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Achieve a 5 star rating in "Billie Jean" in master performance mode (Solo only)

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Achievement Guide for BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU DO

  • Dr Tinus NLDr Tinus NL1,050,374
    14 Jun 2012 29 Sep 2012 30 Sep 2012
    8 0 0
    My video for this achievement.

    This song is fairly easy for a master performance. Just make sure you properly use your legs and arms, just like the dancers are showing. If you do not follow them perfectly, it will not give you a perfect.

    Be aware that the game has a little video lag with the dancing that I do.

    As you can see, it registers all my moves a little later, therefore you have to dance a little ahead of the dancers on screen, then it will register your moves at the same time as the dancers, therefore giving perfects.

    Any questions, feel free to ask down here or send me a PM.

    Dancing: oo TinoeS NL oo
    Vocals: DGC Brotherh00d
  • kloakaTVkloakaTV335,385
    30 Jul 2011 30 Jul 2011 04 Aug 2011
    2 0 5
    Of all the Master Performance mode achievements i think this one is the easiest with a little practice ofcourse if you have this game you must know the lyrics of Billie Jean if not shame on you :-)

    As for the dance moves they are not to hard even if you are a bad dancer like me just make sure to follow the dancers and when you get the little countdown and it's on 1 change to next dance move and practice a few times...

    Not really a helpful guide i know but i thought there is none so i share my experience on this one.

    Only tricky part is where you have to turn around and then put you're hand in the air just make sure you do this also on time when counter counts down and is at 1.

    And the moonwalk you can always get a perfect there if you fuck it up the first time there is enough time to go the other way just keep moonwalking till you see the perfect...

    Score: 149700
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