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Achieve a 5 star rating in "Remember the Time" in performance mode (Solo only)

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Achievement Guide for DO YOU REMEMBER THE TIME?

  • Satman9Satman9257,080 257,080 GamerScore
    06 May 2011 06 May 2011
    8 0 7
    my final stats where 83/98 132050, ..I had 2 miss' on the 5 star run, stacked one after the other, on a previous run i had 130050 with only 1 miss. so as always Perfects are key.I would suggest it took between 25-30 tries to get the steps down.
    any questions lmk.

    before you give me a negative vote, please tell me what you would like to see to improve the guide, honestly you neg guys are why i don't put up more of these.
  • phatal1typhatal1tyThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    25 May 2011 26 May 2011
    5 0 3
    my 5 star run consisted of LOTS of misses I count no less than 6... but I also have lots of perfect to so I guess it evens out at some point, also I did have one section where I had three misses all together very early on, and I would normally restart but I figured that 300 songs is not going to fun to grind so finish it off anyway...

    my stats was 83% dance and 99% sing at 131900

    tips: as always keep in beat with the music ignore the dancers (once you learn the moves) and esp ignore your own image, its way to laggy to be accurate, you're almost a whole beat off.
    Again like with Smooth Criminal (normal) you will have very short phrases and lots of tiny little moves but thankfully this song has more repetitions, that said you will need to work on the nuance like when the knee turns in and when you need to make a step even though you got the arms down.... I prob don't need to remind you but pants and esp baggy ones will not work, you need short shorts or no pants... just play this game in your tighty whities... its what MJ would have wanted.

    POSES, there are lots in this song and these need to be very accurate, and I suggest doing them just a little early to register, as soon as you hold the count move to the next one, before the cue card rotates up.

    Vocals, this is a tricky song if you don't know it (why wouldn't you know it?? your a fan right?? no? why are you playing this stupid game???) at least you dance though the really crazy verses... the lead on it is very up down and all around, and this is one of the least forgiving if you don't know the tune, you don't just get to hold the one note this time, but don't worry you'll be practicing this song so much that you'll learn the vocals... if your getting consistently below 80% dance then you may as well not sing, listen to the song, and learn the moves, or use the kinect mic... but if your getting over 80% grab a USB (pref wireless) and nail this sucker. The kinect mic is piss poor on accuracy and i feel the pitch range is much smaller on the built in mic and with pitch correction turned on you'll be getting more goods/ok than perfects.
  • Dr Tinus NLDr Tinus NL1,050,507
    22 May 2012 03 Oct 2012
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    My video for this achievement.

    This song is hard! Lots of 'blue window moves' that follow up on each other really quick. Study my video to see how they go, same for all the other moves, as they go rather quick and are hard to read when you're dancing. Study in advance to know what you can expect.
    Also, my advice, be AHEAD of the dancers for most moves. I did fail quite a lot of moves due to the fact the game registers it a little later, and it's not really forgiving on this song. If you are ahead of the dancers, you will probably keep your multiplier and get a good/perfect instead of an fail/almost/ok.

    Be aware that the game has a little video lag with the dancing that I do.

    As you can see, it registers all my moves a little later, therefore you have to dance a little ahead of the dancers on screen, then it will register your moves at the same time as the dancers, therefore giving perfects.

    Any questions, feel free to ask down here or send me a PM.

    Dancing: oo TinoeS NL oo
    Vocals: DGC Brotherh00d
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