TRICK MASTER achievement in Dance Dance Revolution


You've got the SONG STATUS to the max for every song in CLUB MODE (excluding downloaded songs).

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How to unlock the TRICK MASTER achievement

  • Bad Ace BarkerBad Ace Barker52,626
    05 Dec 2013 05 Dec 2013 21 Mar 2014
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    For those of you trying to get this achievement WITHOUT the turbo controller, I have some tips for you.

    1. Don’t download any extra songs! Downloadable songs aren’t required for the achievement, nevertheless they WILL show up in your ‘Other’s Club’ and they will get drawn randomly for you to play.

    You only have to fill the song status of the game’s original 50 songs. This achievement already requires a ridiculous amount of time to complete. Don’t make it any longer by downloading songs.

    2. Song Status: No one has mentioned what actually makes the song status go up. On my quest for the achievement, I’ve noticed a direct correlation between the amount of steps you take and the amount the gauge goes up.

    -If you want the gauge to go up a lot, complete the song on Expert difficulty. With difficult trick modes, this is easier said then done. Believe me I know. You could sacrifice the amount of steps you take by lowering the difficulty thus giving you piece of mind to finish the song, or risk an insanely difficult trick mode on ‘expert’ difficulty, causing you to fail the song prematurely.

    -You’ll also notice that songs with intrinsically few steps are going to take the longest to fill up despite playing them on ‘Expert’ difficulty.
    For example, “I’m Yours” by Jason Mras (that damn song...) was one of the last songs I filled up, while “Dreaming Can Make a Wish Come True (full version)” was one of the first songs I filled up.

    -I’m not sure about whether a ‘perfect’ step fills up the song status faster than a ‘great’ step. I want to say it does, but I haven’t taken specific measures to verify this. If any one else out there knows, shoot me a comment.

    3. Lowering your difficulty: For those of you concerned about how to lower your difficulty while in play, hit the arrows right before or right after they pass the guide arrows. If you’re getting a bunch of ‘greats’ and ‘goods’ your difficulty will go down in about 10 seconds. This is easier with a controller, but completely doable on your pad as well. You don’t even have to break your combo by missing notes.

    -If you’re already well on your way to getting this achievement, I would suggest any song you’ve already filled up completely, keep it at ‘Basic difficulty’. You don’t want to start your 20 song run over again because a difficult trick mode threw you off. When a song shows up that you need, risk it all and play on ‘Expert’ if the game will let you. And play with the controller. It’s worth it. That last song you need might not show up again for awhile. Make every step count.

    4. Trick modes:

    I can’t find any information on the web about what the different trick modes are. So, presenting for your consideration, the different trick modes to watch out for:

    Trick level 1:
    - Difficulty Change
    - Arrows scroll up at 1.5x their normal speed
    - Arrows change to the red/blue (or "note") color scheme
    - Arrows scroll up slow at first and get faster as they reach the guide arrows

    Trick level 2:
    - Difficulty Change
    - One of the guide arrows moves down
    Note: This could be any of the four guide arrows
    - All arrows are the same color
    - Arrows scroll up at 2.0x their normal speed

    Trick level 3:
    - Difficulty Change
    - Two of the guide arrows move down
    Note: The guide arrows that move down are next to each other. For example, ‘left’ and ‘down’ guide arrows could move, or ‘down’ and ‘up’ could move, or ‘down and right’ could move.
    - Bottom half of arrows become invisible.
    - Groove gauge splits into 8 pieces
    - Arrows scroll up at 3.0x their normal speed

    Trick level 4:
    - Difficulty Change
    - Guide arrows change places
    Note: Either up and down will swap or left and right will swap.
    - Groove gauge splits into 4 pieces
    - Arrows go 4.0x their normal speed
    - Top half of arrows become invisible (arguably the hardest trick mode and should be a level 6 trick mode in my opinion)

    Trick level 5:
    - Difficulty Change
    - Two guide arrows move down
    Note: The guide arrows that move down are staggered.
    For example, left and up would move, or down and right would move.
    - Arrows go at 8.0x their normal speed

    Trick level 6:
    - Difficulty Change
    - Guide arrows scramble themselves
    Note: I’ve seen (down, right, up, left) and (up, down, left, right) and (left, down, right, up)
    - Arrows scroll up in a ‘bouncy’ motion. I don’t know how else to describe it… You’ll see what I mean when you get there.
    - Arrows scroll up very quickly and then quickly slow to almost a stop before they pass the guide arrows. They will all be bunched up close to the guide arrows and it will be difficult to tell which arrows come next.

    -There are FOUR trick modes per song, assuming you are getting mostly perfects. Even if you downloaded the full versions of ‘Dreaming Can Make a Wish Come True’, ‘Private Eye’, and 'Let's Get Away', there are still only four trick modes.

    -Pay attention to when these trick modes are going to happen. There is a gauge on either side of the arrow screen. They will both have a small blue dot that travels from bottom to top. As soon as it gets to the top, a new trick mode will start.

    5. ALWAYS play a 20 song run: Songs don’t show up twice in the same run, so statistically speaking, you’re more likely to hit a boss song or other song you need the further along you play.

    6. The Boss Songs:
    - Just so there is no confusion, the boss songs are:

    - “Crazy Love”
    - “Max 300”
    - “New York Evolved”

    7. Getting those last few songs:
    - If you’ve already got the boss songs and you’re needing some of the more common songs, I suggest searching for them as the first song of the set. If it doesn’t show up, end the set by pressing and holding the ‘start’ and ‘select’ button on your controller and repeat.

    These are the songs that will show up quite regularly with this method:

    - According To You
    - Missing
    - I’m Yours
    - Dancing In the Street
    - Need You Now
    - Plastic Beach
    - Love Like This
    - Rhythms Inside
    - Rio
    - We Are Family
    - In the Zone
    - Flowers
    - Bad Romance
    - Animal
    - Battlefield
    - My Life Would Suck Without You
    - I Got You
    - Share the Love
    - So Fine
    - Hey, Soul Sister
    - Win the Game
    - According To You
    - I'm Yours

    Note: The other songs can show up as the first song as well, but the probability is much lower. Boss songs can even appear as the first songs, but the probability of those showing up is 100 fold rarer. I’ve had Max 300 show up twice, Crazy Love once, but never New York Evolved.
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  • oxHARMONxooxHARMONxo1,068,518
    04 Jan 2012 03 Feb 2012 08 Jan 2017
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    The most time consuming of all the achievements in DDR. You must play through Club Mode and get every song to trick level 6. You can't turbo this achievement all the way through. You can turbo all the songs but the last few boss songs up to level 6. In order to get the boss songs, you must get the Club Excitement bar on the chart to reach very close to the top. The problem with turboing is that it won't get the excitement bar up very high, rotating the same 40 or so songs. I would highly recommend playing legit and trying to max out all the boss songs before attempting to turbo. I turboed 3 weeks straight and after the first week, it completely stopped playing 4 songs that were still needed.

    Set your number of songs to 20 and after the 10th song, usually the boss songs begin to appear. Even the easier songs will become extremely difficult to pass with high trick levels. If it begins to get too hard, Full combo up to medium, and once you level up to Hard or expert, miss a few to go back down to medium. The boss songs at level 5 trick level will become extremely difficult to play and comprehend. This will take hours and hours of rinsing and repeating.
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    Sketchy McSktchGreat guide! But does this mean that you can't boost all the way to the end? I'm missing four songs right now... new York evolved is still sitting at level 4 while max 300 and two other songs are at level 5.

    Do you have any tips on how to get these four songs to appear on my dance club?
    Also, as long as the song is played, you'll get some xp for it? Any tricks as to how to get as many points as possible in one go?
    Posted by Sketchy McSktch On 07 Jun 13 at 05:35
    oxHARMONxoFollowing the guide should rotate the boss songs into the mix giving you the opportunity to gain some XP on them.
    Posted by oxHARMONxo On 07 Jun 13 at 10:21
    DGC BrotherH00dCould you list what all the boss songs are?
    Posted by DGC BrotherH00d On 13 Oct 13 at 01:20
  • SangriazSangriaz4,830,757
    Locked 08 Jul 2011
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    For this achievement, you need to get every single song (excluding DLC) to level 6 in club mode. This can be done legit by playing club mode a lot with the number of songs set to 20 or done with a turbo controller that lets you set turbo on right d-pad like Hori Turbo Controller EX2. This method will take a lot longer than doing it legit but you can do it while you are sleeping, working, studying, whatever, so it's win-win. :)

    First, go to club mode, set number of songs to 20, and start it up. Now, set up turbo on A,X,Y, and right d-pad with the lowest speed setting. You should hit most notes but also miss a lot keeping the game at Beginner difficulty. When the game ends, it will start right back up because A button is turbo'ed. Since B button is not turbo'ed (hence the need for right d-pad turbo), there is no chance the game will back out to main menu by accident.

    I ran it on turbo for about 6 hours last night and it's progressing very well but I estimate about 200-300 hours of this required to finish, so expect a long, but pain-free grind as the turbo controller does all the work for you :)
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    mooglessyes i got that, but no matter how slow i set it(iv tried around slightly fast and slow) it does utterly horrible.
    Posted by moogless On 22 Jan 12 at 19:52
    mooglesswell it cleared expert, so i guess thats good enough. but i think its slowest speed is too fast....
    Posted by moogless On 22 Jan 12 at 21:01
    OverkillChaosI am using a turbofire evo what is the magical timing that I should use because I have like 10 different speeds but no matter what speed of rapidfire I use it doesn't work at all. What kind of timing options did you people use?
    Posted by OverkillChaos On 18 Jan 14 at 01:02
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