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How to unlock the Tower Master achievement

  • aKILLes82aKILLes82197,860
    26 Apr 2011 26 Apr 2011 26 Apr 2011
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    on level 300 start out like GeorgieVaz said above. pick sub-zero and spam the Y,Y,Y, combo, and freeze. now if your anything like me, you've failed a-lot on this level. you lose a lot of health on goro press start and retry. now this is where i'm going to tell you to STOP!!!

    no matter how bad you're losing do not retry in the middle of the match. sounds stupid i know.
    after 5 losses you notice after every win, you gain a little health back. almost so little you can miss it.

    after about 10 losses, you gain 1/2 your health back after a win, & goro doesn't turn invulnerable before every attack or at all anymore. also by this point they aren't beating you down to the point that you can't move.

    after 15 losses, by now i was making it to shaokahn every try. goro is a push over kintaro just jump Y,Y,Y, freeze repeat. for mileena a found dropping the freeze all together & dashing forward Y,Y,Y worked well, the same for shaokahn. (jumping over hammers as needed)

    so. i know i suck i writing guides, but i use them enough i thought i should try & give back a little. hope it helps

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    DonTrombone7704Ugh. I cannot for the life of me beat tower mission 251! Shang Tsung is absolutely worthless against Baraka who is like a giant turbine blender, Sindel who is way overpowered, and both of them being extremely aggressive. And then finally Shao Khan who tosses hammers and spears, often timing them to where they're impossible to avoid.

    I beat Tower mission 300 since at least you can select a fighter that you're generally good with and unlocked Mileena's alternate costume but 251 is absolutely impossible.

    None of the techniques that I've looked up online or on guides have work. I've done the block and throw but they throw moves that can cancel out your block/crouch combo technique, they also juggle you and throw 20+% combo damage combos on you, all the while Shang Tsung fights like as if Jackie Chan took too many date rape drugs. His moves render him completely unsuitable against these three overpowered opponents who fight like they're on tons of espresso coffee.

    I know these are difficult, as they're supposed to be and warrant practicing with various characters. The challenge tower in and of itself is a great concept an I enjoyed it for a while but this has stopped being fun after a week of several hours a day but just unable to counter Shao Khan's spear/hammer barrage. In fact, I'm putting "Tower Master" on par with Injustice: Gods Among Us "Ultimate Battler": Nearly unobtainable because of near impossible battles. I don't know how 5% have completed this with only 87 TA score. It should be like 0.21% and a TA ratio of 255 or more.

    On a more positive note, thanks for the guide in helping me beat mission 300. It worked like a charm. If only it would work on 251. I recently did the same on 251 after a dozen tries but I went from making it to Shao Khan to Baraka getting near flawless victories on me. This mission truly has taken all of the fun out of the Tower Mission and as far as I'm concerned, 275, 269, and 251 are the weak column floors that made the tower, from my view, break apart and collapse to the ground.

    I'm now close to just throwing in the towel, shredding this game, and after "Ultimate Respect", moving on.
    Posted by DonTrombone7704 on 20 Apr 17 at 20:33
    mudder85How is this only 88 TA points......
    Posted by mudder85 on 17 Apr 18 at 18:35
    OZRIC DUBIf you skip a mission with Koins, this will void the Tower Master achievement right???

    Can you then come back to skipped missions at any time and still unlock Tower Master achievement ?
    Posted by OZRIC DUB on 27 Jan 19 at 20:21
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    The toughest ones to beat are 269, 275, and 300. For 269, you'll need to troll Stryker's gun while staying as far away as possible from Shao Khan. Timed jumps are required when he throws his hammer. Don't bother ducking from them as you'll get hit anyway. For 275, I primarily used Ermac's teleport/uppercut combo while throwing in a few force lifts after the teleport to gain a better combo. Didn't always work as timing is everything. For 300, I used Sub Zero. Against Goro and Kintaro, just jump in with a front punch and hammer the Y button a few times for his combo. You might be able to troll the combo if you can get them cornered. I managed to get to Mileena without getting touched. Mileena is tricky because blocking will be disabled for much of that match. Just freeze, jump punch, YYY combo. She can be a problem but takes more damage than the first two. When you finally get to Shao Khan, work the same strategy as Goro and Kintaro. Freeze if you can and jump in with the combo. Take advantage of their taunts by acting quickly. This cheevo was satisfying to get.
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    Oriole2682Ill agree with that I can't beat 251 and 257 was indeed a bitch I still havent tried 300 yet...
    Posted by Oriole2682 on 17 Mar 13 at 01:28
    HolymegaflareThis has to be crap lol. Cant beat 251 and i cant imagine anything more difficult.
    Posted by Holymegaflare on 02 Jul 14 at 22:43
    SpeleoFoolHow could you leave 251 (Baraka + Sindel + Shao Khan on "cheap" difficulty using Shang Tsung) off the list? That one, by far, is giving me the most trouble.

    269 was total cake with one brilliant move: spam the gun, but don't jump over the hammers! Use Stryker's roll-throw and you'll sail right under them and toss Shao Khan to a safe distance. I burned my X-Ray the instant the 3rd Khan spawned just to be safe. Took 1 attempt to get the timing down (gotta be fast), and easily cleared it my second try. Here's a video I found showing the strategy in action:
    Posted by SpeleoFool on 09 Apr 16 at 19:06
  • wvu76wvu76293,532
    13 May 2011 13 May 2011 13 May 2011
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    I had to share my input on this one. I didn't try any of these other methods but I beat challenge 300 in about 20 minutes using Sheeva. The key is to not hit start-retry in the middle, or at the end, of any fight. Just lose for a while and keep retrying after your are dead. The difficulty goes down dramatically as continue to lose. I'd say around after 15 losses or so everything gets much easier and all I did is spam the down, up combo from Sheeva. After you kill each player you get what little life you lost back. Seriously, trust me, keep practicing while your losses rack up and by the 20 minute mark you can do this very easily.
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    RhyoliticYa, Sheeva is who I used. The only problematic bits is when Goro does his ground stomping attack that hits you halfway across the screen and Mileena pretty much fucking up any attempts to jump, so you have to actually fight her. After 15 or 20 losses, the penalties and bonuses slow way the hell down and they get a lot dumber.
    Posted by Rhyolitic on 19 Oct 12 at 18:31
    MaseJUsing Sheeva makes #300 super-easy. Agreed after 10-15 losses, this was cake.
    Posted by MaseJ on 30 Mar 15 at 09:29
    aka KryptonianFantastic solution. Once the AI stopped getting buffs every 10 seconds it became very easy to cheese them by spamming Sheeva's teleport stomp.
    Posted by aka Kryptonian on 06 Jan 16 at 10:23
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