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Enlightened Guitarist

Gold Star 20 songs on Expert

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How to unlock the Enlightened Guitarist achievement

  • CallumpyCallumpy289,521
    31 Jul 2009 31 Jul 2009 04 Aug 2012
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    Normal Way:
    This achievement requires you to get 100% on 20 different songs on expert. Meaning of course you have to hit every single note in a song. You may overstrum as long as you don't miss any notes, the combos don't matter.

    If you plan to do this achievement the 'legit' way, check out the other other guides as they have good song choices for you to get 100% on.

    Ill give you a few that I found easiest to get 100% on to get you started:
    Slow Ride, Story of My Life, Mississippi Queen, When You Were Young, My Name Is Jonas, Closer, Radio Song, Ruby.

    EDIT: BraverLeonheart in the comments section says that this doesn't have to be done all on the same band and can be unlocked across multiple bands.

    For people who can't or can't be bothered to 100% 20 songs on expert:

    *First, go to your System Settings on the Xbox Home, then select Storage, scroll down to your hard drive and press Y, then Clear System Cache and press Yes. (This will delete any updates that have been downloaded to your drive)

    EDIT: Some say that there is no need to clear the cache to do this glitch, even I have seen the glitch work online... but it doesn't always work. So its up to you, try it online if you like.

    Now boot up Guitar Hero (Press "No" when it asks to download the update) and go to Options, Cheats, and then Enter Cheat.

    Enter this cheat: (This is the Unlock Everything cheat, no sound plays when you enter these chords)(Each letter represents which colour to hold down on your controller, then strum whilst holding the colours)


    Once you have done that go to Quickplay and Expert, Bonus songs and Through The Fire and Flames, then just fail the song.

    Now go back to the Cheat menu and re-enter the cheat, fail Through The Fire and Flames again and then... Achievement Unlocked.

    Also if you go to the Store in the game you will unlock 4 other achievements if you dont have them already.

    Please don't abuse the voting system. If you follow the guide it will get you the achievement. Blah blah blah, this glitch ruins the TA score for people who did it legit... Yes, it does. If you did it legit, congrats, go post your scores over on scorehero.com and see how good you actually are.

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    Gay Asian TwinsGreat solution man. It's still working as of Jan 2020. As for the people complaining about the TA ratio being low because of this glitch, please go whine somewhere else. Some of us didn't even want to start this game in the first place, and now we're in just as much of a rut as you guys are who busted their asses off.
    Posted by Gay Asian Twins on 17 Jan 20 at 07:47
    x SpiinDropZz iHoly! This actually works. Thanks for the solution! Still working as of March 23rd, 2020. +1
    Posted by x SpiinDropZz i on 23 Mar 20 at 21:05
    iiAssassinXxiiGreat solution thanks!
    Posted by iiAssassinXxii on 18 Jun 20 at 18:48
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  • ViPeR866ViPeR866157,840
    23 May 2009 30 May 2010 01 Jul 2012
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    The above solutions are very good, but I think it's also worth noting that DLC counts towards the 20 songs, so if you have/wouldn't mind buying some of it, you can make this achievement a little easier. The free songs are a little challenging, but if you are having trouble, why not try them out? Here are some easy DLC songs:

    Halo Theme MJOLNIR Mix
    Top Gun Anthem

    Paid DLC:
    Messages (Velvet Revolver Pack)
    Super Massive Black Hole (Muse Pack)
    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Coldplay Pack)
    I Predict a Riot (Isle of Wight Pack)
    Tina (this comes with the GH3 soundtrack, and can also be downloaded on XBL)

    As for what other songs to go for, that's personal preference. Depending on what you're good at doing (keeping rhythm or hitting hard solos, etc.), you may find some songs more difficult than others. The other solutions here give good suggestions, but here are my personal picks:

    Songs To Start With: Story of My Life, Mississippi Queen, Bulls on Parade, When You Were Young, Lay Down, My Name is Jonas, Sabotage, Reptilia, Closer, Generation Rock, Metal Heavy Lady, Radio Song, Ruby

    More Difficult Ones: Slow Ride, Talk Dirty To Me, School's Out, Sunshine of Your Love, Miss Murder, Paranoid, Anarchy in the U.K., Even Flow, Can't Be Saved, She Bangs The Drums

    Now, the other solutions here mention some songs that I'd personally stay away from- Avalancha is one. This song has a fairly difficult part at the very tail-end of it; I found it quite annoying to FC and gave up. The other one is Cities On Flame. I think there are 20 songs waay easier than this.

    There is one more trick I can give you here. Since you don't need to FC (keep a streak for the entire song) 20 songs, but just get 100%, you can wildly strum through fast parts that you are shaky on just to make sure you hit every note. There are two songs this helps with: The Seeker, and Black Magic Woman.
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    ViPeR866Yeah the two free songs are a little challenging, but I think that some of the songs people were mentioning in other solutions were much harder, and like I said before it's all personal preference. I find Paranoid's overly-strummy solo somewhat difficult, but you may think it's easy. This is merely offering another option that no one mentioned.
    Posted by ViPeR866 on 12 Aug 10 at 23:08
    ViPeR866I guess I'll add in the guide that the songs are a little harder.
    Posted by ViPeR866 on 12 Aug 10 at 23:09
    Tornad0sEasiest DLC song is "Don't Speak" (No Doubt)
    Posted by Tornad0s on 03 Oct 11 at 16:29
  • NathAttackNathAttack179,378
    10 May 2009 26 Nov 2008
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    To Gold Star any song, you must hit 100% of the notes. It does not have to be a full combo (You're allowed to overstrum) as long as you HIT EVERY SINGLE NOTE.
    You must administer this to 20 songs in Expert.

    'Easy' songs to start with, are Mississippi Queen, Radio Song, Avalancha, and Closer.

    I guess its worth mentioning there's a glitch you can use to unlock this achievement, but if you're going to cheat the achievement, then doesn't that ultimately take the actual feeling of achievement out of it?
    (No, if you want that glitch, search elsewhere.)
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    Anathros0haha i agree jiglifiedmofo
    Posted by Anathros0 on 16 Aug 09 at 12:01
    AlkoKillaIn reference to the glitch, it should be mentioned, only because I ended up with this achievement, and don't know how I got it. It seriously unlocked, and my response was "WTF? I only gold starred 1 song!".
    Posted by AlkoKilla on 30 Oct 09 at 03:34
    MUSCAT5032mine was glitched when i got it me and my friend were going for the 2000 note streak in coop and as soon as we hit 500 note streak we both got the 500 note streak achievement in coop and this one i don't know why it popped up but it did 0_O and we were playing through the fire and the flames on easy so it's really got me wondering how i got it
    Posted by MUSCAT5032 on 02 Dec 09 at 18:10
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