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Defeat any boss without taking damage (General)

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How to unlock the Untouchable achievement

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    This achievement is easy to obtain on the first boss: The Golem. He is located at the end of the first jungle world.

    *UPDATE* Credit goes to DamTheLad for pointing this out. You can obtain this in either story mode or Arcade mode. Thanks for verifying that!

    Begin by standing just outside the reach of his hammer arm. He will pound it into the ground, releasing a wave that can harm you. If you are standing close to him you can immediately jump over this wave and onto the hammer. Jump again to the upper level of the hammer and slice at him with your sword. If you get there right away you can get 10-12 hits. Watch out for the wave though, it will travel back to the hammer and up to where you are standing. Jump away back to the ground. Repeat this again for the second wave. If you have timed it well he should be two thirds (or slightly more) dead. After you complete the second set of attacks and jump off to avoid the wave, watch out for the 4 hanging enemies. They will fall to the ground. Kill them quickly before the colored lines fall from the sky. You can let the blue lines hit you, but avoid the red ones. This is over after about 30-45 seconds. Then, when the Golem's hammer hits the ground again, jump over the wave and onto the hammer for your third round of attacks. If you have timed the first two well then this set will kill him. If not be prepared to dodge more falling enemies and colored lines from the sky. The achievement will pop as soon as you strike the final blow.

    If you get hit then exit the game from the main menu. When you reload the game you will begin at the start of the boss battle.
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    DamTheLadCan I do this in arcade mode ? Don't want to start the game over just for this one.
    Posted by DamTheLad on 21 May 11 at 17:35
    DamTheLadI confirm that doing this in arcade mode works.
    Posted by DamTheLad on 21 May 11 at 17:53
    Crimson DrifterWhen jumping back off the arm the second time, you can attack the hanging enemies while they are still suspended, killing a potential nuisance :)
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 16 Nov 11 at 00:35
    Virtual BoyNice! I never tried that. Thanks for the tip!
    Posted by Virtual Boy on 16 Nov 11 at 00:38
    Saft Und Kraftso this can't be done once you finish the game? that's freaking lame. makes my upgrades pointless.
    Posted by Saft Und Kraft on 06 Mar 14 at 16:19
    LuKaZ the GreaTI just got this, I died the first couple of times but then finished him without getting hit.
    So if you take damage, go and die, the game will reload that checkpoint.
    You don't have to manually reload the checkpoint by exiting to the main menu.
    Posted by LuKaZ the GreaT on 02 Dec 16 at 02:13
    WebDevil 666If you get hit just let him kill you and start again. That method worked for me.
    Posted by WebDevil 666 on 02 Oct 17 at 21:02
    MathGuy42I suggest getting this in the normal mode, in case it takes many attempts, as it did for me. In Arcade mode, you have 20 minutes to complete the entire Jungle area. That leaves a limited number of attempts before time runs out. As far as I could tell, you can't keep playing after the 20 minutes are up.
    Posted by MathGuy42 on 20 Aug 18 at 18:02
    Cheese TouchThe key is staying really close to the hammer so you can jump up on it right as it falls, over the wave, and immediately getting up to the next level so you can attack him. You can also get a bonus hit or two in as you jump up to get away. It's also important to kill all the ground enemies. You'll get a few seconds before the colored lights start falling, which is enough to take the stragglers out if you got most of them when you jumped off. Staying unharmed past the third flurry of attacks is a lot harder since there are many ground enemies and the colored lights that fall are more numerous.
    Posted by Cheese Touch on 26 Aug 18 at 06:33
    netstrykerGreat solution. I did it in my second attempt after read this solution.
    Posted by netstryker on 08 Nov 18 at 01:42
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