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Feat Fetish in Thor: God of Thunder

Feat Fetish366 (100)

Complete all Feats in the game.

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Below are my solutions for the feats for each of the levels to save people having to switch pages for each one:
(Note: Some collectables are only obtained on Hard or Valhallan difficulty)

These feats are for killing enemies with each of the elemental powers, deflections and grapples. Charging runes and killing enemies with combos e.g (XXXHoldY, Make sure you hold it until it does the move don't just hold for a bit then release or it won't count)
I played one Normal run and then got them halfway through my Valhallan run. (Except for Heavy hitter because i never held it down. For this I started a new game + and beat all the unlimited spawn jade iceborn at the start)

Get these for doing all of Thor's moves 5 times. You don't even have to hit anything, just perform the move.
Some of them will require you to have purchased upgrades for your powers. You can tell which ones by looking at the moves list and checking for ones that are locked.


A Friend in Need, Guardian, Giant Breaker, Observant: Story Based
Commander: When the game first shows you how to enter and use whirling hammer mode you need to destroy some ice born and some lasers, while some guys (the Einherjar) climb the cliff below. Take out all the enemies quickly to prevent any of the guys being pushed off the cliff.
Grappler: Press B near 10 different enemies.
Homeland Defence: Kill 50 Enemies.
1. Behind you before first leap. (Health)
2. Behind you after first leap.(Odin Force)
3. Along the corridor filled with ice cloud after you gain the wind blast ability. (Lightning colour)
4. On the platform after you use Thor’s might to knock over the statue. (Health)
5. After first save point, leave chamber and put out flame on the left. (Hard only)(Health)
6. After destroying the ice barrier with thunder trench, turn round and destroy the crystals in the far left corner (Odin force).
7. Behind the horn that you release from the ice. (Hard Only)(Odinforce)
8. In the Bifrost bridge chamber to the right of the door. (Lightning Colour)

First 5 Story based.
Frostfire- this is the icy cloud that Ymir will summon during the last battle. Use wind blast to clear some away.

Jade breaker- The large cannons that constantly emit a beam. Story requires you break 2 in the spire, unsure if you can get 3 in one play through.
Next 4 are story based.

Nimble- in the first cave with ymirs face a gale will blow through in alternate directions. Hide behind pillars, in the ice circles, to avoid it. Best to try and run through as fast as you can.

Spiked- This starts once you reach the ice river, you will be trapped by barriers as spikes pop out of the ground towards you. In the first use the grab point on the right to avoid them.
In the second area use the stand on the solid platform to avoid them. You then have to take out the turret before climbing the waterfall. Use timing to avoid the spikes and once you reach the top you get the feat.

Surefooted- dont fall off the side from the moment you see the white wind column until you get back outside at the top of the tower.

Makeover- As soon as you appear in front of the palace, with the wind now gone, burst towards him, jump between the ice beams and hammer throw Ymir's face.

Nemesis- For this feat you need to open the cave of ages in two charges. To do this you need to deflect the bullets from afar, then use overhand throw while he summons fog of spikes, hit him twice and the grapple point appears. move to the shoulder and XXY. Repeat this sequence 2 more times but this time hit the chest as soon as you grapple. As soon as you hit the heart he will vanish, Dash to the door and charge till you get spiked. Repeat the above and if you get to the rune quick enough the feat is yours.
(This took me a few tries, thanks to UltraTocci for his help on this).

Unstoppable- standing on icy ground or in the frost fire too long will cause you to be encased in ice. Shake the left stick to free yourself. Repeat 5 times.

1. At the exit of the first cave look left and use the grab points to reach the ledge above. (Health)
2. After the first battle with the Jotun look up and right of the doorway to see some crystals on a ledge. Use hammer throw on them and use the jump point to get up to the nut. (Odinforce)
3. In the tunnel after the first battle, hammer throw it down from the ceiling half way along.(Health)
4. In the icy wind cave reach the far wall then turn around and hammer the ice pillar on the left. run up the pillar to the item.(Health)
5. After the waterfall is frozen in a cut scene run over and smash it. (Lightning colour)
6. After using the rage to smash Ymir, head into the cave und up the cliff. Once you hear water start behind you, turn around and jump back down the cliff. (Odinforce)
7. Once you get to the front of the palace bridge, where the storm is blowing, look down the front right side of the bridge to find a hidden ledge underneath.(Health)(Hard Only, Thanks FailedSeppuku)
8. After Loki shows you the path to the spire head down it until the river. On the right is a waterfall with grab points. At the top smash the crystals. (Hard Only) (Odinforce)
9. After destroying the first jade turret, climb the waterfall. Then turn round, jump off and smash the ice barrier. Catch the collectable as it flows downstream. (Costume)
10. After defeating the goliath, destroy the turrets then fly up to the ledge. Use the grab points on the cliff face to get the collectable in the middle of where the turrets were located. (Odinforce)
11. After smashing the floor ice and falling down turn around. Use the grab point on the right. (lightning colour)
12. At the top of the inside of the spire after the wind lift go left and kill the jade bot. Then go right over the ice shards and on the top bridge is the collectable. (Health)
13. On top of the spire after destroying the jade pillars it appears near the outer edge. (Odinforce)
14. After destroying the spire you fly back to the palace. Destroy the door and turrets to stop them shooting you. Then head back over the bridge and fly up to the spire path. Hammer throw the crystals on the right and follow the ledge round for the prize. (Odinforce)
15. After defeating Ymir you land in front of the cave of ages. To the left of the door is a grab point. Use it to reach the collectable. (Health)


First 4 Story Based
Pods - These are the the green plants with red flowers that release poison gas when hit. Look for them hanging from the ceiling and around the edge of swamps.

Leechweeds - Find these plants with teeth in the swamp water, generally the non poisoned sections.

Skiffs - The scraeling boats. If you hammer them all during the river barge you'l easily make this total.

Energy Cells - The blue cannisters spread around the level. Easy to spot so should be no problem.

Mortars are story based.

River King - easy enough just hammer everything you see during the river section and you'l make it no problem.

Damn the torpedoes - ram the huts and the barriers, and if your as good as me when you hit some of the bombs they count as well :)

Lore Master - When you get back to the frostgrinder for the 3rd time it will now act as a lift. Head up and interact with all the pillar objects. you will notice one is missing a scroll. Go back down the lift and under one of the blue bridges heading off from it you will see the scroll. head down and press B for the last piece.

1. Behind you at the start of the level (Odinforce)
2. As soon as you enter the second room drop down to the right and the hammer is in a cave under the door. (Health)
3. After crossing the broken bridge in the second room you are supposed to fly to the next section. Instead look into the chasm in front of you to see a ledge below. If you can’t just fall in the hole and you recover onto said ledge. (Lightning colour)
4. In the first area after the beacon look up in the tree to the right. Use hammer throw to knock it down. (Health)
5. After being shot at by the red troll follow him out of the structure into the next area. A moat surrounds the structure you just exited but if you look down you can see a grab point on the cliff face amongst the plants. Jump down here to land in a small cave. (Hard Only) (Odinforce).
6. After the troll shoots you in slow motion head up the rocks in front. (Odinforce)
7. After defeating the swamp trolls run around the area charging the four runes. i) Behind the pyramid structure, below where you enter. ii) Right of the arch, plain view. iii) Left of the arch, after the trees, hidden in the grass. iv)In the area where the swamp trolls came from, plain view. Then follow the guide sphere to the open door on the left side of the pyramid structure. Use the fly point to get onto the pyramid. (Costume)
8. After exiting the beacon for the second time run over the bridge and head to the far left corner of the swamp. (Odinforce)
9. Whilst piloting the small boat you will be attacked by Skraelings. At this point jump of to the left of the boat, through the gap in the trees and you will see it on the left, below the swamp troll that you will hear as you approach. (Health)
10. Before getting onto the large gunboat look up into the trees in this area. Use hammer throw to knock it down. (Odinforce)
11. During the barge ride you will have to stop and use a bomb chain to open the door to the lock. In here you will see a large blue light on the ceiling. Hammer throw it and the collectable will fall down into your path. (Health)
12. Take out the mortar cannons, head down the lift and out of the cave. Before returning to the barge go right and you will find a tree that you can push over with B. The nut will appear on the log. (Odinforce)
13. After defeating (or freeing) the second mire giant, ride the lift up. Turn around and jump over the back of the lift to find a path leading to a collectable. (Lightning Colour)
14. In the crushing wall room, at the far end. (Health)
15. After listening to the large recorder take the lift up, its behind you. (Hard only)(Health)


First 5 Story Based
Lava plants - Look like rocks with glowing points, loads throughout the level.
Geodes - These are the crystals vases that the scorchers first appear from. Look for them on walls and in the lava, sometimes disguised amongst the crystals on the wall.
Ore Carriers - The flying smelting pots, easy if you get them all during the bombardment section midway through the level.
Shield Generators - You get 6 during the story
Incendiary clouds - Some throughout the level, also summoned by the final boss if your still short.
Infernir Drills - Some, like the 2 at the start, can be taken down with hammer throws. Others you need to fly too and charge the rune on the top. Get all of them during the level to reach the total.
Collectibles -
1. After your first encounter with the scorchers, look for an ore carrier in the far right corner. Destroy it with a throw and a fly point appears. Use it to get the collectable. (Health)
2. After the second scorcher battle look under the archway in the area. (Odinforce)
3. In the small area where the bridge collapses, look down and to the left of the entrance to see a small ledge. (Lightning colour)
4. After the next scorcher fight look for a lava waterfall. Hammer throw the rocks at the top to release the next collectable. (Costume)
5. After fighting the flame giver and entering the door loki shows you, look right to see an arch over the chasm on the side. Jump up to it and on the right side is the nut. (Odinforce)
6. Use the drill to destroy the barrier. Then fly over and kill the burning scorchers. Look up and destroy the ore carriers, one will drop a prize. (Health)
7. After the mini arena battle fly up to the next drill. Look left and destroy the wall to open up the path. Jump down here and head through the tunnel. Before flying to the next drill look right for a grab point. Use it to reach the item. (Odinforce)
8. After destroying another barrier with a drill you reach a save point. To the right is a layer of lava cloud, blow it away and claim the item. (Health)
9. From the start of chapter 11 fly up to the first rock and kill the enemies. Fly to the second and kill these guys. On the right an ore carrier floats above you. Destroy it. Use the grab point on the side of the rock below to jump up and grab the item. (Lightning Colour)
10. Fly up to the right of the First anchor shield. The camera pans down to the right to an area with a force rune. Fly down here and defeat the swarm. To the right of the area are some collapsing platforms. Jump along them to reach the Nut. (Odinforce)
11. After destroying the anchor shield generator on the left you have to fly down to a platform and fight some scorchers and a carrier. After battle head to the back of the platform and look over the edge. You will see a small rock you can jump down onto , dash onto the ledge around the bottom of the platform to find the hammer. (Health)(Hard Only, Thanks FailedSeppuku)
12. After leaping up to start the second anchor, head left and use the platforms in the lava to find another jump point. Fly over to claim the prize. (Odinforce)
13. After bringing down the large drill, jump off the side on the left as soon as you start the next section. (Odinforce)(Hard Only, Thanks FailedSeppuku)
14. Head up the path killing the flaming scorchers. At the end, before the jump point, go left for the hammer. (Health)
15. After defeating Surtur exit the chamber and head down the steps. At the bottom on the left is the nut. (Odinforce).

Asgard Besieged:

First 4 Story Based
(See Flawless defence achievement solution for tips on completing the rest quickly, as if you get that you should finish all of these.)
Jade Crusher - During the hammer throw defence 4 of these will appear. one hit takes them down.
Defender - During said hammer section hit most of the enemies yourself to get this.
Anti-Aircraft - You have to take out all of the assault drills, be aware that they take of at any time so try to avoid long combos.
Rally cry - Free the horn from the ice.
Savior - Use lightning to quickly take out the jotun at the level start and you should save about 9 guys. Then when you have to fight the frost Goliath later, you can save about another 5 if you beat him quick enough. (He kills a guy every minute or so as you fight him)
Protector - The second horn visit. It is possible to finish this section even though you lost the horn so make sure to use lightning to quickly build your rage meter.
Collectables -

1. After the gates are shut head to the right of them. Plain view (Lightning colour)
2. After the jump you will find a save point. Smash the crystals up on the ledge opposite and it will fall down. (Health)
3. After using your rage to smash the red barrier and find Sif, look behind you. (Odinforce)
4. Head to the back right of the palace and destroy the drill. (Lightning colour)
5. Head to the back left of the palace to find it behind the last pillar (Health)
6. After fighting off the Jotun with hammer throws head to the front right, while looking at the jump point, to find the item. (Costume)
7. Behind the horn during the de-icing (Health)(Hard Only)
8. Behind the Horn during the defence, second visit. (Odinforce)(Hard Only, thanks to 'snake42069')
9. During the battle with the frost goliath to save the Einherjar look around the edge of the arena
10. When taking out the attack drills you will need to use a boulder to take out the last 2. The Nut is underneath. (Odinforce)
11. After throwing the bomb it will fall down into the arena. (Health)
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