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My Kung Fu Is Stronger achievement in Mortal Kombat

My Kung Fu Is Stronger

Gain Mastery of All Fighters

My Kung Fu Is Stronger0
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How to unlock the My Kung Fu Is Stronger achievement

  • ClaytThaGreatClaytThaGreat
    07 Jun 2011 27 Apr 2011 28 Jun 2011
    For Victories and Fatalities, go to options and set it to 1 round. Plug in a second controller and play 2 player versus. At the loading screen input the following kombat kode 044-440 for sans power. With 1 punch it goes to FINISH HIM, making the 100 victories and finishers go by way fast. The biggest pain is having to input the code every match. Find the easiest fatality/stage fate/babality to do to make life simpler.

    For X-Rays, go to options and set the rounds to 3. This time play 2 player tag match. At the loading screen input the following kombat kode 466-466 for unlimited super meter. This allows you to get 6-8 X-Rays per round, 18-24 per match. You'll have 150 in no time. Again having to input the code every match is a pain, but that's why you do 3 rounds instead of 2, so you have to do it less often.

    For the 24 hours of play time, go to practice -> tag team practice. Choose 2 characters and leave your console on while you go to sleep/work/out. *Be sure your controller is wired or is connected via a charging device. If the controller turns off, practice mode will go to the pause menu and not count the time.

    The 10,000 pints of blood spilled will be acquired as you work toward mastering the other statistical aspects.

    Hope this helps! Have fun! (ha)

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    oo Storm86 ooI was having the same problem with my time not counting. When you exit your practice match, go into the krypt before turning off your console. My time has counted evertime I have done that.
    Posted by oo Storm86 oo On 04 Mar 17 at 19:22
    SeñorMarstónThis is just one of the stupidest achievement I have ever seen in a game 😂 I love Mortal Kombat since I was a little kid and I love MK9, one of my all time favorite fighting games, but this achievement is just none sense; like the seriously 3.0 in Gears of War 3
    Posted by SeñorMarstón On 09 Oct 22 at 10:27
    x KiiNGPiN xI lost progress to all characters, what do I do!?
    Posted by x KiiNGPiN x On 19 Apr at 01:58
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  • MauLerYTMauLerYT
    Locked 23 Jul 2012 09 Nov 2012
    Ok, so i've owned Mortal Kombat for a long time now and I finally decided to tackle this BS time konsuming achievement because its the last one i need, I like getting the 100 Percent. xD

    First things first, before I even started heading for this achievement I had nearly gotten the required blood spilled on most champions and I played Scorpion heavily online so I nearly mastered him kompletely anyway this may be similar for you or you may be starting from scratch, either way this will help. i have read the kurrent solutions and they were helpful but I thought i would throw out my take on it. So go easy on me (First decent solution ive ever made). :|

    I decided to keep track of all my stats by using a grid I typed up, I kopied the info from Nekropolis so I could keep track of the Characters (ordered alphabetically). Thanks to this grid I did each requirement without having to return to check when I was finished with each character. Oh and btw, DLC characters dont count :L

    | Mortal Kombat | Grid | _________________________________________________________
    | Baraka_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Cyrax______-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Ermac_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Jade_______-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Jax________-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Johnny Cage-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Kabal______-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Kano______-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | kitana_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Lui Kang___-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Kung Lao___-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Mileena____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | NightWolf___-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Noob______-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Raiden_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Reptile_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Scorpion___-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Sektor_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Shang Tsung-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Sheeva_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Sindel_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Smoke_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Sonya_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Styker_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Sub-Zero___-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Cyber S-Z__-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Quan Chi__-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |

    Sorry about all the lines, TA doesn't like multiple spaces, lines were my only option. =(


    It would be a good idea to check up on Nekropolis every once and a while to update the grid, make sure that you don't do more than you need ;)

    Do absolutely everything you need in 2 Player Tag Team (you need 2 Kontrollers with either wires or charge Kables) the other solutions explain how to do some of this with 1 Kontroller, i believe it is in practice :P

    Before selecting what character you want to boost make sure you choose the subway map because the fatalities/wins are much easier and faster to do with the area fatality and why not do X-rays on it too :>


    Certain characters kan link thier X-ray after a different move (i.e Kung Lao Spin) doing this kan reduce the damage of the X-ray and allow more to be done in the round. The kode you need to input on the kontrollers in the loading screen is 466 466. This will allow infinite super juice and let you spam X-rays for each character. :)

    Wins and Fatalities:

    Obviously you should be loading up the Subway Map and this time you need to type the code 044 440 to lower both teams health to insta-kill. going for the fatality part of this will inevitably get you the wins aswel (BONUS!) I have few tips on this but one is, allow the FINISH HIM sign to leave the screen before you input the kode, just in case it screws up like it did for me a couple of times. :/
    Down here is a list of the characters, their Area Fatality kode (Which are performed right next to the victim for all) and the move to use to knock out both enemy players the fastest as long as you walk to them first (Knocks of seconds every time) ;D

    When Playing as:

    Area Fatality: Down, Down, Down, Down, A
    Double Knock Out: Down, Forward, X and RT

    Area Fatality: Down, Up, RT
    Double Knock Out: X, X, X

    Area Fatality: Down, up, (One second stall) down, down, A
    Double Knock Out: Back X, X, B

    Area Fatality: Back, Forward, Down, RT
    Double Knock Out: Forward Y, X, Y

    Area Fatality: Down, Forward, Down, X
    Double Knock Out: Y, Forward Y, Back X

    Johnny Cage
    Area Fatality: Down, Back, Forward, RT
    Double Knock Out: Y, X, Forward Y

    Area Fatality: Down, Down, B
    Double Knock Out: X, X, X

    Area Fatality: Up, Up, Back, A
    Double Knock Out: Back X, X, Y

    Area Fatality: Forward, Down, Down, A
    Double Knock Out: Down, Forward, X + RT (wait for the second person to come on before throwing the second Fan)

    Kung Lao
    Area Fatality: Down, Forward, Down, A
    Double Knock Out: Y, X, Y, X

    Liu Kang
    Area Fatality: Down, Forward, Back, A
    Double Knock Out: Couldn't find a good one for this, use his Back, Forward, Y twice :S

    Area Fatality: Down, Down, Down, X
    Double Knock Out: Y, A, B

    Area Fatality: Down, Down, Down, RT
    Double Knock Out: X, Y, Y, X

    Area Fatality: Forward, Down, Forward, RT
    Double Knock Out: Back X, Y, Forward B

    Area Fatality: Down, Down, Down, Y
    Double Knock Out: Y, Y, Back B

    Area Fatality: Forward, Down, Down, RT
    Double Knock Out: X, Y, Y, X

    Area Fatality: Forward, Up, Up, X
    Double Knock Out: Forward Y, X, B

    Area Fatality: Down, Forward, Down, RT
    Double Knock Out: X, X, Back X

    Shang Tsung
    Area Fatality: Up, Up, Back, X
    Double Knock Out: Back X, Y, X, B

    Area Fatality: Down, Down, Down, Down, X
    Double Knock Out: X, Back Y, Forward X

    Area Fatality: Down, Down, Down, X
    Double Knock Out: X, X, Back Y, B

    Area Fatality: Forward, Up, Up, X
    Double Knock Out: A, Down X, Y

    Sonya Blade
    Area Fatality: Back, Forward, Down, Y
    Double Knock Out: A, X, B

    Area Fatality: Forward, Up, Up, B
    Double Knock Out: Back Y, Back B

    Area Fatality: Forward, Down, Back, Y
    Double Knock Out: Back X, Y, B

    Cyber Sub-Zero
    Area Fatality: Down, Down, Up, RT
    Double Knock Out: X, X, Forward B

    Quan Chi
    Area Fatality: Back, Forward, Down, Y
    Double Knock Out: Forward, Y, X+Y

    Blood Spilled:

    Ok, so now you should have Wins, Fatalities and X-rays. Before the time segment you need to make sure you have enough blood spilled. Obviously you should check Nekropolis and update your Grid :3 but if you're like me and had more than enough on most champions at this point anyway you kan move on. BUT if you don't, then no worries, the time you spend spilling blood will go towards the final Segment anyway :D. All you need to do is batter your enemy with X and you will get around 100 pints per round, I have checked around for other posibilities and there are certain moves on characters that spill more blood but they do take longer to perform than X and end up doing more damage so i suggest simply tapping X over and over :*( sounds rough but it wont take you that long. On three rounds per tag game with 2 enemies to kill per round we get 600 pints per game and each game from start to finish taking an average of 5 mins we can see results like this:

    5 Minutes----------600
    10 Minutes---------1200
    20 minutes---------2400
    40 Minutes---------4800 Etc.

    Finally we have reached the last Segment of this achievement, the part that everyone hates -.- However simple this is, it's annoyingly awkward to pull off. First, change the gameplay settings to 1 round, turn the timer off, go to tag team versus and plug both controllers in. once you have decided which two, thats right TWO characters you want to boost time with, start the match and let it run for however long you need ;) doing two at a time is very efficient and if you leave it on over night every day, you will be done at around 324 hours or around 14 days. Admittedly many people worry about the RED RING OF DEATH but at this point I don't even have an Xbox that is capable of being "red ringed" so if you don't want to do this for that reason, don't.

    And that concludes my guide to the ridiculous achievement that is "My Kung Fu is Stronger" I hope this helps, as I have not completed the achievement at this time and im using my own guide to help myself (so meta 0_0). I think I have covered every thing i need too but if i have missed something please don't just leave a negative vote, tell me and I can rectify it :D thanks for reading, good luck. lets get some up votes so that people can see the grid shall we :D

    My Kurrent Chracters Mastered : 10/27
    Please share your progress below ;)

    P.S the "k" use is on purpose. xD
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    Crispy385I edited that graph heavily (took out the underscores, the win column seemed redundant with fatalities, resized the columns to look a little sleeker) but thank you for getting me started. It's a great idea, and I didn't think to keep track of it.
    Posted by Crispy385 On 18 Oct 14 at 02:42
    Crispy385Oh I forgot to mention, when I Master something, I replace the stats in that cell with X's. Makes it easier to see whats done at a glance, in my opinion.
    Posted by Crispy385 On 18 Oct 14 at 02:45
    YonderGruntCrispy is extra cringy
    Posted by YonderGrunt On 18 Jun 22 at 18:08
  • Mawu711Mawu711
    Locked 18 May 2011 19 May 2011
    This is just a tip for the 10,000 Pints of blood spill, as I am currently working on this achievement to finally 1000 the game. there's already a good strat up top for the fatalitys / xrays, you cant get a better idea than that..

    but as for the blood I have worked a few different strats to get the most blood out of each match and the best solution I have came up with is just spamming the X or Y button.

    each punch to the face will spill a lot of blood and do minimum damage, so what I do is put it on tag and 3 rounds. and just sit there hitting with x or y ( whichever does the less dmg )

    My reasoning for this is simple, when i tried uppercut spamming or special move, i would get aprox 300 pints of blood after the match ended. with the simple hitting in the face i was getting over 500.

    Hope this helps anyone that may get a bit frustrated with this aspect as I havent seen any tips on whats the best way to spill blood fast. because if you follow the tips up top to speed through xrays and fatalitys. you will NOT get 10k pints of blood by time you finish the others. ive seen my characters as low as 1500 - 2000 with everything else mastered. ( if theres a better way that I havent found please comment and let everyone know.)
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    ClaytThaGreatalso, do some of the more violent fatalities. no babalities, and certain stage fatalities won't spill any blood (like in hell, for instance).
    Posted by ClaytThaGreat On 22 May 11 at 18:31
    Mawu711I don't believe fatalitys count towards blood spill, ( I may be wrong but this is why I say this) I always choose Subway stage as the stage fatality is the quickest to end and by doing that one, you smach their face against the moving subway bus, spilling a lot of blood all over. I went to see how much blood spilled and there was none added. ( thats me setting the match to a 1 round win, 1 hit victory so I could count how much blood a punch would give)
    So if it does count for certain ones like Quanchi's Leg beatdown for instance thanks for that input, I would not really know the difference as I just use stage fatality for speed.
    Posted by Mawu711 On 25 May 11 at 23:33
    Crispy385Fatalities give you 20 pints of blood.
    Posted by Crispy385 On 24 Apr 15 at 16:35
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