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Achieve a 5 star rating in "Smooth Criminal" in performance mode (Solo only)

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Achievement Guide for ANNIE ARE YOU OKAY?

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    24 May 2011 24 May 2011
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    144450 was my final score, with 81% dance and 96% singing.... I'm going to be brutal now and tell you I only had 1 miss and no almost.... lots of goods though.

    stick to the beat of the song, forget the dancers and try and visualize which cue card is a four count and which is a two as soon as you see it... its fast paced and very precise even little motions like where your hand hits also head or knees will break a move... I know had I trouble with the one before you head in to the second verse and it was that my knee was not bending even though my head arms (the main "part" of the move) was perfect. Once I started on bending my knee inwards I could get a perfect no problem.

    The vocals this is fast and room for error is less as the phrases are so short, I "sung/hummed" the entire way, only taking a breath between phrases and holding the note between lines.
    My tip is to go high on the word "are" instead of "you" in "Annie are you okay? are you okay Annie"
    when the line repeats and repeats towards the end of the singing portion. I know it seems like your going early but I think the visuals are not quite in sync on this one.
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