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Achievement Guide for My Kung Fu Is Stronger

  • ClaytThaGreatClaytThaGreat476,617
    07 Jun 2011 27 Apr 2011 28 Jun 2011
    117 5 41
    For Victories and Fatalities, go to options and set it to 1 round. Plug in a second controller and play 2 player versus. At the loading screen input the following kombat kode 044-440 for sans power. With 1 punch it goes to FINISH HIM, making the 100 victories and finishers go by way fast. The biggest pain is having to input the code every match. Find the easiest fatality/stage fate/babality to do to make life simpler.

    For X-Rays, go to options and set the rounds to 3. This time play 2 player tag match. At the loading screen input the following kombat kode 466-466 for unlimited super meter. This allows you to get 6-8 X-Rays per round, 18-24 per match. You'll have 150 in no time. Again having to input the code every match is a pain, but that's why you do 3 rounds instead of 2, so you have to do it less often.

    For the 24 hours of play time, go to practice -> tag team practice. Choose 2 characters and leave your console on while you go to sleep/work/out. *Be sure your controller is wired or is connected via a charging device. If the controller turns off, practice mode will go to the pause menu and not count the time.

    The 10,000 pints of blood spilled will be acquired as you work toward mastering the other statistical aspects.

    Hope this helps! Have fun! (ha)
  • IFEARI MauLerIFEARI MauLer151,443
    23 Jul 2012 09 Nov 2012
    27 2 8
    Ok, so i've owned Mortal Kombat for a long time now and I finally decided to tackle this BS time konsuming achievement because its the last one i need, I like getting the 100 Percent. xD

    First things first, before I even started heading for this achievement I had nearly gotten the required blood spilled on most champions and I played Scorpion heavily online so I nearly mastered him kompletely anyway this may be similar for you or you may be starting from scratch, either way this will help. i have read the kurrent solutions and they were helpful but I thought i would throw out my take on it. So go easy on me (First decent solution ive ever made). :|

    I decided to keep track of all my stats by using a grid I typed up, I kopied the info from Nekropolis so I could keep track of the Characters (ordered alphabetically). Thanks to this grid I did each requirement without having to return to check when I was finished with each character. Oh and btw, DLC characters dont count :L

    | Mortal Kombat | Grid | _________________________________________________________
    | Baraka_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Cyrax______-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Ermac_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Jade_______-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Jax________-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Johnny Cage-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Kabal______-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Kano______-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | kitana_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Lui Kang___-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Kung Lao___-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Mileena____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | NightWolf___-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Noob______-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Raiden_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Reptile_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Scorpion___-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Sektor_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Shang Tsung-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Sheeva_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Sindel_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Smoke_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Sonya_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Styker_____-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Sub-Zero___-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Cyber S-Z__-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |
    | Quan Chi__-|_150_|__100___|_100|___24 hours___|___10,000__ |

    Sorry about all the lines, TA doesn't like multiple spaces, lines were my only option. =(


    It would be a good idea to check up on Nekropolis every once and a while to update the grid, make sure that you don't do more than you need ;)

    Do absolutely everything you need in 2 Player Tag Team (you need 2 Kontrollers with either wires or charge Kables) the other solutions explain how to do some of this with 1 Kontroller, i believe it is in practice :P

    Before selecting what character you want to boost make sure you choose the subway map because the fatalities/wins are much easier and faster to do with the area fatality and why not do X-rays on it too :>


    Certain characters kan link thier X-ray after a different move (i.e Kung Lao Spin) doing this kan reduce the damage of the X-ray and allow more to be done in the round. The kode you need to input on the kontrollers in the loading screen is 466 466. This will allow infinite super juice and let you spam X-rays for each character. :)

    Wins and Fatalities:

    Obviously you should be loading up the Subway Map and this time you need to type the code 044 440 to lower both teams health to insta-kill. going for the fatality part of this will inevitably get you the wins aswel (BONUS!) I have few tips on this but one is, allow the FINISH HIM sign to leave the screen before you input the kode, just in case it screws up like it did for me a couple of times. :/
    Down here is a list of the characters, their Area Fatality kode (Which are performed right next to the victim for all) and the move to use to knock out both enemy players the fastest as long as you walk to them first (Knocks of seconds every time) ;D

    When Playing as:

    Area Fatality: Down, Down, Down, Down, A
    Double Knock Out: Down, Forward, X and RT

    Area Fatality: Down, Up, RT
    Double Knock Out: X, X, X

    Area Fatality: Down, up, (One second stall) down, down, A
    Double Knock Out: Back X, X, B

    Area Fatality: Back, Forward, Down, RT
    Double Knock Out: Forward Y, X, Y

    Area Fatality: Down, Forward, Down, X
    Double Knock Out: Y, Forward Y, Back X

    Johnny Cage
    Area Fatality: Down, Back, Forward, RT
    Double Knock Out: Y, X, Forward Y

    Area Fatality: Down, Down, B
    Double Knock Out: X, X, X

    Area Fatality: Up, Up, Back, A
    Double Knock Out: Back X, X, Y

    Area Fatality: Forward, Down, Down, A
    Double Knock Out: Down, Forward, X + RT (wait for the second person to come on before throwing the second Fan)

    Kung Lao
    Area Fatality: Down, Forward, Down, A
    Double Knock Out: Y, X, Y, X

    Liu Kang
    Area Fatality: Down, Forward, Back, A
    Double Knock Out: Couldn't find a good one for this, use his Back, Forward, Y twice :S

    Area Fatality: Down, Down, Down, X
    Double Knock Out: Y, A, B

    Area Fatality: Down, Down, Down, RT
    Double Knock Out: X, Y, Y, X

    Area Fatality: Forward, Down, Forward, RT
    Double Knock Out: Back X, Y, Forward B

    Area Fatality: Down, Down, Down, Y
    Double Knock Out: Y, Y, Back B

    Area Fatality: Forward, Down, Down, RT
    Double Knock Out: X, Y, Y, X

    Area Fatality: Forward, Up, Up, X
    Double Knock Out: Forward Y, X, B

    Area Fatality: Down, Forward, Down, RT
    Double Knock Out: X, X, Back X

    Shang Tsung
    Area Fatality: Up, Up, Back, X
    Double Knock Out: Back X, Y, X, B

    Area Fatality: Down, Down, Down, Down, X
    Double Knock Out: X, Back Y, Forward X

    Area Fatality: Down, Down, Down, X
    Double Knock Out: X, X, Back Y, B

    Area Fatality: Forward, Up, Up, X
    Double Knock Out: A, Down X, Y

    Sonya Blade
    Area Fatality: Back, Forward, Down, Y
    Double Knock Out: A, X, B

    Area Fatality: Forward, Up, Up, B
    Double Knock Out: Back Y, Back B

    Area Fatality: Forward, Down, Back, Y
    Double Knock Out: Back X, Y, B

    Cyber Sub-Zero
    Area Fatality: Down, Down, Up, RT
    Double Knock Out: X, X, Forward B

    Quan Chi
    Area Fatality: Back, Forward, Down, Y
    Double Knock Out: Forward, Y, X+Y

    Blood Spilled:

    Ok, so now you should have Wins, Fatalities and X-rays. Before the time segment you need to make sure you have enough blood spilled. Obviously you should check Nekropolis and update your Grid :3 but if you're like me and had more than enough on most champions at this point anyway you kan move on. BUT if you don't, then no worries, the time you spend spilling blood will go towards the final Segment anyway :D. All you need to do is batter your enemy with X and you will get around 100 pints per round, I have checked around for other posibilities and there are certain moves on characters that spill more blood but they do take longer to perform than X and end up doing more damage so i suggest simply tapping X over and over :*( sounds rough but it wont take you that long. On three rounds per tag game with 2 enemies to kill per round we get 600 pints per game and each game from start to finish taking an average of 5 mins we can see results like this:

    5 Minutes----------600
    10 Minutes---------1200
    20 minutes---------2400
    40 Minutes---------4800 Etc.

    Finally we have reached the last Segment of this achievement, the part that everyone hates -.- However simple this is, it's annoyingly awkward to pull off. First, change the gameplay settings to 1 round, turn the timer off, go to tag team versus and plug both controllers in. once you have decided which two, thats right TWO characters you want to boost time with, start the match and let it run for however long you need ;) doing two at a time is very efficient and if you leave it on over night every day, you will be done at around 324 hours or around 14 days. Admittedly many people worry about the RED RING OF DEATH but at this point I don't even have an Xbox that is capable of being "red ringed" so if you don't want to do this for that reason, don't.

    And that concludes my guide to the ridiculous achievement that is "My Kung Fu is Stronger" I hope this helps, as I have not completed the achievement at this time and im using my own guide to help myself (so meta 0_0). I think I have covered every thing i need too but if i have missed something please don't just leave a negative vote, tell me and I can rectify it :D thanks for reading, good luck. lets get some up votes so that people can see the grid shall we :D

    My Kurrent Chracters Mastered : 10/27
    Please share your progress below ;)

    P.S the "k" use is on purpose. xD
  • Mawu711Mawu71174,516
    18 May 2011 19 May 2011
    26 3 4
    This is just a tip for the 10,000 Pints of blood spill, as I am currently working on this achievement to finally 1000 the game. there's already a good strat up top for the fatalitys / xrays, you cant get a better idea than that..

    but as for the blood I have worked a few different strats to get the most blood out of each match and the best solution I have came up with is just spamming the X or Y button.

    each punch to the face will spill a lot of blood and do minimum damage, so what I do is put it on tag and 3 rounds. and just sit there hitting with x or y ( whichever does the less dmg )

    My reasoning for this is simple, when i tried uppercut spamming or special move, i would get aprox 300 pints of blood after the match ended. with the simple hitting in the face i was getting over 500.

    Hope this helps anyone that may get a bit frustrated with this aspect as I havent seen any tips on whats the best way to spill blood fast. because if you follow the tips up top to speed through xrays and fatalitys. you will NOT get 10k pints of blood by time you finish the others. ive seen my characters as low as 1500 - 2000 with everything else mastered. ( if theres a better way that I havent found please comment and let everyone know.)
  • DriZzT1987DriZzT1987265,553
    02 Dec 2012 05 Oct 2012 21 Jul 2013
    16 0 2
    External image

    All guides have a few good tips. I would like to try to combine them all. I also want to add a few points (like saving at least 12 hours).

    Requirements to become Mastery of a Fighter include:

    100 Wins
    150 X-Ray
    100 ~alities (Any form of finishing move)
    Spilled 10,000 pints of blood
    24 hours play time with that char

    For "My Kung Fu is strong" you have to do this for one fighter. For "My Kung Fu is stronger" you have to do it for all 27 characters (excluding DLC characters).

    First you should work on X-Rays in 2 player tag team (requires 2 controllers). ClaytThaGreat said you should play matches with 3 rounds. That might be faster to get X-Rays done but you should play matches with 1 round to get also more fatalities.
    (Example: You play 22 matches with 1 round each. If you can do 7 X-Rays in one match you will get 154 X-Rays and 22 Fatalities. If you set rounds to 3 you would get 192 X-Rays but only (!) 8 fatalities [8 matches with 3 rounds each].)

    Settings should be
    Rounds: 1
    Timer: Off

    At the loading screen input the following kombat kode 466-466 for unlimited super meter (-> X-Rays).
    When you are done with X-Rays use the following kombat kode 044-440 for sans power (-> Fatalities). This way you can finish your oppenent with 1 punsh.
    Use uppercuts for your blood spilled progress. Do not use Babalities because you spill more blood with Fatalities. I prefer to play on "Subway". The stage fatality is short (-> saves some time) and you spill a lot of blood.

    Check stage fatality here:

    Try to combine stuff. Example: If you have 85 wins and you only have 8500 pints do not enter any codes. Do not use uppercuts now. You will spill more blood if you spam "X". You can still work on fatalities but you also get some more blood spilled.

    and to save some time. There are 27 characters and you have to play/idle 24 hours with every character. You can get 26 characters done in tag team practice. Choose 2 characters and leave your xbox on.
    Problem: You have to waste 24 hours for the last character.
    Solution: When you are done with 24 characters you have 3 characters left (character A, B and C).
    Start boosting with character A and B and stop after ~12 hours. Now start boosting with character A and C. After 24 hours you are done with character A. So you can play with B and C for 12 more hours. This way you can always boost 2 characters at the same time.

    Usually the achievement does not pop in tag team practice. Switch to any mode (ladder, online, 2 player versus) and play one match. Just finish the match and the achievement will pop.

    Additional Infos: You can check your progress in the Nekropolis (Extras-> Nekropolis) for every character.

    For idling 24 hours you will need a wired controller or wireless controller with play & charge kit. I know a few people say you can idle with a wireless controller + rubber band. That does NOT work. Wireless controllers automatically turn off if you do not press any button or if you do not change the direction of your sticks every 15 minutes.
  • Gamer186Gamer186145,935
    29 May 2011 30 May 2011
    11 3 6
    Well guys this achievement is not very hard at all just time consuming (took me like one month). You can finish the fatalities, x-rays, wins and the blood in like 2 hours with every character (so ca 54 hours with all characters in total). Actually a lot of that can be obtained by going towards the other achievements the game has so try them first. Like mentioned in other guides use combat codes a lot (466-466 and 044-440). Also i would recommend to check the other guides out cause they all offer excellent help for the different requirements and i dont want to repeat the stuff which has been said already. Just one tip for the time requirement: install the game on your hard drive at first. My xbox was running like 20 hours a day with plugged in controller and is still working (the other 4 hours a day were pauses). Try to make a plan when you are outside/working/etc. and turn the console on for those times. Turn it off after longer time periods to minimize the risk of overheating (i never tried out a full day to be serious but i think its better for your consoles as well).
  • Ridley PrimeRidley Prime169,772
    01 Jun 2011 18 May 2011 01 Jun 2011
    11 3 4
    Even if you have or are using a charger plugged to your controller to keep your rechargeable battery constantly charged and alive, your controller can in fact still turn off after awhile, which I learned the hard way when I left the game on tag team training mode overnight a couple times one time, as most of the hours I should've gained from leaving the game on that long did not count as far as what the stats showed. To fix this, get a rubber band, and put it around the controller (Zombie Genocidest trick from Left 4 Dead anyone?), and put it around the left thumbstick, so that your character will constantly be moving left or right nonstop, ensuring that your controller will never turn off and that all the hours you left the game on will count for those characters.
    This tactic is mostly just a heads up for those who may be lacking a wired controller like myself, and the above method served me pretty well in maxing out the 24-hour contribution for basically all of my characters whom I hadn't already mastered.

    Also be sure to download the game to your hard drive so the system will have a less chance of overheating with it and stuff. If it feels very warm when touching the side of the x-box, I would recommend exiting to the main menu, and have the system turned off until it has a good 15 to 20 minutes or so to cool down. Then start it back up again and return to tag team training. If you feel it is necessary to do this, you'll only really need to do it once within the 24 hours of the two characters you're maxing out.

    Anyhow, hope that helps for those who might've been having issues with the time milestone earlier...
  • eriktheduderikthedud118,220
    10 May 2011
    13 7 4
    For the X-rays, instead of doing 2 player versus, do a 2 player tag match. With 3 rounds and 4 X-Rays a round, you get 24 per match. It just saves you the loading time in between the matches and having to input the code again.
  • count023count023536,568
    21 Jul 2013 21 Jul 2013
    5 1 1
    Ok, presuming you've read everything above. Here's the question you've been asking for with your 24 hour wait using the tag practice/practice method.

    "Why didn't the achievement unlock after I got the last fighter mastered?"

    Simple answer is, because the game was not designed for you to master it that way. To fix this problem, simply load up a ladder, any ladder and win a single rung with any fighter. Your achievement will unlock. Good luck.
  • abtimbadabtimbad11,206
    15 Aug 2011
    6 3 2
    this achievement is very time consuming. if you want to make things go faster i suggest getting the other achievements out of the way first so you can have some stuff done with the characters. once you are done with that, if you have two controllers of any sort pick tag battle and pick the characters you need stuff with and on the loading screen enter the code 466-466. that will enable infinite special meter. doing this you can get your 150 x-rays and your 10,000 pints of blood spilled really fast. you will also get closer to your 100 victories and you can work towards your 100 alities. once you are done with your x-rays and you still need victories do the code 044-440 on the loading screen. you can also finish up your alities this way. now if for whatever reason you dont have the 10,000 pints of blood yet just play any mode with that character that you know you are good with (arcade ladder, challenge tower, online, etc.) then just repeat that for every character. the only thing you should need left is the time and to do this put it on tag practice mode. in some cases you may need to put a rubber band around an anolog stick so the time can count. as long as you pick the 2 characters you need the time will count for both. you will need 24 hours with each.

    this way is the fastest but probably the most exhausting/boring. its the fastest because as you work for x-rays you can get some victories, alities, blood spilled, and time done. then with the victories you get the rest of your alities done, blood spilled and some time.

    if you do the time first your going to spend longer then 24hrs on everyone which puts even more strain on your xbox and if you do it any other way you will have to actually play longer then you should.
  • angelloveboy25angelloveboy25161,297
    18 Jul 2015 18 Jul 2015
    2 0 2
    This is regarding x-rays. What many people don't realize or suggest is You can get more x-rays by reducing the damage of it. How do you do that? Simple Have Sub-Zero as your partner and have him use his tag assist attack in which he will do Ice Blast. This move and several others in this game is a move that will cause damage reduction. This has been in all Mk games and this will reduce the damage of any attacks once you do the move. For example. Normally Noob Saibot would do 36 percent damage without damage reduction but with the enemy frozen by Sub-Zero's attack he does 31 percent or less meaning he can get more x-rays in a round of 3 round tag. This works for all characters x-rays so if you wanna grind x-rays further have Sub Zero in and you can get around 21-24 for almost every character.

    For devotion time it really helps to have a wired controller and if you have the new slim xbox's I can safely say it won't overheat!

    Since everything else has been covered I will say a good way to start would be to do x-rays first with the tip I mentioned you can get 150 x-rays in about 6 matches with your active character. Then go to blood spills. a tip for that I reccomened would be to have the kombat code for hyper fighting enabled (091-091) for both controllers press y 9 times and b once. with that you can use whatever move you find best to spam for blood and a much faster pace.

    Wins you get automatically so fatalities will be last. choose pit stage and use stage fatalities or babalities whichever is easier for you. Stage fatalities are faster so stick with that unless you have trouble performing it. Then boost devotion time.

    Now I got this achievement in 3 weeks. The bare minimum is 13.5 or 14 days. With planning you can get this less than a month. Just be prepared for a boring grind but overall pretty easy especially if you have a second controller ( strongly advised) Good luck!
  • DonTrombone7704DonTrombone7704179,805
    28 Mar 2017 27 Mar 2017 27 Apr 2017
    2 0 2
    This time consuming achievement requires you to win 100 matches, perform 100 finishing moves, 150 X-Ray moves, spill 10'000 pints of blood, and spend 24 hours with each character. Having two controllers really helps a lot when going for this time consuming achievement. For many players, this might be the very last achievement they'll unlock but for others, there are ways to speed up the process.

    VICTORIES: This is earned by winning 100 games, matches, both online and offline. These include ladder mode (10 wins if you beat Shao Khan at the end of the ladder), versus matches involving two controllers, online wins and story mode chapters. I don't know if winning tower mode challenges will count towards this. You will get 100 victories when working on fatalities. You can also speed this up by playing two vs. two versus matches or tag ladder as both characters you selected will earn a victory after each match.

    FINISHING MOVES/FATALITIES: For the victories and fatalities, put in the kombat kode 044-440 and have a one vs. one match with each match being one round each. This will reduce both players health to just a tiny sliver and one punch will tell you to 'Finish him/her!'. From there, do whichever fatality, stage fatality, or babality you wish. I found the stage fatality on the Subway level to be the fastest. Because of how long a fatality will take, then the fatality button sequence coming out correctly, and then finally dealing with the game loading up the next match, getting 100 finishing moves will take a very long time to do. For those who find it difficult to stomach some of the fatalities, babalities are an excellent, and hilarious alternative, to the gruesome fatalities. You will earn your 100 victories going for this as well.

    X-RAYS: For X-Ray moves, enter a 2-player vs. with Two Vs. Two and then the matches being 3 rounds each. Then enter the 466-466 kode and it will give you infinite meter power. You can perform 18-24 X-Ray moves per match. Rinse and repeat and you'll have at least 150 X-Rays in a relatively short amount of time. I recommend looking away from the TV and listen to some music if you find the bones breaking sound effect too gruesome. Even as an MK veteran who unlocked most other achievements in this game at the time, I still found it difficult to stomach some of of the X-Ray moves.

    BLOOD SPILLED: For 10,000 pints of blood, enter the same 2-player match of Two vs. Two and have the match be 3 rounds long. Then enter the 091-091 kode and it will speed up the match and from there, spam either the X or Y button depending on the character you're playing and then rinse and repeat until the 10'000 pints of blood are spilled. You will also make some progress just working on the other states naturally when going for this but entering the 091-091 kode will help A LOT. This can get very tedious but it will go much faster.

    DEVOTION: And finally, for the 24 hours, have two controllers, enter a two vs. two match and select two characters and then leave the console on while you go to work/sleep/school/or out. I do not recommend running the console for 24 hours straight due to energy usage and also the risk of burning out the console. Instead I recommend booting up the console in the morning during breakfast, setting up a two vs. two match, and then leaving the game on while you're going about your day. Also, MAKE SURE the time rounds are set to "OFF" so the round does not run out of time. You also MUST finish the match and quit to the main menu. If you just shut off the console without finishing the match, all of that time will have been wasted as it only counts the time if you finish the match. I learned the hard way twice when I accidentally unplugged my console once and later, a power outage caused the time to be wasted. Be careful of this.

    Good luck to all who are going for this massive time sink of an achievement.
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