball you failed.

b) Lite Joust-, Catapult-, Peasant- and Damsel-Madnesses and lite "Trolls" via the 8 Troll-targets.
When you now hit Merlins Saucer you will start "Trolls" and a 3-ball Multiball Madness.
Now you can shoot for the Trolls without taking care if one or another ball drains as long as the Ballsaver flashes (red star in the middle in the lower playfield). Just make sure you don't lose all balls but one (or all your balls) after the Ballsaver stopped. If you hit the Trolls 3 times each before the Troll-time-window of 30 seconds runs out, "Trolls" will be completed and Troll-Madness will be lit AND activated.
So all Madnesses will be active and a fourth ball will be added to your Multi-ball Madness.

4. Win Video-Mode
Well there's not much to say. Light the inlane-letters "FIRE" at least 8 times and activate Video Mode via Merlins Saucer after 8 (or more) completions.
Then you have to steer your Peasant-Hero left and right to kill the evil falcons that want to steal one of your babies.
You MUST NOT lose a single baby.
Try to figure out which sides' falcon starts it's descent first and take them out by running under them as they descend to the ground.
Also if one of the falcons already grabbed one of the babies you can still kill them as long as they are still in reach.
If one of the babies should be nearly carried away and you can't make it with your farming fella by foot there's also the possibility to pull the plunger and destroy every falcon on screen - but only ONCE per Video Mode.
So use this wisely and BEFORE the falcon with the baby leaves the screen. Once you cannot see the falcon anymore the plunger-trick won't work.
Kill 30 falcons while not losing a single baby earns you this goal.

5. Win the Battle For The Kingdom

This is the big fella. This will require you to play this table smart and disciplined.
There are 7 (if you want 8 [and I presume you WILL want 8]) tasks to complete to earn this final goal:

Phase I:

1. Joust Champion
2. Catapult Ace
3. Patron Of The Peasants
4. Defender Of Damsels
5. Master Of Trolls
6. Castle Crusher
7. Earn 1-2 Troll Bombs (optional)

Phase II:

8-1. Shoot the Jackpots
8-2. Shoot the Castle Gate

Phase I:

If you don't know what Joust Champion, Catapult Ace, etc. are: You can easily look this up in the Table Rules ingame.
In general this means completing all "Madness-tasks" 3 times AND kill 10 trolls AND destroy 6 castles.

First of all: I found it better NOT to focus on a single task at a time (at least not for too long).
Second: GATHER/SAVE 1 (suggested minimum) or 2 (optimal) TROLL BOMBS!
Third: Nudges!!!! Nudge the table when ever there's a possibility to enhance your ball-handling - not only when you expect your ball to drain.
I used nudging whenever I saw an opportunity to lead the ball to one of my flippers to trap it there for an aimed shot.
Also you'll by the time get a feeling for dangerous slingshot balls. You'll know which angle isn't really a threat and which angles - slingshotwise - makes the ball drain through the outlanes probably.

My preferred method is something like that:
Start every ball with the Super Skill Shot (plunge with left flipper pulled) and try to hit a Super Skill Shot and much more important: the Castle Hurry Up this will cause.
Try to avoid Merlin for the first 2 castles and finish those off at the beginning.
Then try to mix it up. Complete at least one madness, light trolls - if you want to / if possible - hit 8 more Troll-targets to earn a Troll Bomb - or even a second one if you want - and continue completing Madnesses when they offer.
Also lock a ball every now and then - even if it happens by accident.
Try to combine Trolls with Multi-ball Madness and when still in Multi-ball and Trolls completed "Smack-A-Troll" will be added to your Multi-ball Madness which allows you to get those 10 Troll-kills out of the way quickly.
In between never forget to progress your castles.
I prefer to continuosly hit drawbridges, trap the ball, when it's spit out again to the left (nudge), and hit the drawbridge again until it's gone for that particular castle.
For Castle Gates this method doesn't work, cause it bounces back different every time.
I prefer destroying castle gates when in any kind of Multi-ball as unlucky drains aren't that bad.
So, if you are doing it right your 6 tasks' progresses should be quite balanced all the time.
This also allows you to start a Royal Madness every once in a while, or start a Castle Multi-ball every once in a while,...
...which brings me to Extra-balls:
Go for all kinds of Extra-balls the table offers, as there are:

1) Castle-Multi-ball Extra-ball:
To earn a Castle-Multi-ball Extra-ball hit the ramps 5 times in total and then hit the lock while at least 2 balls still in play. This will lite Extra-ball at Merlins Saucer.
2) 2nd Castle Extra-ball: Extra-ball will be lit at Merlins Saucer after you destroyed the 2nd castle (in every cycle -> also castle #2 after you already started a battle for the kingdom will lite that Extra-ball).
3) Castle-Hurry-Up Extra-ball:
Everytime you complete a Madness that does not add to your current Multi-ball Madness waiting to start, will give you a Castle Hurry Up. To collect it hit the Castle Gate once (Drawbridge, Castle Gate, open --> doesn't matter).
The 10th and 40th collected Castle Hurry Up lite an Extra-ball at Merlins Saucer.
Note: If you complete 2 or more Madnesses your Castle Hurry up also counts 2 or more completed Castle Hurry Ups.
4) Video Mode: When in Video Mode and you already have earned that particular goal of beating it, I'd suggest you focus on the Extra-ball in Video Mode in your BftK-runs. As described above you have to kill 30 birds to win Video Mode. Around bird #20 there will be an Extra-ball with wings flying above your babies.
If you've already beaten Video Mode I'd suggest to concentrate on that Extra-ball instead of actually killing all 30 birds.
5) Royal Madness: When all Madnesses are lit and Multi-ball Madness was aready played, shoot Merlin's Saucer to start Royal Madness.
In Royal Madness you have to hit twice:
-) Trolls (one hit per Troll)
-) Peasant Ramp
-) Damsel Ramp
-) Joust (doesn't matter which side)
-) Catapult (if you hit the Catapult-spot-target it counts for 2 hits)
The Lock will count as any target too (always starting as a Catapult hit).
Between one hit target and your next target to hit you have 20 seconds.
When all targets have been hit in time you'll be rewarded with an Extra-ball immediately, that has NOT to be collected at Merlins.

So, you kept Jousting, and Catapulting and Castlecrushing and you can see which tasks have been completed 3 times already in the center beneath the Castle Gate (the blue line of circles towards the castle). Lowest circle would be "Castle Crusher", the circle beneath "Battle For The Kingdom" would be "Master Of Trolls".
So, check on them every now and then (eventually write down their order on a piece of paper) and you'll know which task wasn't completed 3 times so far.
Also try to get a feeling for whether you should go for those final few castle hits or if you should focus on completing your last missing Madness again for instance in order to start another "Royal Madness" because you might need an Extra-ball.

Once all circles from "Castle Crusher" to "Master Of Trolls" are lit (and you are not in any Multi-ball) the Battle For The Kingdom will be lit. Don't worry if you lose your ball there as long as you didn't start the battle and you still have a ball left.

Phase II:

The battle starts when you shoot your ball into the castle when BftK is lit and WILL end after this ball, whether you lose your ball or you're successful.
As soon as it's started a 4-ball-Multiball will be started and you'll be told to shoot the Jackpots, which are:

-) Catapult
-) Peasant Ramp
-) Damsel Ramp
-) Both Orbits
-) Lock

The Lock has to be a clean shot (at least I had the feeling that it wouldn't count if one ball hits another one into the Lock).
You have 10 seconds from the last target you hit to the next target you're going to hit UNLESS you are still in Multi-ball. In Multi-ball you do not have that time limit.

As soon as you hit the last of those targets you'll start your final assault at the castle:

When the last Jackpot is hit, both Trolls will pop up and CANNOT BE KILLED --> EXCEPTION: TROLL BOMBS.

So hopefully you collected 1 or 2 Troll Bombs and didn't waste them on any "Trolls"-rounds.
If you have bombs, now is the time to pull the plunger twice (or once if you only got 1 bomb) and make them disapper.
Now you have to hit the castle gate 6 times to destroy the gate and a seventh time do win the Battle For The Kingdom.
Depending on how many balls you got left and how many Trolls you have still on the field you have to think of a way to manage the gate being hit as often as required.
Also here: You have 10 seconds inbetween the gate hits, UNLESS YOU ARE STILL IN MULTIBALL!

Here are some things I already found out in my attempts which also included an open gate for the final hit, that I couldn't land:

-) Don't get rough on the machine during Battle For The Kingdom. The table seems more sensitive in compare to "normal play" and I already tilted it accidently, which is totally !%&§$!
-) When there's one or two trolls on the field, the trolls can trap your balls eventually. If this is the case (even if it looks quite comfortable), I'd suggest pausing immediately and choose "Call Attendant" for reseting your trapped ball.
Because if this is one of two balls remaining and you lose the ball you're hitting the gate with, it takes 15 seconds till the trapped ball will be reset but you only have 10 seconds for your next gate-hit.
-) I know this may sound easy, but don't rush this. take your time to aim at the gate and execute your shots carefully.

I earned this on my second Battle For The Kingdom in that particular game, cause I failed to hit the gate in the 10-sec-time-window in my first Battle. So as you can see it's not even a problem to reach the BftK a second time if you manage to get an Extra-ball quite frequently.
In that round I scored over 500Mil, killed 46 Trolls, destroyed 15 castles and completed those "3x-tasks" (Damsel, Peasant, etc...) over 10 times each.
So,... some guides will tell you to restart if you can't destroy 3 castles with your first ball. On one hand this is an ok rule of thumb, on the other hand it's total nonsense.
It all depends on your Extra-ball-earning-skills and how good you are at hitting the spots you want to hit.

I guess there's nothing more to say.
Hope this helps some of you.

Note: If voted negative, please give me a short comment about the reason, you didn't like my solution! THX!
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