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Risk Taker

Clear out the wheel in Wheel of Chance

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  • OliverioOliverio1,677,419
    08 Apr 2011 09 Apr 2011 31 Jul 2013
    34 0 15
    First of all, if you spinned a skull, just have your left arm in the usual Kinect cancel position (left arm and left leg 45 degrees) and in the in-game menu that pops up you can simply restart the mini game without losing the 25 credits. Like in the other guide, the XBOX button works as well, but this is a Kinect game, so you are not supposed to play with your controller in it.

    The wheel has numbers in the following order 100-1-5-1-1-10-5-1-20-(skull)-10-1-5-1-10-1-20-5.

    Part of it is luck, but not everything, if you raise your hands and drop them with the slowest possible speed that the game still accepts, the wheel will stop 6 numbers from your current position (e.g. your first spin will always end up at the second 5). This strategy can be applied at any point, so it is always worth to watch where you ended up with your spin and what the 6th number ahead is.

    Rest is luck, but if you practice the movement that gets you about a whole spin, you can get the difficult numbers (100, 20) upfront. By always knowing where you currently are on the wheel and where the good numbers are you can plan the speed you do your next spin with and mop up afterwards. Using the slowest spin to move 6 ahead was key for me after I have done 2 or 3 lucky spins.
  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi1,949,803
    06 Apr 2011 08 Apr 2011 09 Apr 2016
    11 4 12
    okay this achievement is hard and is a pain I know but there is one thing that I figured out that makes this so much easier too obtain.. playing the game without the loss of tickets :] makes it such much easier and helps you win a lot of tickets to buy other prizes.. all you have to do is when you land on a skull and are about to lose just press the xbox button on your controller, this will bring up the in game menu which you can restart the game without paying another 25 tickets :] thank god for this because I would have needed 25000 tickets for the amount of times I've played this... at least lol..

    okay so now that the money part is solved that still leaves getting this aggravating achievement which is basically luck so for those that don't know the object of the game it's to get one of each of the 5 numbers to knock them out and clear the board and as you can see there is one 100 two 20s three 10s four 5s and seven 1s which are on the wheel and the board and you need to spin the wheel and the number you get will clear out all of that number from the wheel and the board and turn them into skulls. you'll get the amount in tickets for you to leave with or to risk to spin again. So get comfortable your gonna be playing awhile for this (I sat on my floor after awhile and just keep spinning and restarting) Basically you wanna get the 100, a 20 or a 10 first if you can (or even a 5), if you get a 1 in your first 3 spins you should restart unless you doubled your tickets then cash out and replay (might as well kill two birds with one stone) or if you got a 100 before it then you can stick it out and take your chances but your best odds are leaving the 1s for last so that you will have seven chances on clearing the board without hitting a skull.. other then that the rest is luck and patience so good luck and just keep playing

    please leave feedback if you can =]
  • JJBDude48JJBDude481,571,994
    03 Jun 2011 03 Jun 2011
    6 0 2
    Right after 2 hours of non stop trying for this achievement I was finally successful. I believe I managed to turn what at first glance appears to be luck in to a skill based achievement. I feel it's my duty to inform all of you that are interested in my technique as if I had known it earlier I'd have probably done this in half the time.

    Firstly I had already read and taken in to consideration the fact that moving your arms in the slowest way will make the wheel move 6 positions, this does come in handy at one point in my guide. But first you need to set up right. This will take a while so no point standing when you can sit down (you can play most games sitting down, this one you definitely can as Kinect has no problems seeing you wave your arms up and down). Have a controller either on your lap or between your legs as you will want to hit the guide button to pause the game and restart once you've hit a skull (which stops you losing the 25 tokens you just put in to try the wheel). You're ready to go.

    What I was able to learn after a while is I could make the wheel land on the first 20 pretty much 80% of the time. I believe it is 8 spaces away from the start so you're going to need to practise to figure out the right speed you need to do in order to make it land on the 20. Once I had mastered this I realised the 100 was not too far away from the 20, probably around 10 spaces away as I figured out if I swung my arms down slightly more this time than I did the first time I could land on 100. By doing this you have gotten 100 and 20 out of the way in 2 rounds, a very good way to start off. Now comes the part where you want to make your movement as slow as possible as 6 spaces above you should find yourself landing on a 5. It's not as good as landing on 10 but it's better than risking getting a skull I believe. Now from here out I didn't bother with any more skill as I knew it wouldn't take too much longer to get the 10 and 1 and sure enough I eventually did, it was rewarding seeing 200G pop up!

    Now I'm sure you're going to have problems landing on the 20 and then following up by 100, all I can say is I sat there whining in a party to my friends for 2 hours trying this achievement and now at the end of it I have been able to choose to land on them. Practise makes perfect. I wish I could make it easier for you but I don't think that's possible as really this is meant to be a luck based achievement. just keep persevering and hopefully you shall prevail!
  • DavieMarshallDavieMarshall211,237
    05 May 2011 06 May 2011 06 May 2011
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    I read and re-read the solutions here on the 'short spin', and knowing the positions of numbers on the wheel, but it wasn't working for me. I find a simple do or die strategy is most effective. Just keep spinning regardless of what you've got left on the board. As an example, I hit the most common numbers first off yet still ended up clearing the wheel by hitting just one of two open spots against eighteen skulls.

    Should you hit a skull, use your Xbox controller's guide button to pause the game and then choose 'Start Over'. Of course, you won't turn a profit in tickets this way, but you increase your chances of clearing out the wheel in a shorter time. It is, after all, just a game of chance. Sooner or later your luck will prevail.

    However, if you're playing the cautious game and wish to bank some extra tickets for buying prizes at the same time, you need to play the odds more selectively.

    For this scenario add up the number of skulls you have on the board, remembering to add one more to the total (as the wheel starts with one skull already in place). You can then weigh up whether to spin again, or cut and run.

    A good rule of thumb is to spin again for any odds that are 50/50, or even 60/40 in the Barkers favour. As with the 'do or die' strategy, remember to use the guide button on your controller to quickly restart after any loss to maximise your gains.

    Good luck! (You'll need it!)
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