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Win 10 Ranked Online Matches in a row

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Achievement Guide for Outstanding!

  • madmankevinmadmankevin390,255
    09 Jul 2011 13 Jul 2011 12 Feb 2014
    66 16 56
    If you're an average player who can win a ranked game here and there and you want the 10 ranked wins in a row achievement but don't like ruining others online experience by quitting or going to the dashboard, then this guide is for you, even if you lose! 100% of the credit goes to Salarian from x360a on this guide!

    What you need: two memory units (I used a hdd and a memory card).

    Play a ranked game online and when you get your first win, allow it to save then go to the dashboard. From here, go into your memory settings and copy your "Player Settings" save from your main memory unit to your secondary memory unit.

    Play another ranked match and if you win, copy your main "Player Settings" save to your secondary memory unit (select "Yes" when it prompts the overwrite). If you lose, copy/overwrite your "Player Settings" save from your secondary memory unit to your primary. This is what preserves your streak even if you lose!

    If somebody disconnects from you, it doesn't count towards your wins and it doesn't break your streak. If you get a disconnect, just play another match.

    Your online stats will show what is correct (wins, losses, streak, etc.) but using this tactic your save will think you have never broken your streak! For example, my best streak shows as 4 on the leaderboards but I was still able to obtain the achievement for the 10 streak by using this method.

    If you are halfway decent with a single fighter, this is the best method to obtain this achievement while allowing those that beat you to claim their wins. If you get beat, be respectful and take the loss because you'll still be able to get your 10 wins in a row!

    Thanks for looking!

    If you're a child who loves rage quitting and ruining other people's online experience, give this guide a negative vote! There are 10+ anonymous children on this site who love ruining the online experience for others! When you kids keep anonymously trashing those that are only trying to help you, soon you'll find that nobody will want to help the community (you) anymore.
  • Shiney CheeseShiney Cheese1,341,176
    13 Oct 2012 13 Oct 2012
    25 0 4
    If you are boosting this with someone I can confirm that if you quit out against someone (who isn't the person you are boosting with) on the character select screen it WILL NOT break your winning streak.
  • LavindatharLavindathar1,321,996
    21 Apr 2011 21 Apr 2011 02 Jan 2013
    26 2 6
    For this game, you need 10 ranked wins in a row. Now, a few points :

    * Despite disconnects counting on your stats, they do not count towards this achievement. However, they do not halt its progress either. Its as if the match never happened.
    * It doesn't not have to be in one play session

    I can confirm this, as when I earnt the achievement it went like this :

    Won 5 in a row.
    6th person disconnected as I did fatality (stats now show 6 streak)
    Won 4 in a row (stats now show 10 streak)
    11th person disconnected (stats show 11 streak)
    Won 1
    Achievement popped
    So the achievement didn't pop until after I had hit 10 wins without any disconnects.
    My cheevo popped at 12 streak, which proves the 2 d/c's didn't count.

    So, if someone quits out on you, unfortunately it won't count for the achievement.

    *A general tip I'd like to give, is not to spam moves. Not because its cheap, but because a semi decent player will nail you. Block is your friend. If your lucky, you'll run into spammers. Let them spam Smoke/Scorpions teleport punch, let them spam Kabals dash....just block, and take a free uppercut. Being defensive is far more productive than spamming attacks in my opinion.

    The great thing about this Mortal Kombat, is you can really pick your spots. Wait for an opening before you attack. Know the opponents character, and within 10 seconds of the first round starting you will know what kind of player he is.

    This achievement may prove tricky, because every now and again us average gamers will run into a master, and that usually spells trouble!
  • xBig Baby CxxBig Baby Cx48,745
    27 Apr 2011 27 Apr 2011 02 May 2011
    26 11 23
    This achievement is currently possible with 2 STREAKS...

    Due to this game being difficult to boost i just started playing legit and got decent with scorpion so its good to have someone your comfortable with in case the "S**T hits the fan".

    These are the details:
    GAME MODE: 1 vs 1
    1st streak = 8

    1 loss (just as he beat me i turned my xbox of "thought it was worth a try,) however my stats then included 1 more loss and streak had ended.

    2nd streak = 2

    At the end of my second win the achievement popped.

    My stats still read:
    BEST STREAK= 8 therefore 2 streaks worked luckily i might add. not really a solution but thought it may prove helpful just in case people gave up. hope this helps.
  • VIII OLFIO 81VIII OLFIO 81176,323
    14 Dec 2012 14 Dec 2012 14 Dec 2012
    12 0 2
    This is my guide for 10 wins in a row in ranked matches.
    The achievement is easier than i thought.
    1 - Find a friend that wants help you.
    2 - Select a time of the day in which you think there are few players (i've unlocked it today at 18:00 in italy, because at this time there are no players from the other countries, such as U.S.A).
    Erase your friend from your list and put him like "prefer this gamer", i've noticed that by this way I found my buddy almost everytime.
    now the boosting can start: search a ranked 2v2 match, if you don't find your buddy simply back out during character select. You will lose the match but your winstreak doesn't stop.
    Play with your buddy until you win 10 matches.
    Achievement unlocked.
  • MosesChristusMosesChristus213,484
    08 May 2011 10 May 2011
    15 7 7
    Even though the solutions above helped me getting this one, I still find them a little bit unsatisfying and kinda incomplete - so I'm posting my solution here:

    The quitting method works absolutely fine.
    I tried starting my streak in Tag-Mode but having to know two characters and having to know/counter two enemies' combos doesn't really make this easier.
    So after a few tries I got back to 1vs1 playing Kano.
    Kano is a quite unpredictable fighter with precious moves like his rolls, an airthrow and good and powerful combos. But of course feel free to pick the fighter of your choice.

    Just take a look at your wins in the statistics. You'll need (in case you have no streak going at the moment) 10 wins more.
    Everytime your about to lose just quit the match. It's your choice if you do that by quitting the match, dashboard-quitting or powering down your XBox. All of those options work and DON'T count the match for this cheevo. Don't bother what your statistics say, just focus on "wins + 10". Your streak counter resets when you quit out of the match but for the achievement the streak continues.

    Next point I couldn't really figure out from the above solutions:
    During my 10 wins my max streak was 3, so I lost more matches than the 10 matches I won.
    During my losses I first stuck with powering down my XBox before "Finish Him" but some close matches I also quit DURING "Finish Him" and there was even a match that I quit AFTER my opponent hit me on the "Finish Him"-screen (I guess he didn't know his Fatality-input, so he just hit me and I was quitting so late that I could even watch him hitting me).

    You DON'T NEED to quit BEFORE "Finish Him".
    You don't even need to quit before the opponent hits you on the "Finish Him"-screen.
    Just make sure you're out of the match before the game returns you to the lobby.

    I have those 10 wins and not a single one more, and except one win I did all of them today in one sitting and I've tried every kind of quitting and tried the full timing window when to quit (from in the middle of the round till after the opponent hit you on the "Finish Him"-screen.
    NONE of those quits breaks your streak for the achievement - it breaks only tht streak counter in your statistics.
  • The SharkopathThe Sharkopath401,825
    26 Oct 2014 28 Oct 2014
    7 0 2
    I wanted to post a solution to clear up some info. I gathered this info while boosting with BPBPBPBPBPBPBPBP and KashThePriest. I have tested these methods and can confirm that they do indeed work. There are two ways you can do this.

    1. You can do madmankevin solution if you don't have a boosting partner or just want to play legit.

    2. You have a boosting partner. If you have a buddy to help you the method I recommend is this:
    -The player that is LOSING should search for a RANKED TAG MATCH. Tag matches have less traffic than 1v1 matches.
    -If the LOSING player does not get a game with a random within about 5 seconds, then the WINNING player should search for a RANKED TAG MATCH. You should then match up together.
    -If either players (WINNING or LOSING) happens to get paired up with a random then just wait until the CHARACTER SELECT SCREEN and simply hit cn_B to back out to the Xbox Live menu. It will warn that "Backing out will result in a loss." However, this will NOT break the win streak for the WINNING player. Doing this will save time and the headache of turning the console off or trying to dashboard.
    -Once you and your boosting partner get paired up simply pick any fighters you want to use. When the match starts the WINNING player just needs to beat the LOSING player however they see fit.
    -After the match is over just rinse and repeat until the WINNER player gets 10 wins and the achievement.

    I also recommend maybe doing the matches like this to get the other online achievements in the process (excluding 100 wins and King of the Hill matches):

    Match 1: WINNING player should NEVER JUMP the whole match, do 8 throws (cn_RB) and let the timer run out. In round 2 just do some damage to the LOSING player and let the time run out again. The LOSING player shouldn't do anything. Just stand there and take a beating. This will result in getting the WINNER:
    Mortal KombatThrows Are For ChampsThe Throws Are For Champs achievement in Mortal Kombat worth 82 pointsPerform 8 throws in an Online Ranked Match

    Mortal KombatHumiliationThe Humiliation achievement in Mortal Kombat worth 23 pointsGet a Flawless Victory in an Online Match

    Mortal KombatTough Guy!The Tough Guy! achievement in Mortal Kombat worth 16 pointsWin an Online Match

    Mortal KombatDon't Jump!The Don't Jump! achievement in Mortal Kombat worth 39 pointsWin A Ranked Online Match without jumping

    Mortal KombatTurtle!The Turtle! achievement in Mortal Kombat worth 103 pointsWin both rounds with timer running out in an Online Ranked Match

    Match 2: LOSING player should beat one of the WINNING players fighters and get the 2nd fighter down to 10% health. Just be careful and do simple punches/kicks and no combos when getting down to the low health. LOSING player should stop and then let the WINNING player fight back and beat him. If the WINNING player doesn't get the "I'm Not Dead Yet!" achievement after the 1st round then try again for the 2nd round. The WINNING player should get the win and the achievement when the match is over.
    Mortal KombatI'm Not Dead Yet!The I'm Not Dead Yet! achievement in Mortal Kombat worth 105 pointsComeback with under 10% health in an Online Ranked Match

    Matches 3-10: Have the WINNING player beat the LOSING player as you see fit. At the end of the 10th match the WINNING player will get
    Mortal KombatOutstanding!The Outstanding! achievement in Mortal Kombat worth 345 pointsWin 10 Ranked Online Matches in a row
  • GriZzly GRiPGriZzly GRiP344,978
    16 May 2011 16 May 2011
    8 2 0
    This guide is for players who are average like myself.

    In ranked matches your going to sooner or later run across a guy who's a straight up beast at the game ultimately ruining your streak. So as states above play tag matches. Most of the time in tag the players are only good with one of their characters or are just messing around.

    PRACTICE!! practice with whatever 2 characters you feel comfortable with. My choices were smoke and reptile in that order. Go into practice mode and learn their combos but also set different opponents so you can learn to defend against them.

    After beating this guy who clearly was only messing around i went to recent players and preferred him and got paired up with him 4 matches in a row. Luck? maybe but it doesn't hurt.

    Wait to use xray! This saved my ass more times then i can tell you. this was my strategy and it worked pretty well. I would always pay attention to their blocking habits. I normally would through the smoke ball thing and they would block it but immediately after throwing it i'd use xray because they would drop their guard. Not saying its necessary just some tips.

    Those were my tips that lead me to get the achievement. Hope something in their helps out. It can be a frustrating achievement.
  • 8 7 6
    Win ten ranked matches in a row. You have a choice between 1V1 or tag team 2V2. Either matches count toward the achievement streak. I reccomend using your best character and using your best combo. I would hate to suggest spamming but if you have no other alternative, that is always a route (weak and nooby but a route non the less). Take your time and don't forget to block. Many people use scorpion and subzero online so if you learn how anticipate their moves and counter them when needed. Spamming is cheap but it will get you this if you stay dedicated to it. I don't spam so if anyone else can spam well feel free to post under my solution. Try to do it early before everyone learns all of the in and outs of the game. Good Luck.
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