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Win 10 Ranked Online Matches in a row

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How to unlock the Outstanding! achievement

  • madmankevinmadmankevin467,174
    09 Jul 2011 13 Jul 2011 12 Feb 2014
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    If you're an average player who can win a ranked game here and there and you want the 10 ranked wins in a row achievement but don't like ruining others online experience by quitting or going to the dashboard, then this guide is for you, even if you lose! 100% of the credit goes to Salarian from x360a on this guide!

    What you need: two memory units (I used a hdd and a memory card).

    Play a ranked game online and when you get your first win, allow it to save then go to the dashboard. From here, go into your memory settings and copy your "Player Settings" save from your main memory unit to your secondary memory unit.

    Play another ranked match and if you win, copy your main "Player Settings" save to your secondary memory unit (select "Yes" when it prompts the overwrite). If you lose, copy/overwrite your "Player Settings" save from your secondary memory unit to your primary. This is what preserves your streak even if you lose!

    If somebody disconnects from you, it doesn't count towards your wins and it doesn't break your streak. If you get a disconnect, just play another match.

    Your online stats will show what is correct (wins, losses, streak, etc.) but using this tactic your save will think you have never broken your streak! For example, my best streak shows as 4 on the leaderboards but I was still able to obtain the achievement for the 10 streak by using this method.

    If you are halfway decent with a single fighter, this is the best method to obtain this achievement while allowing those that beat you to claim their wins. If you get beat, be respectful and take the loss because you'll still be able to get your 10 wins in a row!

    Thanks for looking!

    If you're a child who loves rage quitting and ruining other people's online experience, give this guide a negative vote! There are 10+ anonymous children on this site who love ruining the online experience for others! When you kids keep anonymously trashing those that are only trying to help you, soon you'll find that nobody will want to help the community (you) anymore.

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    ChrisKochoYes I’m doing it
    Posted by ChrisKocho on 18 Aug 20 at 10:17
    MoonfireBDTA may as well just list these achievements as unobtainable because it's literally impossible to get an online match now.
    Posted by MoonfireBD on 06 Oct at 13:54
    MoonfireBDTA may as well just list these achievements as unobtainable because it's literally impossible to get an online match now.
    Posted by MoonfireBD on 06 Oct at 14:01
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  • Shiney CheeseShiney Cheese2,056,792
    13 Oct 2012 13 Oct 2012
    28 0 4
    If you are boosting this with someone I can confirm that if you quit out against someone (who isn't the person you are boosting with) on the character select screen it WILL NOT break your winning streak.
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    M0NKEY R4NGERI can also confirm that if you quit at the character select screen it does not break your streak.
    Posted by M0NKEY R4NGER on 25 Mar 13 at 19:07
    Big EllThis should be added to the top solution. Well done.
    Posted by Big Ell on 16 Oct 13 at 05:48
    JeffGOMESThe game does not update the number of wins, then do not take as a basis the set menu, disconnection does not brake the number of wins, just keep trying to unlock the conquest, when the achievement unlocked I check my status on menu and this with only sequence of 3 victories. headspin
    Posted by JeffGOMES on 11 Oct 15 at 23:26
  • LavindatharLavindathar1,894,842
    21 Apr 2011 21 Apr 2011 02 Jan 2013
    28 3 6
    For this game, you need 10 ranked wins in a row. Now, a few points :

    * Despite disconnects counting on your stats, they do not count towards this achievement. However, they do not halt its progress either. Its as if the match never happened.
    * It doesn't not have to be in one play session

    I can confirm this, as when I earnt the achievement it went like this :

    Won 5 in a row.
    6th person disconnected as I did fatality (stats now show 6 streak)
    Won 4 in a row (stats now show 10 streak)
    11th person disconnected (stats show 11 streak)
    Won 1
    Achievement popped
    So the achievement didn't pop until after I had hit 10 wins without any disconnects.
    My cheevo popped at 12 streak, which proves the 2 d/c's didn't count.

    So, if someone quits out on you, unfortunately it won't count for the achievement.

    *A general tip I'd like to give, is not to spam moves. Not because its cheap, but because a semi decent player will nail you. Block is your friend. If your lucky, you'll run into spammers. Let them spam Smoke/Scorpions teleport punch, let them spam Kabals dash....just block, and take a free uppercut. Being defensive is far more productive than spamming attacks in my opinion.

    The great thing about this Mortal Kombat, is you can really pick your spots. Wait for an opening before you attack. Know the opponents character, and within 10 seconds of the first round starting you will know what kind of player he is.

    This achievement may prove tricky, because every now and again us average gamers will run into a master, and that usually spells trouble!
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    Dawn0fTheEdjust a heads up for everybody boosting it. I boosting it with about 9 or 10 guys. I changed it up a little bit. we we're quitting to dashboard at the character select screen but still getting disconnects counting on our stats. so what I started doing was when you match up with an opponent. if it isnt one of your boosting partners, immediately open up your disc tray, If you do it as soon as you see the opponents name it won't count toward disconnects or anything. its as if you never connected to anybody. we managed to get 6 people their 10 wins in about 3-4 hours. help this helps.
    Posted by Dawn0fTheEd on 25 Apr 11 at 09:28
    ColdCyberfuNkRight, I got this last night on my 13th win. Rage quitters/disconnects don't count toward the streak.
    Posted by ColdCyberfuNk on 30 Jun 11 at 13:20
    LavindatharI can spell it just fine. My spelling was obviously good enough to write the news for this site, and I assure you they are quite strict.

    However, it seems the word is saved like that in the dictionary on my old phone, so at some point I've obviously wrote it incorrectly, and then added the word to the dictionary. And as I only type via predictive text, I don't actually scan the dictionary entries just hit one button and its auto added though.

    You could of just pointed it out though, instead of the smarmy comment.
    Posted by Lavindathar on 02 Jan 13 at 23:02
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