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How to unlock the Grand Master achievement

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    The final boss is the 'Sisters' who you will face at the end of the 'Eternity' world. The boss is actually pretty easy when you learn the pattern. There are three stages:

    Stage 1: As you come up onto the screen, you will see coloured beams coming from the sisters in the central ball and a spray of coloured bullet will begin. You have to hit the end of all the beams. There are approx five to hit in this stage. The easiest way to do this, and get yourself used to the polarity changes, is to stand on the middle right outer platform. If you stand right at the end of the platform, the side closest to the sisters, you will not get hit because the coloured waves sweep over and below you. Just stand on this platform and wait for the beams to cycle around to you. Smash them when they are in reach. Now hit the sisters by using your Beam attack. When their energy bar is depleted by a third, the second stage begins.

    Stage 2: Now you have to deal with short and long beams and a faster wave of coloured bullets. Learn the wave pattern. It's easy but you have to change polarities every 2-3 seconds. Destroy the long beams first. The best way to do this is to stand on a platform next to a long beam and wait until you are at the very top. This is the best time to smash the end of the beams. Repeat this until all long beams are destoyed and then start working on the shorter ones in the middle. Once all are destroyed, the sisters become vulnerable again. If you have any special move left, use the Beam power. If not, time your polarity switches and hit the sisters when you can.

    Stage 3: The final stage is possibly easier than the second. Blue and red rays will come out from the center, so you must be ready to switch polarities quickly. Stay on the outer platforms when you can so that you can see which colour you need to be. Like in the second stage, destroy the longer beams first, then smash the smaller ones. For the final time, choose your moments to hit the sisters. 3-4 hits and you will have done it.

    There is a youtube video below, if you're still struggling with this (credit goes to HayabusaDGO for the clip)
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    dejanzieGreat suggestions, but I would advise to keep the beam until you can hit the sisters in the third stage. Especially in the first stage, it's very easy to hit the sisters by standing next to them and timing the polarities. In the third stage this becomes much more difficult, as the particles they emit move much faster.

    I also used the Beam power when I got down to 1 heart, to quickly strike a red/blue beam and collect an extra heart.
    Posted by dejanzie on 07 Jan 12 at 11:55
    Emperor Jelash(I suck at english, but I'll try to make this comment readable)

    I've just beat the game and have a little suggestion about stage 2. There are 4 launch pads, if I'm not mistaken - left, down-left, right and down-right. You can constantly jumping (mash A button like crazy) on left OR right (NOT down-left or down-right) and break long beams when they're near you. After all long beams are destroyed, move forward to sisters, change polarity when needed and attack short beams.

    I suck at action games but was able to enter the 3rd stage without a scratch. Also, as dejanzie said, keep the beam until the 3rd stage.
    Posted by Emperor Jelash on 27 May 12 at 21:45
    SmudgeEFC1985Also worth a tip, finish collecting all of the Mark of the Gods before going for this, as you gain double melee damage so makes this a hell of a lot easier.
    Posted by SmudgeEFC1985 on 01 Feb 18 at 22:28
    netstrykerPrecious tips for the final battle. I used four "beam shots" on the sisters at the end of the second stage of the battle and left the last four for the final of the third stage of the battle. I fought against sisters with all 12 heart upgrades and all 8 energy upgrades. My melee attacks was with twice more damage too, because I collected all 42 "Marks of the Gods" before the final battle, this tip was given from SmudgeEFC1985. I used the launch pad method suggested by Emperor Jelash, was very, very useful. Thanks, all of you!
    Posted by netstryker on 08 Nov 18 at 02:04
    RarRadragonXif you manage to damage the sisters in phase 2 without lasers. you can use 2 or 3 energy shields against the beams in phase 3. activate in the moment when they fire the red and blue orbs, will slays around 3 or 4 beams in a strike (if they are nearby)
    Posted by RarRadragonX on 22 Dec 18 at 23:05
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