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Achieve a 5 star rating in "Remember the Time" in master performance mode (Solo only)

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Achievement Guide for THOSE SPECIAL TIMES

  • Satman9Satman9257,080 257,080 GamerScore
    12 May 2011 12 May 2011
    4 0 6
    Final 5 star numbers 79/99 131800..lots of miss' all the 2 runs before this i had 81/98 4 miss for 129550 & 82/99 3 miss for as always, chained perfects make the numbers climb. not as hard as smooth master, but tough, right on the lvl of thriller master, with the exception that thrillers slide section really hurt "my old knees", any questions lmk,
    as always if your giving a negative vote, please lmk why & i'll try to make it right for you
  • CSJS2010CSJS201061,560
    06 Oct 2011 28 Oct 2011
    3 1 1
    study this video as a practice session. i had to look at it over and over again. she also has all the other videos to the other master performance songs which truly help.
  • Dr Tinus NLDr Tinus NL1,049,925
    23 May 2012 03 Oct 2012 03 Oct 2012
    2 1 1
    My video for this achievement.

    This song is hard! Lots of 'blue window moves' that follow up on each other really quick. Study my video to see how they go, same for all the other moves, as they go rather quick and are hard to read when you're dancing. Study in advance to know what you can expect. Took me some tries.
    Also, my advice, be AHEAD of the dancers for most moves. I did fail quite a lot of moves due to the fact the game registers it a little later, and it's not really forgiving on this song. If you are ahead of the dancers, you will probably keep your multiplier and get a good/perfect instead of an fail/almost/ok.

    Be aware that the game has a little video lag with the dancing that I do.

    As you can see, it registers all my moves a little later, therefore you have to dance a little ahead of the dancers on screen, then it will register your moves at the same time as the dancers, therefore giving perfects.

    Any questions, feel free to ask down here or send me a PM.

    Dancing: oo TinoeS NL oo
    Vocals: DGC Brotherh00d
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